FESM Ch. 29.1

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After lunch, the crew started working again.

In the morning, Qin Yize and Lin Su’s opposite scenes went well except for several NGs at the beginning, so Xi Wei thought that the afternoon scenes should also be smooth, and today’s taskz could probably be completed ahead of schedule.

The first scene was a scene where the two were eating in the dining room. They talked about everyday things and had a lot of lines. However, Lin Su and Qin Yize were both very dedicated actors.

The second scene was Qin Yize taking a bath alone in the bathroom. The previous days were all filmed outdoors, and all the scenes in the villa were postponed. Therefore, Qin Yize’s single scene was also to be shot today.

In adding this scene to the movie, in addition to letting Qin Yize show off his figure to feast the eyes of the audience, the screenwriter Xue An’an wanted to show that the normal life scene could make the character of the hero more three-dimensional. The general also needed to take a shower, and the general and his wife also lived a normal married life. He was not just a weapon of war. When he got home, he couldn’t continue to sleep in his military uniform coldly, right?

Qin Yize knew that there was this scene when he read the script, and he was already mentally prepared.

The actors in bath scenes would not really strip, instead the director would use the camera’s angle skills to shoot only the upper body. Qin Yize went to change into the waterproof swimming trunks that he had prepared for a long time after eating at noon – he was not wearing sexy briefs, but more conservative black boxer swimming trunks, and the key parts were tightly covered, so that it would not be too embarrassing to film.

But the problem was, Luo Ning was present today!

Taking a shower in front of Luo Ning, Qin Yize always felt a little awkward.

Outside the door, Assistant Sister Lin began to urge: “Yize, the director said that work will start soon, are you ready?”

Qin Yize had to take a deep breath to calm himself down as he turned to go out.

As soon as he came to the set, he heard the screams of “wow” around him. Looking at his clear eight-pack abs, many girls turned their heads with blushing faces, and Lin Su pointed at Qin Yize’s abdominal muscles generously and said: “Yize, your body is really nosebleed worthy.”

Qin Yize’s ears were slightly hot, especially because Luo Ning, who was sitting next to the director, was looking at him with a smile, and his eyes were still fixed on him. As an Omega, he was smiling and staring at Alpha who was almost naked. How could he not be ashamed!

Qin Yize coughed lightly, walked over to Xi Wei and said, “Director, can the scene be cleared?”

The directors when shooting some more private scenes would clear the scene, so that the actors could be less embarrassed, act more openly, and they could also protect their privacy as much as possible. But today was just a scene where the male protagonist took a bath alone, he was not even completely naked, he was wearing square swimming trunks! On the beach in summer, there were countless men wearing swimming trunks, and there were many people wearing swimming trunks lying on the beach to bask in the sun.

However, since Qin Yize had proposed it, Xi Wei still complied with his request, waved his hand and said, “The assistant director will arrange a clearing, all girls will go out, and Omega boys will also go out consciously.”

A group of people quickly withdrew from the studio. Only male photographers, gaffers and directors remained.

Xue An’an smiled and left, but Luo Ning… Luo Ning, why didn’t you leave? Are you not an Omega?

Qin Yize said “clearing the set”, but in fact the most important thing was to clear Luo Ning out! Others could just watch it, he didn’t care at all, but with Luo Ning watching him take a bath, Qin Yize felt really awkward.

As a result, this guy actually continued to sit beside his uncle with a cheeky face, smiling with a “none of my business” expression.

Qin Yize looked at him and said indifferently, “This intern, aren’t you going out?”

Luo Ning smiled innocently: “It doesn’t matter, I’m just a Beta. As a fan of Teacher Qin, I can watch it. Director?”

Of course Xi Wei spoiled him, so he nodded and said, “Yes, yes.”

Qin Yize: “……”

You’re just a Beta? Are you a liar?

Qin Yize could also not expose Luo Ning’s lies in person, not to mention because Luo Ning had the support of his uncle director, he was simply lawless.

Xi Wei smiled: “Okay, let’s start.”

Qin Yize had to bite the bullet and walk into the bathroom.

This bathroom was made of frosted glass, and it was looming from the outside, but the top and side of the shower room were arranged with camera positions, which could clearly capture the picture of Qin Yize “taking a bath”.

Qin Yize turned on the shower head on the top of his head, and the water splashed on his body. His hair was soon wet, and the water droplets slowly flowed down his strong muscles. He looked extremely sexy, even Luo Ning couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

Xi Wei reminded: “Yize, just play freely.”

It was just taking a bath, anyone could do it, there was no need to follow the rules and choreograph the moves, it was more realistic to let the actors play freely. Xi Wei thought that Qin Yize would definitely go through it in one take, but the camera feedback he saw on the screen… What’s the matter with the stiff movements like a robot? Still couldn’t find where the shower gel was.

Xi Wei reluctantly reminded: “Yize, relax, don’t think too much, wash as you usually do, and wash today as you like.”

Qin Yize took a deep breath to calm down, took the shower gel and poured it into the palm of his hand to rub his body. He closed his eyes, raised his head, and let the water from the shower wash his body, just like when he took a bath every day.

But it was undeniable that when he thought of Luo Ning watching him outside, his heart was pounding, as if it was about to pop out of his chest, and his ears couldn’t help but get hot.

After ten minutes of restless bathing like this, Xi Wei finally let him go and said with a smile, “OK, I will edit it later, it was hard work.”

Qin Yize felt like he was being forgiven when he came out of the bathroom. The belt of the robe was also tied tightly, covering his body as much as possible. Looking at Luo Ning’s smiling eyes, Qin Yize immediately averted his eyes.

But to make matters worse, the next moment, Xi Wei said, “Call Lin Su in and let’s shoot scene thirty-three.”

Qin Yize: “…”

The thirty-third scene was the only intimate scene between the male and female protagonist in the entire play. According to the screenwriter Teacher Xue, generals were also human, and they had to be gentle with their wives when they go home. They had already eaten and showered. Couples who had reunited after a long absence couldn’t just chat with their quilts over their heads, right?

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