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The barrage exploded! Jiang Zheng also almost exploded! Everyone present was blown away!

#AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH what is she doing to my brother?

#On purpose! Jiang Zheng’s smile was intentional!

#Hahahaha flamingo has become a lost-foot crane!

#All blame Jiang Zheng, her smile is so terrible, Ji Muye was frightened and fell to the ground.

# Cast it with sarcasm, return it with a drowning.

#Why do you blame others if you don’t stand firm, it’s really funny.

#That is, Ji family fans love to make excuses.

#Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ji Muye was afraid it wasn’t for the sake of blogging.

#I unofficially declare the white team’s win.

#This show is a treasure, Jiang Zheng wrestled before, and Ji Muye stumbled and fell into the water later.

#Ahhh someone eat their CP? I want to lock them up!

#Come, come, come! The CP flag is raised. It’s just that their CP name is a bit difficult to come up with: steamed chicken? Sauce chicken? All night? Serum? Oops, it’s either something to eat or dirty.

Jiang Zheng looked at the empty bamboo pole opposite: I seem to have done something wrong? Ah, ah, if I row over to save Ji Muye now, will Han Yi lift me upside down and shake the water out of my head?

Jing Meini was scared to death and rushed to the edge of the pool. Fortunately, Ji Muye’s swimming was good, so except for the moment of panic when he fell into the water, he took advantage of the situation to plunge to the bottom of the water and swim all the way to the shore.

The assistant put a big towel over him, Ji Muye wiped the water droplets on his face, and bowed to the audience.

There was applause from the audience. As expected of Mr. Ji, he could be graceful and elegant at any time.

The host also enthusiastically rounded the field: “Salute to Ji Muye and all the performers present, they have worked hard for a month to promote Qianbei Duzhu drifting, and their hard work is enough to be seen by outsiders. I also hope that everyone will support and promote this sport, to protect these aspects of unique regional culture like Qianbei Duzhu.”

Next, Jiang Zheng performed the split, backward bending, turns, twists, and pole changes, and finally ended the show perfectly and won a round of applause.


Jing Meini was about to explode with anger, “Jiang Zheng smiled at you, and you panicked like this? And you say you don’t like her?”

It seemed that he couldn’t accept the brilliant smile that Jiang Zheng cast towards him.

He sternly said, “The bamboo pole was too slippery. How come you have become an incompetent emperor[1]?”

Jing Meini choked, then she opened Weibo, and thought that today Jiang Zheng made a mistake, and smiled at Ji Muye. As a result, Ji Muye, this cowardly man, was so scrambled that he turned into a drowning chicken. It must have been only a few minutes before he and Jiang Zheng went on the hot search.

She really wanted to record this, just in case one day she got slapped in the face? Clap, it’s so sweet.

Ji Muye was wrapped in a blanket and walked forward without stopping, “Let’s control the discussion. It’s not good for a little girl to have an unwanted scandal with me.”

Jing Mini’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe it. She was going to criticize him, but the starting point was that he should not fall in love with Jiang Zheng. Only those who were anxious for the upper ranks were willing to create gossip with Jiang Zheng. Who was Ji Muye, a top-tier actor who had been a gossip insulator for so many years. Today, for Jiang Zheng he had broken his merits inexplicably, who should she call to complain? Girlfriend fan, wife fan, which one could she offend?

After entering the bathroom, Ji Muye took off his wet red shirt and poured warm water on his head. In a trance, he thought to himself: the bamboo poles were really slippery.

Jiang Zheng completed the task perfectly, and Han Yi quickly took the warm slippers and let her put them on.

Han Yi hesitated, “Zhengzheng, you should have no ideas about Ji Muye.”

Jiang Zheng was stunned for a moment, “What are you thinking? I’m on the wall!”

She couldn’t help but murmur again, “It would be better if we could be friends!” Who wanted to have multiple enemies if they could be friends? Just now, she reviewed the live broadcast barrage, and there was no stopping the blood and rain, it was a sea of blood there.

Han Yi staggered and almost fell. If she wanted to be friends with Ji Muye, she must first ask Ji’s fans if they agreed! Oh no, Ji Muye himself wouldn’t necessarily agree.

Ji Muye fell into the water just now, so the fans of the other party made another mark on their curse book. What’s the matter?

Han Yi didn’t care about the entanglement, and hurriedly called Jiang Zheng to change her clothes. When the show got over, there was still an interview with the host to participate in.

An hour later, all the artists who participated in the competition changed into civilian clothes and went to the interview booth to sit. In view of the fact that the fans of Ji Muye and Jiang Zheng had torn a river of blood in the barrage, the director lined up the seats of the two, one to the left and the other to the right in order to create a little distance between them.

The host’s name was Zheng Yue, who was a 60-year-old drama veteran. The director had a big face and invited him to be the host. Zheng Yue was a track and field athlete before he debuted in his early years, and he had also participated in the National Games and won a medal. Therefore, he was considered a crossover, and it was suitable for him to host this variety show that focused on sports activities. It was just that Mr. Zheng was getting old, and he didn’t mix with the Weibo super chat groups, so he didn’t know about the affairs between Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye. The director however thought that Mr. Zheng should know more or less all the details, so he didn’t remind him too much.

As a result, Mr. Zheng poked the microphone into Jiang Zheng’s face and asked an unexpected question: “Little Jiang, I have always been following you. You have won the title of Best Actress at a young age, and you are considered to be the best among the younger generation. Muye won the title of Best Actor in the Linghua Awards, what do you want to say to him as a colleague?”

Director: !!!!

Han Yi: !!!!

Jing Meini: !!!!

Both their fans: !!!!!!

Ji Muye lowered his eyes slightly.

Jiang Zheng wanted to cry but had no tears. How could this old man ask such embarrassing questions?

Only she herself knew how tight the toes in the shoes were, in order to stop herself from blurting out: Ah, ah, Brother Mu is great, I knew you would win the award. Spinning around in 360 degrees can’t express my excitement!

Han Yi hurriedly shook his head at Jiang Zheng, motioning her not to say anything inappropriate.

As a result, Jiang Zheng misunderstood, thinking that Han Yi told her to shut up. She smiled softly at Old Man Zheng… and then pretended to be dead.

#What does #jiangzheng mean? She was so arrogant when she looked down on my brother and said it straight. What a smile, who can’t see that you are smiling sarcastically.

#Going crazy. I’m going to the gym to block her now.

#The host asked this kind of question, how should my sister Zheng answer it? It’s not my sister Zheng’s style to be nice and obedient.

Zheng Yue continued to ask kindly, “Little Jiang, don’t be under any pressure. Just say a few words.”

Jiang Zheng laughed dryly, “Then let me say two words.”

She paused and said, “Congratulations! “

It was always right to say congratulations, if anyone could make a mistake from the word congratulations that everyone liked, her name could be written upside down.

Zheng Yue: “!!!”

Ji Muye: “!!!”

Han Yi supported his forehead, today was really exciting.

#Just…Congratulations? Say two more words and you will shrink.

#Too arrogant. When my brother won the award, you were crazy jealous, right?

#My goddess already said congratulations, what else do you want?

#Being able to hear congratulations from Jiang Zheng has already given Ji Muye face.

#Poison tongue queen is worthy of being the queen of poison tongue. Although the big devil Jiang spat out the words congratulations from her mouth, I can hear the metaphor that you, Ji Muye, are not worth saying one more word out of my tongue.

Everyone stared at Ji Muye to see how he would take this move. However, acting like he was having a good time, while being separated from her by several melon-eating guests, he nodded to Jiang Zheng, “Thank you, Teacher Jiang Zheng.”

Instantly, his fans pitied him again and said that their brother was too forbearing and pitiful, he also called Jiang Zheng a teacher, he was giving her face.

Jiang Zheng could hardly hold herself back. Teacher Jiang Zheng? Ooooooo my mother! Came again! Her little heart really couldn’t take it anymore.

The next second, she forcibly turned her head and smiled at him, smiling silently in order to keep her cool.

Ji Muye was stunned for a while! Why didn’t he find out that her smile was a colorful firework that could blow people’s hearts up and down before? He turned his face silently, it must be because his brain was filled up by falling into the water just now, so he had this illusion.

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[1] He is trying to say that she only has thoughts of love on her mind.

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