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The Yunzhong International Film Festival was an international category A film festival. It was held every January. The highest award, the Cloud Award, was the most authoritative film award in China. The film participating in the main competition unit must not have had their world premiere. There were no special requirements for awards like Yu Siyang’s Best Newcomer award.

Jin Ce didn’t know how but he got the invitation letter for the opening ceremony. The day he got the invitation letter, his whole person went crazy. He kept calling Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao to make them prepare carefully, and he had to call three times to ask the same question. He even made a big recommendation on what clothes and hairstyles the two should wear.

“I can’t wear the floral suit you recommended; I can only wear P&H clothes.” He didn’t know which brand Jin Ce borrowed the floral suit from. It looked like a vibrant Hawaiian garden. It took courage to go out wearing such clothes. Yu Siyang felt that he did not have such courage, fortunately, as a spokesperson, he must wear a suit provided by P&H, and thus escaped Jin Ce’s evil hands.

Jin Ce expressed regretted and said that it was hard for him to find the clothes sponsored by big brands, and he must not waste it, so his eyes turned to Hong Zhehao.

Hong Zhehao was shocked and immediately hid behind Lian Jing.

If he wore this kind of floral suit to walk on the red carpet, he would definitely be sprayed to death. He was positioned as a beautiful man, not a beautiful man in a floral suit[1]. He would not wear this suit even if it killed him.

Lian Jing’s expression was as cold and serious as before, and his narrow eyes seemed to shine with sharp cold light at all times. He stood in front of Hong Zhehao, looking down at Jin Ce not speaking.

Director Jin Ce backed down, muttering: “You people don’t know how to appreciate it. This is Carreli’s custom-made catwalk model from last year. It is very difficult to borrow.”

Hong Zhehao stuck his head from behind Lian Jing and said with a difficult expression: ” Since Carreli changed the design director, his style has become more and more difficult to describe. Now no one dares to borrow their clothes.” Only this ignorant director was fearless.

“…” Jin Ce was overwhelmed, no wonder only this one was willing to lend them clothes, “What about this suit? I can’t just return it like this.” It would offend the brand.

Yu Siyang glanced at the floral suit, then at Jin Ce, and said, “Director, you wear it.”

Jin Ce opened and closed his mouth for a while but was speechless.

Hong Zhehao nodded wildly: “That’s right, you can wear it. You borrowed it anyway.”

Looking at the two leading actors who jointly dug a hole for him, Jin Ce said very angrily: “I will wear it.” The tsundere director then turned his head away.

Both Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao breathed a sigh of relief, especially Hong Zhehao.

With this relaxation, he also did not filter the words coming out of his mouth and Hong Zhehao said with emotion: “I would also have a day of being a red carpet actor[2].”

“Pretending Overload” did not sign up for the competition unit, nor was submitted to the screening unit. In other words, their crew was all about walking the red carpet and promoting the movie by the way.

Yu Siyang was nominated the best newcomer, and his situation was better. Hong Zhehao’s heart found it hard and he wanted to say, was it really good to go to the red carpet like this, he was a male star, and he couldn’t deliberately expose himself like a female star to attract attention and create topics. He could just carry a soy sauce[3], and the reporters would have nothing to write about that.

But Jin Ce didn’t care about this. Their crew was tight on funds, and the cost of publicity could be saved. They could take a walk on the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the film festival, and they could brush up on the existence of the movie. Anyway, their crew had decided.

Hong Zhehao sighed, encountering such a wayward director, he was worried.

Yu Siyang couldn’t understand Hong Zhehao’s troubles. He received an invitation letter from the film festival organizing committee very early to walk on the red carpet of the opening ceremony, and he would walk alone.

“Poisonous Delicacy” did not enter any unit due to various reasons. The best newcomer nomination for Yu Siyang was individually nominated by the main committee. The newcomer who officially debuted in the previous year was selected and the award was decided by the jury. It was an award with a relatively large amount of fame.

The competition for the newcomer award every year was very fierce. After all, the newcomer award could only be received once. For newcomers, after winning the award, the salary would be doubled immediately, which was directly linked to their economic status. Therefore, various methods had emerged before the award. Some time ago, Yu Siyang was hacked. Among them some were also caused by the participation of candidates for the newcomer award.

However, Yu Siyang who was so black was washed white, and this even caused him to create hype, and his popularity was higher than all other shortlisted actors. In addition, his experience was called as an inspirational model by many people, and thus his popularity got even higher.

Those who took the opportunity to stir the muddy water were in a very complicated mood. They originally wanted to step on people, but they suddenly became godly assists. The entertainment industry was really difficult to mix in.

Originally, Yu Siyang just prepared only one set of clothes, but now he was going to walk the red carpet with the crew of “Pretending Overload”, so he had to prepare another set of clothes, and after walking with the crew, he had to change clothes quickly, and then walk the red carpet alone.

In this regard, he did not want to comment at all.

Hong Zhehao was very envious of him, muttering, when would he be able to walk on the red carpet because of being shortlisted instead of rubbing the red carpet.

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[1] Meaning that he would not look good in the floral suit.

[2] Actors who walk the red carpet just to grab attention but are not actually nominated.

[3] Be present without actually gaining anything.

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