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P&H’s designer led his assistant to the Xue’s villa and asked Yu Siyang to choose another suit.

This was the treatment that the spokesperson had. If others wanted to choose, they had to wait for the spokesperson to finish the selection. Of course, there was another prerequisite-the brand must be willing to lend clothes.

Some people’s reputation was not enough, or they might not be as handsome as Shi Zhen, or not high-value, the international big-name brands had particularly high requirements.

Borrow clothes? No way.

Want to spend money to buy it? This could still be done.

Yu Siyang chose a black velvet neckline and cuffs embroidered with silver thread and crystal inlaid suit for his solo red carpet walk. During walking, the light shone on the crystal and silver thread, and the reflected light contrasted with the stroke of the black velvet fabric. But it did not blind people’s eyeballs, instead there was a kind of restrained brilliance, very suitable for him who did not have a female companion, restrained but not low-key, enough to attract attention, but not grandiose.

This suit was specially designed by Philip Hill when he heard that he was shortlisted for the Newcomer Award. It was inspired by an ancient palace, so the name of this suit was called “Ancient Noble Gentleman.”

However, Yu Siyang was a bit disgusted with the crystals on this suit. He did not choose this one first. He thought that a big man wearing such a shiny dress should simply have a label “I am a peacock” on his face.

Pure men only need to wear a basic black suit, not embroidered with flowers and crystals.

The designers of P&H expressed dissatisfaction with their own spokesperson. Their carefully designed suits were disliked, and the basic models designed casually were favored. Yu Siyang’s aesthetic appeal was simply a designer’s nightmare.

This time they brought the suits and asked the spokesperson to make his own choice. The designer wisely didn’t bring the basic models. They were all low-key, luxurious and connotative models.

“Hey, where’s the black suit from last time?” Yu Siyang looked around and couldn’t find the basic set, so he couldn’t help but wonder.

The designer’s face was distorted, “That suit was borrowed.” The voice sounded a bit gritty.

“Oh.” Yu Siyang was very sorry, he was really satisfied with the basic set.

Luo Peng and Tang Hang bit their cheeks desperately, trying to stop themselves from laughing.

In the end, Yu Siyang chose a white suit.

Director Jin Ce was wearing a Hawaiian floral suit. He wore a white suit, which should be able to neutralize the blinded eyes caused by the floral suit.

After the selection, Yu Siyang put it on to try. The designer and assistant kept busy recording the places to be adjusted. It happened that Xue Chengxiu came back from work with Mumu, the little boy was holding his hand, and as soon as they came in, saw him in a white suit looking like a prince. They stood in the living room, stunned for a moment.

“My brother is so handsome; my brother is the most handsome.” Xue Yunmu especially joined the show, rushing over, moved his chubby hands and praised his Yangyang brother.

The designer was proud and thought that the clothes he designed were of course handsome.

Mr. Xue stood in the hallway and looked at Yu Siyang for a long time before slowly walking into the living room.

After Yu Siyang was praised by the little boy, he happily asked Mr. Xue, “Is it really handsome?”

Xue Chengxiu’s throat tightened, and he coughed slightly before saying, “Well, very handsome.”

Yu Siyang grinned at him brilliantly.

He couldn’t tell why, but he just wanted to get praise and affirmation from Mr. Xue, as if as long as Mr. Xue said it, he would be the most handsome in the universe.

Luo Peng and Tang Hang looked at each other, wanting to kick over the bowl of hot dog food.

Deliberately showing affection was very hateful-refer to Zhan Heng for details, but Yu Siyang’s unconscious show of affection was even more hateful. From time to time, there was an unknowing blow, and the damage caused was doubled!

Single dogs were also dogs, did they not need the love of all mankind!!!

“Weren’t the clothes already selected? Are they being changed?” Xue Chengxiu took a deep breath, calming his restless heartbeat, “The previous set was pretty good.” After his child put it on, it was like he epitomised the name of the clothes: An ancient noble gentleman.

Yu Siyang explained to Mr. Xue, “The clothes that Director Jin Ce borrowed really look like he is going for a Hawaiian vacation, but fortunately I don’t have to wear it.”

The designer smiled and said, “That suit. I know that the inspiration indeed comes from Hawaiian shirts. Carreli’s design director came back from vacation in Hawaii and designed this suit. Last year, Mr. Hill almost laughed under the chair when he saw it. Carreli’s performance last year was not bad. It was dismal.”

After Yu Siyang heard it, he looked at the designer for a while, and then said to Mr. Xue: “…I don’t want to walk the red carpet with Director Jin.”

Xue Chengxiu patted him on the head and comforted: “It’s okay, it’s Jin who is wearing it, not you. This makes you more handsome.”

“…I don’t need such a setting at all.” Yu Siyang murmured.

Regardless of how much Yu Siyang disliked that Hawaiian floral suit now, he still had to walk on the red carpet of the opening ceremony of the Yunzhong International Film Festival on January 14.

Hong Zhehao also had the same heart, and he also chose a white suit, which was a high-quality set borrowed from Kerr & MacDonald. Both of them wore white suits, white shirts and black bow ties. The only difference was the suit collar and cufflinks.

Jin Ce’s Hawaiian floral suit was sandwiched between them, making it even more conspicuous.

The red carpet positions of their crew was relatively early, and the big names had not yet come out. Before them, either the documentary crews with no reputation, or the second and third-tier stars on the red carpet had walked. Eighteen line celebrities and Internet celebrities were not allowed to come in and join in the fun. After all, it was a category A film festival, and it was very important to keep up its standards.

Although Jin Ce used some means to get the invitation letter for the opening ceremony, he only brought the two male protagonists to the red carpet, not even his editor and girlfriend Guan Yahua was invited. As a (self-styled) new director, he walked on the red carpet. If he brought a large number of people from the crew, he would appear as if he had never seen the world.

When the three of them set foot on the red carpet, the media area was silent for three seconds. The reporters were shocked by the floral suit in the middle of the white suits, and they all forgot to press the shutter.

“Hahaha—” Suddenly, in the quiet air, a voice burst out with a burst of laughter and stopped abruptly.

Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao looked at each other, and they both clearly saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“My head is so handsome…”

“Hong Bao Hong Bao, I love you——”

The fans waiting on the periphery were “awakened” by the burst of laughter, ignoring the floral suit in the middle and called for their idols fanatically.

The media also regained their senses, ignoring the floral suit in the middle, they swiftly pressed the shutter.

As for the burst of laughter just now, everyone ignored it tacitly.

But Director Jin Da was very upset. Someone instinctively laughed at him just now. If he couldn’t find the suspect, he would have to paste his face with the trademark of the clothes.

——What are you laughing about? Do you know what brand this is? How much is a set? Huh!

Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao were so helpless that they secretly poked Director Jin Ce.

This was the red carpet. With such multimedia, you old man with a black face would be scolded by the media tomorrow.

Jin Ce was jabbed from the left and the right, and he woke up, and immediately put out a smiling face, but if you looked closely, you would find that his steps were faster than before.

The three people quickly walked to the signature wall. The host was greeted in advance, and they interviewed Jin Ce for a few words and asked him to promote the upcoming movie.

Yu Siyang would walk on the red carpet alone later, so there was no need for an interview this time. Hong Zhehao felt that he was a red carpet star, and was embarrassed to accept the interview, so he signed his name, and just stood with Yu Siyang with a cute face, waiting for admission.

Yu Siyang was also waiting for Jin Ce to be interviewed, then he would immediately go to change his clothes from the other channel, and then wait to walk again.

Jin Ce’s talking was quite strong, and he was introducing the first film he had directed. The guests behind had already walked more than half of the red carpet, but he hadn’t finished talking.

Yu Siyang glanced at the red carpet casually, and a pair of glamorous man and woman were about to come closer. After seeing the appearance of the two, he felt that the man was familiar.

When Jin Ce was finally willing to leave, Yu Siyang walked quickly to the special passage, thinking about the man he just saw while walking.

“Ah-it’s him!”

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