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With the two captains Chen Xuanlang and Sun Xun taking the lead, the others also came out on the field to express their opinions. Yan Qingchi asked Guan Mei what he should do, and Guan Mei said he didn’t need to worry about it, and then edited a message herself and posted it on Weibo.

Soon, 13 of the 14 people who participated in the recording had come out to express their opinions. Even the dance teacher in the dance session specially posted on Weibo and said: Wei Lan was very good, serious and smart, and he was the first one to pass. He also took the initiative to help guide other teammates and was my favorite star among all the stars in this issue.

Seeing this, the people who were eating melons all asked @Yuan Mingxu, so who are you talking about? How come everyone thinks each other is good, but you think someone is bad? Who is it? Say it!

Yuan Mingxu’s manager pointed at him angrily and scolded: “Are you stupid! You don’t see anyone on the same team talking as you, do you! You have been in the industry for so many years, don’t you know Wei Lan? Don’t you know his character? Can you mess with that little ancestor? Yet you are still playing tricks under his nose. Don’t you know that Wei Lan hates other people playing dirty tricks with him and hates these messy things the most? That’s a thorn in his side. Now see the sky is falling. He’s not afraid but you, aren’t you afraid either?! Look at what’s happening now, look at the current direction of public opinion, and now you can only post on Weibo and say that you didn’t mean that at the time, or saying that you thought everyone’s personalities were funny, and you can’t say who because you’re afraid of saying something wrong. Say that you don’t think anything bad about anyone. The moment you were stunned, it was because it was the first time you played this game. They shouldn’t misunderstand you, and then apologize to Wei Lan. I’m warning you, word it well, apologize sincerely, and don’t provoke this little ancestor again, otherwise your stardom will end here!”

Yuan Mingxu gritted his teeth and refused, but his manager looked uglier than him, “Apologize sincerely, if you don’t apologize, you should go home and take a rest for now.”

Yuan Mingxu was startled, and his manager sneered, turned and left. As he left, he sent an explanation to Zhang Cheng on WeChat, saying that he was not optimistic about this artist and he really didn’t know that Yuan Mingxu was too courageous and acted too much. He would discipline him well so that Wei Lan didn’t get angry and didn’t let the person behind Wei Lan know. This kind of thing would never happen again.

On the other side, Jiang Mochen watched the farce and called Wu Yuan and Guan Mei respectively, “From today on, Yan Qingchi and I will never share the stage with Yuan Mingxu, under any circumstances or on any occasion. It has to be a different stage, remember.”

Wu Yuan was speechless and thought to himself, it was definitely a different stage. To put it more bluntly, it meant there is you only without me, and there is me only without you. It was still fine for Yan Qingchi. But Jiang Mochen’s status was absolutely not unfounded. This was simply cutting off some of Yuan Mingxu’s resources and activities. Wu Yuan couldn’t help but shake his head. He really was the type who forgot about his old love after finding a new love. The emperor’s thoughts were really hard to guess.

This matter ended with Yuan Mingxu’s public apology. Yuan Mingxu said that he did not mean to insinuate others. The recording was very enjoyable and everyone got along well. He himself was participating in “Let’s Fight! Friend!” for the first time, so he was a little nervous and confused for a moment, and because he couldn’t speak well, it caused some ambiguity. He further said that he hoped netizens didn’t misunderstand. He also apologized for the trouble this misunderstanding had caused to Wei Lan. Wei Lan was a very kind person and he hoped everyone would not misunderstand him.

Wei Lan forwarded a comment: If you can’t speak well, you should speak less so that you don’t say anything you shouldn’t.

Yuan Mingxu wanted to repost the message, but his agent stared at him, forcing him to type out the words “I’m sorry” letter by letter.

The great drama ended here.

Because of Wei Lan’s move to divert disaster, Yan Qingchi managed to disappear from the ensuing quarrel. Although Yuan Mingxu’s fans still remembered that only Yan Qingchi did not appear in Yuan Mingxu’s Weibo photos, and this was very subtle, but they dared not mention it again at this time, for fear that the explosive barrel would be ignited again and their brother would have to come out to apologize again.

Among them, some fans were indignant and angrily ripped into the agency and the manager, wondering how their brother could be made to apologize so humbly. The angry manager suspended his activities for a month and asked him to go home and reflect on his mistakes. Yuan Mingxu was dissatisfied, but had no choice only to see Zhou Yixing asking him repeatedly: Are you coming to pick me up? Xiao Xu?

He said “heh” and replied coldly: I’m busy.

Yuan Mingxu looked at his WeChat friend list, slid his fingers up and down, and then saw Sun Xun’s name.

He actually didn’t quite understand why Sun Xun posted such a Weibo. Sun Xun standing behind Wei Lan puzzled him, and what he posted on Weibo surprised him even more—— Why did he post it exactly according to the questions the reporters had asked him?

“Why were you siding with Wei Lan? Why did you post such a Weibo?” Yuan Mingxu asked.

It took Sun Xun a while before he replied: I didn’t send it myself, Mochen asked me to send it. I just sent it according to his request.

Yuan Mingxu was shocked: Mochen asked you to post it?

Sun Xun replied back: Yes.

Yuan Mingxu was stunned for a moment, and he didn’t know how to reply to Sun Xun for a long time.

When Sun Xun saw that he stopped talking, he also ignored him. In fact, he had always treated Yuan Mingxu quite well, so he took into account the little friendship he had in the past. Even if he disagreed with some of Yuan Mingxu’s ways of doing things, he would just pretend to not see it. But what Chen Xuanlang said to him made him use up his last bit of patience with Yuan Mingxu.

Someone domineeringly said to your face that he is not scary, you know he doesn’t like you, so you just go around him, but he smiles at you in front of your face, but behind your back he spreads rumors about you, this was just too scary. Sun Xun didn’t like this kind of person. He didn’t understand it very well. But they were all men. If you have anything to say, just put it on the table and say no? If you don’t like it, you can just curse a few times or even fight. It doesn’t matter but why to throw dirty water behind someone’s back.

So he didn’t really want to deal with Yuan Mingxu like this anymore – who knew what he was saying about him behind his back.

It was precisely because of this, that after seeing Yuan Mingxu insinuating Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan scolding him at the end, Sun Xun felt that Yuan Mingxu looked humane, so why did he not behave like a human being? And he also felt that Yan Qingchi was also Jiang Mochen’s person, and Wei Lan had directly brought the conflict to himself. As Jiang Mochen’s friend, how could he just sit back and watch the show.

So he was going to post on Weibo to support Wei Lan, but as soon as he typed two words, Jiang Mochen contacted him and gave him the template and theme, asking him to organize it into his own language style and publish it.

Sun Xun looked at the template and the central idea he gave him and felt that it was really rude and very like a slap in the face. However, Sun Xun’s current celebrity position had long passed the period of being controlled by his manager. What he wanted to post or not depended purely on his own mood, so for the sake of his friend who was eager to protect his partner, he still followed Jiang Mochen’s request. Then he took a screenshot and sent it to Jiang Mochen, “Invite me to dinner next time.”

Yuan Mingxu saw that he said that Jiang Mochen asked him to post this. After being stunned for a long time, he finally realized. He edited a few words, quickly deleted them, and re-edited them. After writing a paragraph, it was deleted again.

It’s useless, Yuan Mingxu thought, Sun Xun and he had a normal relationship, and the only intersection between them was Jiang Mochen. As long as Jiang Mochen expressed displeasure with him, no matter what he said, Sun Xun would never believe him again.

He quickly thought of someone, so he scrolled through the chat history, found Liao Sibo, and sent him a WeChat message, “Are you free recently? Let’s make an appointment?”

Liao Sibo was having a meal with Ren Xu, listening to Ren Xu complaining about how busy he was lately, when he heard his phone ringing, and when he opened it, he saw that it was a WeChat message sent to him by Yuan Mingxu.

He looked at the WeChat, a little confused.

Ren Xu saw the troubled expression on his face, so he naturally reached for his phone and asked him, “What’s wrong?” while looking down.

When he saw the message, he almost lost his temper and kicked Liao Sibo under the table on the spot.

“Hey, why are you kicking me?”

“Kicking you is a light thing. I can even kick you to death, you idiot. What’s wrong with you, you still want to see him? Believe it or not, you can just leave the group when you come back after the meeting.” Ren Xu said, while using Liao Sibo’s mobile phone to reply to Yuan Mingxu’s WeChat message.

“Hey, what are you doing? Give me back my phone.”

Liao Sibo reached out to grab it, but Ren Xu turned around to avoid him. Liao Sibo had no choice but to stand up and go to his side.

“Here you go.” Ren Xu finished sending the message and returned the phone to him.

“What did you send?” Liao Sibo asked him, but Ren Xu didn’t need to answer, he had already lowered his head and saw it.

Liao Sibo: I don’t have time. I won’t meet you. I won’t meet you in the future. Stay away from me. Don’t keep trying to meet me. Go ahead and play with yourself!

Liao Sibo was shocked, “Are you crazy?”

Ren Xu looked at him, “Otherwise, do you still want to make an appointment with him?”

Liao Sibo said nothing.

Ren Xu looked at him with contempt.

Liao Sibo saw him looking at him like this and defended himself helplessly: “I didn’t say I was going to see him.”

“You still want to see him?” Ren Xu was simply shocked, “Believe it or not, you walk in front and I’ll walk in the back. I will kick you out of the group, and then change the group name to “Traitors and dogs are not allowed to enter the group.””

Liao Sibo: “…I told you that I don’t want to see him anymore.”

He sat back down in his seat as he spoke.

“That’s more or less good, otherwise I will break your legs right now and send you home and lock you up.” Ren Xu looked at him and said seriously, “Bo, it’s okay to be stupid once, but you can’t be stupid for the rest of your life. Look at what he did when he came back to China, that even Mochen, who has such a good temper, was made so angry by him such that he stopped interacting with him forever. Do you still think that he is an innocent white lotus flower, a pure and innocent little white rabbit? Isn’t that why you thought he was so innocent before? Yes, it’s time to wake up now. Be good and keep your distance from him in the future. Otherwise, your impulsive personality and weak brain may be used by him. If you cry behind bars, I will definitely try to meet you during the holidays in the future. I won’t come to see you otherwise, even if you keep begging me.”

“Why are you talking like that and hurting me?” Liao Sibo was dissatisfied, “In terms of age, I must be your elder brother, right? How can there be a brother like you speaking like this, isn’t it?”

“Stop insulting the term brother. Be careful of your brother beating you. Okay, okay, let’s eat. Remember what I said. Traitors and dogs are not allowed in the group. If you become a traitor, don’t talk about knowing me in the future.”

Liao Sibo was speechless. He put the phone aside and felt a little sad. He couldn’t understand why Yuan Mingxu suddenly became like this, let alone why they would become like this. But Jiang Mochen had already said in the group that he and Yuan Mingxu had broken off their relationship and would never have any contact with each other again. Although Jiang Mochen didn’t say anything else, the four of them had grown up together and had always been consistent with others. As soon as Jiang Mochen said these words, it was obvious what he meant.

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