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Xiao Jing buried her head in silence while chewing the roast duck. She was really afraid that Xiao Zheng would become persistent and snatch the duck back from her.

Xiao Zheng faced Xiao Jing with a smile on his face.

Xiao Jing swallowed a mouthful of saliva when she saw her third brother’s bright white teeth. She was not sure what he wanted to do suddenly.

Xiao Zheng put one hand on his chin, his eyes fixed on the little guy who was devouring duck meat, smacking his lips, “Think about it, little four, it was only two years ago when you reached the position of my heart, and only two years later, you are up to my shoulders.”

“Third brother, are you saying that I’m short in disguise?” Xiao Jing hesitated whether to put down the duck legs in protest, but after thinking carefully about the third brother in her family who didn’t lack muscles, Xiao Jing hesitated. Did she really think that she shouldn’t eat? After weighing the pros and cons, she decided that she should finish the tooth-grinding ceremony first.

Xiao Zheng stroked her head gently, his eyes filled with adoration.

“Third brother, you look like you are touching a dog.” Xiao Jing pulled off his scratching hand.

Xiao Zheng smiled, “What nonsense are you talking about? You are much prettier than a dog.”

“Third brother, the word pretty is very ambiguous when used on me. I am also a man who stands upright. If you say that, I feel like you are scolding me for being effeminate and like a bitch.”

Xiao Zheng hesitated, put down his hand, and looked at the little guy with burrs all over his body. Thinking about her silence over the years, he had to be careful, forget it, leave it to her.

“Have you eaten enough?” Xiao Zheng stood up and put on his general’s hat, “I’m leaving first, lest Shen Yanwang finds out and comes to trouble you again.”

Xiao Jing wiped her mouth and looked at the door that was closed again. She opened her mouth and bit into the duck’s head gently, looking with unblinking eyes, worried, why did she always feel that something was wrong?

Recently, all of her brothers came to visit her when they had nothing to do. When she was in the 525th Regiment, she didn’t see them show their faces for three years. What was going on recently?

Xiao Jing suddenly straightened her body and woke up from a dream: “Is it because something big is going to happen at home recently? Is it because my grades are not good and my family is planning to kick me out of the Xiao family?”

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong. Thinking like this, she disassembled and ate the entire duck on the table in one go, even the bones were gnawed on, making a crunching sound.

“Dong dong dong.” There was a knock on the door, and then without any hesitation, the person pushed the door open and walked in.

Mu Xichi stood outside the door. Before he could say anything, he saw the oily-mouthed guy who was feasting on food staring at him as well.

“Bang!” The bones in Xiao Jing’s mouth hit the table hard.

Mu Xichi squinted his eyes and walked slowly into the dormitory. Looking at the mess on the table, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, “You’re eating. The food looks delicious.”

Xiao Jing awkwardly took a bite of the food in her mouth. After swallowing the meat, she smiled bitterly and said, “Is there something wrong, Major Mu?”

“Where did you secretly get this duck?” Mu Xichi tapped the table gently with his hand.

“There is no rule in the army against extra meals.”

“Of course, I don’t have the right to ask anyone for food, but the special operations team strictly fixes everyone’s meal size, and every meal is a nutritional combination. If you casually eat these things that are not good for your health, you will be criticized.”

“Does eating a duck also lead to punishment?” Xiao Jing asked.

Mu Xichi nodded, “It’s okay if you don’t want any third person to know.”

Xiao Jing always felt that he had evil intentions. Looking at his innocent heart towards the captain, he would definitely not let her go so easily.

Mu Xichi stepped forward, lowered his voice, and said seriously: “Next time, give me half.”


Mu Xichi covered his mouth and coughed lightly, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t give me half, just give me one duck leg.”

“Major Mu, does this count as knowing the law and breaking the law?”

“What do you call Major Mu? We are all comrades in arms. From now on, you can call me Xichi. Xichi sounds so nice.” That’s all Mu Xichi said. Then sitting down on the stool, he searched among the pile of bones and finally found a trace of minced meat.

Xiao Jing did not stop him from searching among the bones persistently. She sat on the other side and asked, “Major Mu, why did you come to my place?”

Mu Xichi smacked his lips and said, “This is the army’s manual. You should memorize the roster of all the weapons in it first, and we will conduct actual combat drills in two days.”

“Another individual battle?” Xiao Jing flipped through the folder and looked through it, there were dozens of gun types, each gun’s caliber, magazine capacity, range and applicable combat conditions were clearly written, making it a complete firearms encyclopedia.

“This time it’s a team battle. It’s you new recruits fighting against us veterans, did you know? Are you surprised or frightened?”

Xiao Jing had the urge to snatch back the duck bones she had not finished eating.

“Don’t worry, I will give you some relief just for this duck meat. At least I won’t kill you with one shot.”

“Have you finished speaking, Major Mu?”

Mu Xichi stood up and tidied himself up. He put on his own military uniform and said with a smile: “It tastes good, but the weight is a little small.”

“I will memorize this information carefully and ensure that I will choose a handy weapon next time I play.”

Mu Xichi stood at the door, then he raised his hand and put it on the wall, raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Remember my duck legs in the future.”

Xiao Jing closed the door with a bang.

Mu Xichi walked down the stairs with a grin.

“What did you eat?” A deep male voice sounded faintly from behind Mu Xichi.

Mu Xichi’s back stiffened, and he turned around mechanically. After seeing the person, he hurriedly stood up straight and gave a military salute: “Captain.”

Shen Chengfeng approached, leaned over and sniffed his mouth, speaking in a calm tone, “Beijing Xuji’s roast duck.”

“…” Mu Xichi smiled bitterly. At this time, he wanted to compliment the captain on the occasion, his nose was as sharp as a police dog’s.

Shen Chengfeng raised his head and glanced at the closed dormitory on the second floor. His voice was a little colder than the previous moment. He said, “Xiao Jing treated you to something to eat?”

Mu Xichi said without thinking, “Yes, captain, he had to give it to me. He kept saying that we are all comrades in arms and said that he would give me a duck leg next time. I was very embarrassed.”

“Next time, duck leg?” Shen Chengfeng said these words with interest.

Mu Xichi covered his mouth and angrily blamed himself for speaking so quickly.

“Do you know the rules?” Shen Chengfeng asked.

Mu Xichi’s back felt cold, and without any urging, he squatted down and started doing push-ups.

Shen Chengfeng put one hand on the guardrail of the stairs and looked at the silent dormitory door with flickering eyes.

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