KHSW Ch. 113: Meritorious Service

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Meng Xinyan thought she asked her name just to confirm, “It’s Entertainment Express Weekly.”

“Entertainment Express? I remember, I pushed their invitation before, Mom, why didn’t you return to “Fashion” instead?”

“It’s the same everywhere.”

Thinking of what the director of publicity said, Meng Xinyan still had a hard time opening her mouth. Xi’er turned down the invitation. She must have her own plans. If only because of a job, she asked Xi’er to do things she didn’t want to do, then she wouldn’t be worthy of being a mother.

That time when she forced her to marry Xu Yizhi was out of helplessness, and such a thing would not happen again.

She noticed that her mother seemed to have something on her mind, “Mom, you must tell me if you encounter any difficulties.”

Meng Xinyan nodded lightly, her daughter was really sensible now, and she must work hard to become stronger and expose that woman’s true face…

“What? Aren’t you very capable? Why couldn’t you do it even in a day?”

“Director, I’m sorry, I couldn’t complete the task. Don’t worry, I will go to the editor-in-chief and submit my resignation.”

The publicity director’s face was full of ridicule, thinking the past editor-in-chief of “Fashion” was just like that, where she couldn’t even handle a little star, “I didn’t force you to leave, but because you were not strong enough, you resigned voluntarily, remember this?”

“Well, I see.” Meng Xinyan’s face was cold, she turned and walked out, holding her resignation letter and knocking on the editor-in-chief’s office door.

The eyes of everyone were full of indifference, after all, the reality was quite cruel.


“Please come in.” When the beautiful editor-in-chief saw that it was Meng Xinyan, a flowery look appeared on her face. She had just received a call from Ling Xi’s agent, and she came as soon as she hung up.

“Sister Xinyan, I didn’t expect you to hide yourself so well! It’s no wonder that you were able to be the editor-in-chief of “Fashion” studio at the beginning, but this time you have made a great contribution.” The beautiful editor-in-chief stood up excitedly and clasped Meng Xinyan’s shoulders tightly.

Meng Xinyan was a little confused, what did she do? She’s about to quit her job! Did the editor-in-chief misunderstand something?

“Editor-in-chief, what happened?”

The beautiful editor-in-chief smiled mysteriously, “Yesterday I heard that the publicity director asked you to invite Ling Xi, but I was still wondering how could Ling Xi accept the invitation now? I didn’t expect a phone call today from her. Then, starting this month, your salary will double.”

Surprise flashed in Meng Xinyan’s eyes, how could Xi’er know? “Thank you, editor-in-chief.” The resignation letter in her hand was silently stuffed back.

The editor-in-chief went out and clapped her hands excitedly, “Everyone pay attention, Ling Xi will come to shoot the cover of this issue at 2:10 this afternoon, so everyone should hurry up and prepare.”

When the editor-in-chief left, everyone looked at Meng Xinyan and their expressions became exaggerated.

The air seemed to be stagnant for a few seconds, and then she was surrounded again in an instant, like a swarm of bees approaching her at once, “Sister Xinyan, how did you invite Ling Xi? Isn’t this too powerful?”

“Yeah, pass on the scriptures to us!”

“As expected of the editor-in-chief of “Fashion” studio! You can do such a difficult thing.”

Meng Xinyan, who was surrounded by everyone, smiled wryly. She didn’t invite her.

The director of publicity was on the phone when he heard a commotion outside, and angrily opened the door, “What are you doing when you don’t go to work?”

A clerk ran forward, “Director, Ling Xi has promised to shoot the cover of this issue.”

There was a hint of jealousy that could be seen in the eyes of the publicity director…

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