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Xiao Jing never expected that Shen Chengfeng would stop suddenly and hit him directly on the back.

Shen Chengfeng glanced back at Xiao Jing, who was rubbing her head with an annoyed expression on her face, and said, “Go back, there will be a second assessment in two days.”

Xiao Jing was stunned, obviously not understanding what the assessment he was talking about meant? Were they sending people back again?

“The special operations team has never been a charity camp. Here, there are only strong ones.” Shen Chengfeng walked toward the camp, his back looking a little lonely.

“Captain, do you have to go back if you fail?” Xiao Jing asked knowingly.

Shen Chengfeng carefully looked at this thin little body, looked at his thick eyebrows and big eyes that were incompatible with his military status, and said in a low tone with a bit of sharpness, “I have warned you from the beginning, there are no wastes in the Special Forces Team.”

“But everyone here is not waste. Each of them is an elite in their respective camps and one of the best. Since they have been selected, why can’t they all be accepted?”

Shen Chengfeng looked at him silently, just like looking at an imbecile.

Xiao Jing paused and felt that what she said was not considered carefully. Every army had its own norms, and it was impossible to just accept as many people as you wanted.

“Do you know why our Tie Ying suddenly promoted new people?” Shen Chengfeng asked.

Xiao Jing shook her head, “I don’t know.”

“Because Tie Ying just sacrificed two comrades last month. Here, only death or retirement can give us the opportunity to choose new members.”


“Special Forces, sounds simple. But because of these three words, everyone here is closest to death. Before every mission, we will leave a suicide note. No one knows whether we will come back after stepping out of here, or how we will come back.”


“What we want are rare talents, not wastes that keep moving forward.”

Xiao Jing stood there, looking at the back of the person who was getting away, feeling like she had a lump in her throat for a moment.

“Captain, are you okay?” Mu Xichi heard Lin Qi’s cry for help and was the first to rush out of the dormitory building. Because he was in such a hurry, he only wore one slipper on his feet.

Shen Chengfeng nodded indifferently.

Mu Xichi looked at Lin Qi who had lied about the military situation, and glared at him complainingly, “Didn’t you say something happened to the captain? You scared me so much that I thought there was an enemy invasion.”

Lin Qi panted with his hands on his knees and kept panting for two seconds. After panting, he stood up straight and looked at the commander who was unharmed and as high-spirited as ever. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Did they all just see a ghost?

Shen Chengfeng led the group of people toward the camp.

Xiao Jing lay back on the bed, looking at the ceiling with blank eyes. Some of the old walls were already yellowing, and the corners had even begun to peel off.

“Dong dong dong.” There were a set of orderly knocks on the dormitory door.

Before Xiao Jing had time to get out of bed and open the door, she saw that the closed door had been pushed open from the outside.

Xiao Zheng walked in with a smile while carrying a cowhide bag. His voice was rough and strong. He said, “Xiao Si, I heard that you and Shen Yanwang killed one of Mo Luo’s teams?”

When Xiao Jing saw the visitor, she couldn’t help but think about his true face and step back, fearing that if she couldn’t figure it out, he would give her a hammer. Thinking that if his fist as big as a sandbag hit her, she would definitely spit out two ounces of blood on the spot.

Two ounces of blood.

Xiao Zheng put the bag on the table and hooked his hand towards Xiao Jing, “Come here and see what the third brother has brought for you.”

Xiao Jing walked over doubtfully, and a strong smell of meat came from the bag. When it came out, her eyes lit up and she hurriedly opened the bag. It turned out to be a roast duck.

Xiao Zheng poured a glass of water for her, “Eat it. I know there would be a meat filled day once a week when you were in the 525th group. Here, it is good if the food can make you full. How can those rough guys know? Fourth Young Master Xiao, who needs to take care of his tender skin needs tender meat.”

“Third Brother, are you referring to Sang scolding Huai and saying that I am of no use?” Xiao Jing bit a duck leg and spoke vaguely.

Xiao Zheng raised his hand and gently rubbed her little head, and said with a smile: “My fourth brother has also improved and can actually fight on the field.”

“Third brother, please stop teasing me. You know what I am capable of. The captain killed them all by himself.” Xiao Jing said truthfully.

Xiao Zheng stopped moving, frowned uncontrollably, and coughed in embarrassment, “Are you sure that Shen Yanwang killed the whole group by himself?”

“Third brother, do you I think I’m the kind of elite who can shoot without missing a beat. Isn’t it okay for me to just beat the recruits who are half-assed? How am I going to fight against the elites of the War Wings. Isn’t it just waiting to get killed?”

“That’s right. As expected, there has been no competition for a year, and this King of Hell has become stronger again.” Xiao Zheng muttered secretly.

Xiao Jing wiped the grease from her mouth and asked subconsciously: “Third brother, what were you talking about just now?”

Xiao Zheng shook his head, “You eat, and I’ll just ask.”

“Third brother, what are you doing here today?”

“Spying on the enemy.” Xiao Zheng blurted out.

Xiao Jing put down the duck leg in her hand, took a good look at Xiao Zheng, and suddenly realized: “I have heard some rumors more or less, is it possible that this year’s competition between your eight special teams is between your Zhenghu vs. our Tie Ying?”

Xiao Zheng nodded.

Xiao Jing wiped off the oil and juice on her hands, deliberately distanced herself from him and said, “Third brother, I have to tell you the truth. Just abstain.”

“Pa.” Xiao Zheng slapped the table and stood up.

Xiao Jing smiled bitterly and said, “Forget it if it’s just a drill. It happens that our captain likes to play it real. If he does it with real swords and guns on the battlefield, it would be a shame to die in vain.”

“Do you think your third brother will lose?”

“Your loss is decided.” Xiao Jing blurted out without thinking.

Xiao Zheng stared expressionlessly at Xiao Jing, who spoke without hesitation and looked at him carefully from top to bottom. Seeing that this guy’s face became more and more beautiful, could it be that she was the same as that Shen Yanwang and had some special ideas about him?

This was obviously the elbow turning outward.

She even kept saying that her dear, favorite, beloved, and precious third brother would lose!

Sure enough, the female soldier shouldn’t be allowed to stay. The delicate little flower that he had cared for and grown with so much hard work was taken away with the pot and roots even before he could take a few more glances.

This feeling made him suddenly want to hit someone.

Xiao Jing noticed the faint smell of gunpowder smoke in the air. She raised her head and glanced at the fire that was burning silently in her third brother’s eyes. She lowered her head secretly and said, “But I believe in third brother. Third brother is a dignified person and as the first general of the Zhenghu Team, he will definitely beat that Shen Yanwang to the point of being unable to find his mother with one fist.”

“Hahaha, Xiao Si is talking nonsense, but it is not bad, the third brother is still a hero in his eyes.”

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