KHSW Ch. 190

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“Ling Xi, I heard Jiayang say you are an artist?”

“Yes, auntie.”

“Then what do your parents do?”

Chi Jiayang kept winking at Wang Suping, telling her not to ask these questions.

“Son, go and pour a cup of tea for Ling Xi.”

Wang Suping looked at Ling Xi only after Chi Jiayang had left.

“Sorry auntie, it’s not convenient to disclose it for the time being.”

Wang Suping immediately showed a look of disdain.

“Since you’re here, I’ll tell you the rules of our Chi family. If you want to marry into our Chi family, you must be innocent.”

Ling Xi’s face suddenly showed a confused look, “Auntie, what are you talking about?”

Wang Suping didn’t care, “If my son didn’t say that he liked you, I would definitely not accept a woman like you marrying into our Chi family.”

She said sarcastic words, but her face had a dignified smile.

Ling Xi also had a faint smile on her face, “I think Auntie must have misunderstood.”


Wang Suping was slightly startled, and even Chi Yanbin, who was indifferent, couldn’t help but put down the newspaper.

“Madam, someone is here.”

Ling Xi suddenly got up from the sofa, “It should be the friend I invited.”

“Your friend?” Wang Suping was even more dissatisfied, how could she just invite friends to their house?

“Second Young Master?”

Hearing “Second Young Master” from the servant’s mouth, Chi Yanbin’s eyes flashed with joy, he put down the newspaper and walked towards the door.

Wang Suping whispered, “Why did he come?”

She originally thought that with Chi Jingyu’s temperament, it would be impossible for him to bow his head to his father in this life, but she didn’t expect him to come back cheekily.

When Chi Yanbin saw the woman standing sideways at the door, he suddenly paused, remembering the scene where he met Chi Jingyu’s mother back then.

He tried to speak several times, but he couldn’t say her name.

“Jingyu, auntie, you are finally here.”

Ling Xi explained immediately: “Uncle and Auntie, these are the friends I invited.”

The moment Wang Suping saw Yang Huilin, she took a step back subconsciously, the expression on her face was a little strange, but after hearing Ling Xi’s words, it turned into an angry face, “Who do you think you are? Who allowed you to invite others into our Chi family home? Can any cat or dog enter our house?”

Yang Huilin also slowly looked over, facing the sad eyes of Chi Yanbin.

Chi Yanbin was still immersed in his own memories, and didn’t notice Wang Suping’s words at all.

“Mom, I promised Ling Xi.” Chi Jiayang came over after putting down the water glass. He didn’t expect that the two friends Ling Xi was talking about would be Chi Jingyu and his mother.

She should not know the relationship between them?

Wang Suping glared at Chi Jiayang and whispered in Chi Yanbin’s ear: “Yanbin, let’s find an excuse to let them leave! If she goes crazy again, wouldn’t we lose face in front of outsiders?”

As if he didn’t hear her, Chi Yanbin approached her step by step, his lips seeming to tremble, “Huilin, do you remember who I am?”

Although he still hated her in his heart, when he saw her this time his eyes were full of longing and sadness, all the hatred was completely forgotten.

“A bin, you are still the same, nothing has changed.”

Chi Jingyu opened his eyes slightly, did Mom forget that the man in front of her caused her to stay in a mental hospital for more than 20 years?

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