ACFBL Ch. 41.2

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Outside the hall.

As the time got later and later, more and more guests arrived for the engagement banquet. They wore gorgeous dresses, greeted people they knew politely, and scanned the hall with probing eyes from time to time, trying to find the owner of the engagement banquet.

A man walked in with a slender woman on his arm. The two were gorgeously dressed, with their heads raised high, as if they were looking down with their nostrils.

After sweeping around the hall, the man let out a breath from his nose: “The impromptu engagement banquet is quite decent.”

The disdain in the words was very obvious.

A guest noticed him and immediately came over to greet him.

“Ji Ershao, long time no see.”

Ji Tiancheng glanced at the visitor, and lazily gave a “hmm”, as if he didn’t want to talk to him.

The guest didn’t feel embarrassed, and asked with a shy face: “Ji Ershao, do you know when Mr. Ji got engaged to the Yan family? Why didn’t we hear any rumors before?”

Because Ji Juechuan didn’t like others to call him Young Master Ji, so they all avoided this title, but even so, the title of “Young Master Ji” still didn’t fall on Ji Tiancheng.

Even though Ji Juechuan had been away from the Ji family for many years, people still called Ji Tiancheng the “Second Young Master Ji”.

“How would I know about him?”

Ji Tiancheng glared at him, obviously not wanting to say any more, he walked away with the woman beside him on his arm.

He hated people asking about Ji Juechuan as soon as they came up, as if there was only one person in their Ji family.

Besides, didn’t that person leave the Ji family long ago? Why did everyone act as if he was still from their Ji family.

After walking to a place where no one was around, the woman next to Ji Tiancheng suddenly said:

“Why do you think the engagement banquet was so sudden? I never heard that he had an engagement with the Yan family before. Could it be that the old man was hiding it from us?”

Ji Tiancheng snorted, “Why would the old man be hiding this, the Yan family is not a sweetheart, and the one who has a marriage contract with him is the newly found son of the Yan family.”

Gao Ruxuan also laughed since she had heard the rumors about Yan Yan: “It’s also strange, I heard that the old man arranged this marriage contract for him.”

Ji Tiancheng smiled even bigger, “I don’t think the old man is hiding it from us, it’s because he is afraid of shame, that’s why he never dared to tell others. Now that he has to get engaged, he just held an engagement banquet.”

He patted the invitation card in his hand, and laughed: “Look, this invitation card was only delivered a few days ago. He is so afraid of it being known that he has a marriage contract with a good-for-nothing.”

“The old man still loves you more and didn’t arrange this terrible marriage contract on your head.” Gao Ruxuan smiled softly and hugged his arm.

“That’s right.” Ji Tiancheng felt much happier, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

He didn’t notice the joy on Gao Ruxuan’s face.

Before Gao Ruxuan married Ji Tiancheng, she first fell in love with Ji Juechuan, but Ji Juechuan was notoriously fickle, and he never gave her a look.

Although in the end she married into the Ji family as she wished but seeing at the wedding that Ji Juechuan had no impression of her at all, she couldn’t help but brood over the past.

Seeing that Ji Juechuan was marrying a good-for-nothing young master who was not as good as her, Gao Ruxuan felt much happier.

The two wanted to avoid other guests, and they kept walking towards a place where there were fewer people when they were talking just now, until they walked to a place where there were no people before they knew it.

Ji Tiancheng saw a door ahead and walked through it without thinking much.

“This is the lounge, let’s go in and sit for a while.”

As soon as he opened the door, he froze.

Inside sat a beautiful man who looked like a fairy. Hearing the movement, he raised his head and looked towards the door.

Gao Ruxuan walked over when he was in a daze, and after seeing the person inside, hostility flashed in her eyes, “Is it Young Master Yan?”

Yan Yan didn’t expect that someone would come here, so he stood up awkwardly and nodded, “Hello.”

Ji Tiancheng came back to his senses, felt that his reaction just now was a bit embarrassing, and snorted again: “Are you Yan Yan?”

“It’s me.” Yan Yan blinked his long eyelashes, feeling that the two of them seemed a little unfriendly to him, “May I ask who you are?”

Ji Tiancheng didn’t speak, just took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it and took a puff, and the lounge was immediately filled with smoke.

Yan Yan frowned suddenly, took a step back, turned around and coughed twice.

“Ji Juechuan didn’t mention us to you?”

Yan Yan felt a little uncomfortable smelling the smoke, so he took a moment to shake his head.

Although it was expected, Ji Tiancheng was still a little upset, and took another step forward, almost spraying Yan Yan’s face with the smoke from his mouth.

He sneered, “I think so, he might have forgotten that he is from the Ji family.”

Hearing this sentence, Yan Yan understood a little.

So these two were from Ji Juechuan’s family?

He paused, and just as he was about to speak, the door of the lounge was opened again.

Ji Juechuan stood at the door with a stern expression.

He walked up to Yan Yan to separate him from the smoke, and when his sharp eyes swept over the two of them, they both shivered unconsciously.

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