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At night, Lu Chengyu suddenly woke up from his dream, and found a black figure outside his window, and hurriedly got out of bed. It took a few seconds for him to see that it was a bodyguard in a black suit. The bodyguard found that Lu Chengyu was frightened by him, so he grinned at Lu Chengyu, showing his neat white teeth, and then swished into a dark corner.

Unable to pull the corners of his mouth up, Lu Chengyu couldn’t sleep anymore. He walked to the window and looked around the entire villa. Compared with this villa, the small villa that Yan Mu lived in before looked much shabbier. He was still thinking in his heart, Yan Mu, compared with the Qi family, was not short of money and power, why did he live in such a small house. When he got here today, he realized that it was not that he liked to live without lavishness, but that the other party was used to living alone.

Not long after they entered the villa, so-called chefs, babysitters, gardeners, and housekeepers appeared. These people were dressed in elegant costumes and showed their respect for the host. They called Yan Mu Mr. Yan and called him Mr. Lu, just like rich men in a TV series, it was luxurious and exquisite.

It was in such a moment that he suddenly realized that the gap between him and Yan Mu was not only money and power, but also family heritage.

The moonlight outside the window was like frost, Lu Chengyu looked out the window silently, and sighed after a long while. It seemed that if he wanted to be with Yan Mu, he needed to work harder, otherwise the gap will increase more and more. Moreover, people might also come to separate their pair of mandarin ducks.

People say that finding a daughter-in-law was not easy. Why was it so difficult for him to find a man to live his life with? Life was so difficult.

He went back to bed and lay down for a while. He really couldn’t sleep. He remembered the USB flash drive Cao Jingshen asked someone to give him. He simply found his laptop. After plugging in the USB flash drive, he was not able to open the contents of the mobile folder. So, he started to check whether there were plug-ins or Trojan horses in the drive. To his surprise, there was a malicious plug-in in the USB flash drive that was hard to find.

How could Cao Jingshen give him this kind of USB flash drive, or did the other party didn’t know that there was such a thing in the USB flash drive?

It took a lot of effort to clean up the contents of the drive. After opening the contents, he fell silent. Because there was no company information at all, there were only a few photos, and each of these photos was poking into Lu Chengyu’s heart.

The first photo was a group photo of his parents at the beach, the second was a live photo of his parents when they had an accident, the third was a photo of him wearing a bachelor’s uniform when he graduated from university, and the fourth photo was a photo in which there was a glass bottle with eyes and fingers, there were only a few drops of dark red blood on the fifth sheet. On the blank paper, these drops of blood were particularly conspicuous. This thing was not given to him by Cao Jingshen at all, and the secretary who gave him the thing had a problem!


Because of yesterday’s troubles, Yan Mu got up five minutes later than usual. He picked up the newspaper that the housekeeper had placed on the table and flipped it through, looked upstairs, and continued to read the newspaper. About twenty minutes later, Yan Mu finished flipping through a newspaper and looked up again.

The housekeeper on one side stepped forward and said softly, “Sir, Mr. Lu hasn’t gotten up yet.”

“He went to bed late last night,” Yan Mu put the newspaper back on the table, “Let them lighten their feet when they clean. It should not be noisy to Mr. Lu.”

“Yes,” the housekeeper bowed slightly, walked to the side and took out the intercom. After a few commands, he turned around and saw Lu Chengyu walking downstairs. So, he put away the intercom, stepped forward and bowed to Lu Chengyu, “Mr. Lu, good morning.”

“Morning,” Lu Chengyu smiled politely to the housekeeper, walked over to Yan Mu and sat down, yawned, and took the newspaper. After turning a few times, he found that there was no valuable news, so he yawned with boredom.

“You didn’t sleep well last night?” Yan Mu saw him like this, knowing that he hadn’t slept well, and said, “Let’s eat breakfast, and after eating, you can sleep for a while.”

“Don’t you want to go to the company today? “Lu Chengyu walked to the dining room and sat down. There were exquisite tableware in front of him. The knives and forks looked gleaming silver, the black chopsticks were also carved with lifelike patterns, and there was a very beautiful ornament in the middle of the dining table.

The housekeeper brought the servant to put up the breakfast. The food was still what Lu Chengyu liked to eat, but the cook changed from Yan Mu to the cook in the villa.

The breakfast tasted worthy of the title of the chef, and it was indeed very delicious, but Lu Chengyu found it awkward when thinking that these breakfasts were inferior to the taste of Yan Mu’s cooking.

In fact, Yan Mu would worry of Lu Chengyu was at home, so seeing Lu Chengyu insisting on going to work with him, he didn’t insist on letting Lu Chengyu stay at home, but the car changed from Maybach into a black modified BMW.

Bulletproof glass was used for all windows, and the front and rear of the car could withstand high-intensity impact. The black models were even more ordinary, and they were not conspicuous at all when they merged into the traffic.

After Lu Chengyu got on the car, he found that they were also following a similar BMW, even the license plate numbers were very similar, only the middle number missing. These two license plate numbers alone were beyond the reach of ordinary people.

“If you are sleepy, I will wake you up when we arrive at the company.” Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu had been in a bad spirit, and he said after getting in the car. “There is still more than half an hour’s drive from here to the company. Don’t worry.”

Lu Chengyu thought about it, with his head lying on Yan Mu’s thigh, he closed his eyes to make up for his sleep. After being taken aback by the bodyguard last night, he hardly slept afterwards. He hadn’t had insomnia for a long time, and the feeling of lack of sleep was not good at all.

Seeing that Lu Chengyu was asleep, He Long slowed down the car a little, and silently looked around the road to avoid people or cars that suddenly rushed out.

There was no problem driving the car all the way to the company. Lu Chengyu even found that there were two more imposing people at the company’s gate. Although they were wearing security clothing, he felt that they had the taste of family. He glanced at Yan Mu. He was afraid that these two people were also specially arranged by Yan Mu.

After entering the elevator, Yan Mu found out that Lu Chengyu had pressed the floor of Cao Jingshen’s office, thinking that he had something to talk with Cao Jingshen, so he didn’t care, just told him not to work too hard. Lu Chengyu nodded, and when he reached the floor, he smiled at Yan Mu before leaving the elevator. He went straight to the secretarial department, because he came to the company very late, so it was already past working hours, and those who should come to work had already arrived.

“Assistant Lu,” it was no surprise that several secretaries saw Lu Chengyu. After all, Lu Chengyu came to their secretarial department several times a day.

“Morning,” Lu Chengyu smiled at them, and then seemingly inadvertently said, “You had a new person join a few days ago, why don’t I see her today.”

“She quarrelled with Sister Xuan somehow yesterday afternoon. She packed her things and left, and didn’t come to work today,” a secretary said not very much. “Who knows what’s wrong with her.”

Lu Chengyu raised an eyebrow unexpectedly: “How could this happen? She helped Brother Cao yesterday afternoon to bring me things?” Tang Xuan walked out of Cao Jingshen’s office, and when she heard Lu Chengyu’s words, she frowned and said, “She is a newcomer, how could Cao Jingshen let her bring things to you? Isn’t she looking for a reason to approach Lu Chengyu?”

The other people present had the same thoughts as Tang Xuan, and they laughed when they heard the words, “No wonder she was arguing with Sister Xuan. What made her think that Assistant Lu had a good relationship with you? She must have been overturned with jealousy, right?”

“Fuck you.” Tang Xuan turned a blind eye to her colleagues, “There are too many people in the company who are interested in Xiao Lu. If she is going to be jealous, can she eat it? The good sister is not Xiao Lu’s type.”

Lu Chengyu coughed dryly, “Cough-cough, don’t use me to get rid of them. I’ll go to your head Cao, and you can talk slowly.”

When the others heard these words, they immediately made fun of him. After Lu Chengyu entered the head’s office, they separated, but they were still talking about some gossip about Lu Chengyu. For example, who was interested in Lu Chengyu, how Lu Chengyu was easy to get along with, and how he didn’t put on airs after he flew up the tree[1]. How he was before is how he is now.

“I think Assistant Lu still has some changes,” one person said hesitantly, and when the other colleagues looked at her together, she said, “A lot more handsome.”

“Huh!” The others turned their eyes back together. Wasn’t that nonsense?

In the office, Cao Jingshen looked at a few pictures on the computer screen and said after a long while, “I didn’t ask anyone to give you anything yesterday afternoon.” Seeing the last one, his face became more and more ugly, and he called the personnel department and told them to contact the new secretary. As a result, within a few minutes, someone from the personnel department told him that the secretary’s cell phone had been turned off and the second contact number was empty.

“It seems that someone is deliberately targeting you,” Cao Jingshen frowned, “but why do they want to include your parents’ photos?” Was the person targeting Lu Chengyu related to his parents?

Lu Chengyu shook his head, “I don’t know. The USB disk that the secretary gave me yesterday contained a malicious tracking and monitoring software. If it wasn’t because I tried to clear it before opening it, then all the things in my computer would have been leaked.”

Cao Jingshen’s face suddenly turned uglier, “This thing, does the boss know?”

“I’ll tell him later,” Lu Chengyu sighed, “I know this has nothing to do with you. If you want to target me, you won’t use such stupid means.”

Cao Jingshen took off his glasses. He felt that he didn’t want to see Lu Chengyu’s nasty face for the time being.

After Lu Chengyu left the office, Cao Jingshen carefully looked at those photos, but couldn’t see any clues, so he had to give up helplessly. The boss was there, Lu Chengyu should be fine.

No one told Lu Chengyu about this, he just came to see Cao Jingshen’s reaction. Seeing that the other party found it unexpected as much as him, he knew that his guess was correct. He vaguely felt that the person who gave him the USB flash drive was not the same person as the one who planned the car accident.

The USB flash drive was not so much as a warning to him, as it was to remind him. Because he did not consider things from beginning to end. It was related to his parents, but the clues in the USB flash drive clearly pointed him a direction.

However, he couldn’t believe whether this direction was right or wrong.

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[1] Became successful.

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