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Lin Qi did not dare to disobey the commander’s order. He pinched his nose with one hand and sank down, submerging himself directly in the water.

Shen Chengfeng hooked his fingers at Xiao Jing and said, “Come here.”

Xiao Jing walked over hesitantly. The water flow was reversed, so she walked a little slowly.

When Shen Chengfeng saw him approaching, he crouched down, pointed at the vague figure submerged in the water, and said: “The army has army rules. It’s not the house games of your 525th regiment. Everyone here must obey orders, no one is an exception.”

“The captain is wrong, Lieutenant Colonel Lin was just helping me, you should not punish him.” Xiao Jing looked serious, not afraid of those sharp wolf-like eyes.

“I’m not punishing anyone. I’m just telling you to do what you can. He is not qualified to teach. Especially for a newcomer like you who has never been able to fulfil the job, if you are handed over to a half-skilled instructor, you will only get worse and worse.”

“…” I’m sorry you still speak so righteously, do I have to be grateful to the commander for teaching me personally?

“Don’t be dissatisfied, he is about to float up.” Shen Chengfeng’s eyes fell on the water and more and more bubbles began to gather. Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, the person under the water popped up.

“Cough, cough, cough.” Lin Qi gasped, his face turning purple from holding back. He straightened his back and said nothing as he scolded himself.

Shen Chengfeng stood up straight and glanced at his watch, “Not even a minute and a half.”

“Sir, please give me another chance.” Lin Qi requested.

“So what if I give you ten chances?” Shen Chengfeng asked, “No one is qualified to ask for another chance in the face of war.”

Lin Qi lowered his head, and the water droplets mixed into the water dropping drop by drop along the tips of his hair.

“Now is not a battlefield, why not give him another chance?” Xiao Jing retorted, “Maybe the commander thinks we are not good at all?”

“Yes, you are not good.”

“Then why don’t you come and demonstrate it for us, sir!”

Shen Chengfeng narrowed his eyes, and the look in his eyes became more and more obscure.

Lin Qi silently felt an invisible pressure in the air impacting his spirit. He thought that Commander Shen, who had always been as cold as ice, would slap this little soldier who dared to talk back to him and push him into the water. He was well and awake.

But when Lin Qi secretly raised his head, risking the consequences of being assassinated by a knife, he saw the commander put his coat on the treetop, and then jump directly into the lake, smashing out a medium-sized vortex.

Xiao Jing stared intently at the figure that had no movement after diving into the water, but unknowingly, the originally calm lake surface suddenly began to bubble.

“I’ll screw your uncle.” Xiao Jing hurriedly pulled Lin Qi onto the shore.

Lin Qi didn’t know what he was doing and asked, “What’s wrong?”

In the water, the area around Shen Chengfeng began to boil. The bubbles gathered more and more, and finally began to roll, like boiling water that was already smoking.

Lin Qi was stunned and said in disbelief: “What’s going on? Is the commander in danger?”

“Isn’t he scalding himself to death? Go and call someone, I’ll stay here.” Xiao Jing pushed Lin Qi.

Lin Qi came to his senses and said, “I’m going to save the commander.” He made a show of wanting to jump down.

Xiao Jing grabbed him and said, “What to save? You will be cooked before you even got close. Go call someone and get a fire extinguisher.”

Lin Qi headed towards the camp… in fact ran towards the front of the camp.

Xiao Jing tried to enter the water and slowly walked towards the boiling place. The temperature of the water gradually began to get hot, but fortunately it was within the acceptable range for her.

“Gulu.” Shen Chengfeng emerged from the water and looked at the small body close to him with steaming eyes.

Xiao Jing blinked and saw the unharmed officer, and suddenly remembered that day in the bathhouse. As soon as the cold water came into contact with his body, it would become scalding hot, and even smoke would fill the air as if it was boiling.

“Sir, you only held on for one minute.” Xiao Jing said seriously.

Shen Chengfeng stared expressionlessly at the little soldier who was showing off his cleverness in front of him, gently wiped the water droplets on his chin, and said indifferently: “I am a commander, I can ask you, but you don’t have no right to ask me, otherwise you will commit the following offenses and need to be punished with a demerit or even be imprisoned.”

“Ahem.” Xiao Jing awkwardly pointed to the heat rising from the water and said bluntly: “I admit that I did it because I saw something strange under the water. So, I came here.”

“What’s strange?” Shen Chengfeng asked knowingly.

“I was worried that you will be burned to death.”

“On the battlefield, if the enemy uses me as bait, but you judge that I am in danger and rush over recklessly, do you know what will happen?”

Xiao Jing was silent.

Shen Chengfeng looked at him with bright eyes, “You and I will be killed at the same time. When facing any unknown dangers, the first thing you have to judge is not only whether I am safe, but also whether your rescue operation will affect other people.”

Xiao Jing lowered her head and said, “I didn’t think of that much.”

“Then you should think more carefully about it from now on.” Shen Chengfeng walked out of the lake, looked at the motionless figure behind him, and said indifferently: “Still thinking of continuing to dive?”

Xiao Jing followed. “Captain, if the enemy really uses my comrades as bait, should I save him or not?”

Shen Chengfeng put on his coat, and the golden rays of the sun fell on his dripping body, flooding with some broken light. He said, “Why should we be soldiers?”

“The country needs us.”

Shen Chengfeng glanced at him, “Since you are a soldier, you must not be afraid of death. Since you are not afraid of death, in the face of big issues, you must understand that we can die, but the death must be worthwhile. If the enemy uses your comrades as bait or if you are this bait, you think of your comrades and would you want them to rush over to save you?”

Xiao Jing thought for a while, if she said she was afraid of death at this time, would she be beaten to death by the captain?

Shen Chengfeng glanced sideways at his thin body again and snorted, “These are all empty words I’m telling you now. When you go to the battlefield, you will understand for yourself that sometimes, living is not necessarily good, especially when your life is in the enemy’s hands, you might even wish your comrades could give you a bullet instead of rushing over to die with you.”

“Captain, have you ever encountered such a situation?”

Shen Chengfeng suddenly fell silent. Coming down, his eyes looked at the lake without any emotion or anger.

With bullets raining, wind and sand filling the air, and blood shouting, a ten-man team risked their lives to enter the enemy camp, just for a captured comrade.

When everyone rescued him with heavy injuries, his first words were:

“Captain, I can’t see anymore, I can no longer hold up my hand, and I can no longer hold my head high and look up at the national flag, please. You, give me a bullet, let me leave gloriously instead of letting me live in vain!”

Between faith and betrayal, between life and responsibility, between glory and pride.

Living was very difficult!

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