LGHIHW Ch. 23: Arc 1.19

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5G technology had not been officially launched, but 6G technology had already been made. If someone else said this, Xuan Ming would not believe a word.

But now, he looked at the other side with a serious look, shook his head and said, “Mr. Zhuang, I don’t need 6G technology yet, but I will give you this laboratory.”

Zhuang Li tilted his head, his slender eyebrows raised slightly, and his curly hair seemed to have turned into question marks.

Xuan Ming couldn’t help but smile. Little Curly’s heart was like a black hole, completely unable to see through, but his straightforward and vivid facial expressions betrayed all his thoughts.

“Your 5G technology was almost stolen today.” Xuan Ming said frankly: “Qiao Yanan told me that she was addicted to drugs and became confused, but I investigated her in private, and I got to know that she has a very skilled hacker standing behind her back. That person can help her steal the latest scientific research results around the world and delete all the data on the real developer’s computer.”

“She almost sold your 5G technology to the United States today. Fortunately, you had foresight, wrote a paper and submitted it, and applied for a patent first.”

Xuan Ming pointed to his temple and said, “Mr. Zhuang, that hacker is very skilled. All the results you have developed must be stored here and cannot be put on the computer. Do you understand?”

Since there was also a system in the head of the little curly hair, Xuan Ming only chose to be honest with part of the truth. Letting those systems know that he could intercept their conversations would be disastrous.

Zhuang Li’s slightly widened eyes burst into light, the slender eyebrow on the left was now raised even higher, and the dark red lips slowly opened, slowly pulling into a very pleasant arc.

“Just relying on a hacker, can an ordinary person who doesn’t understand anything become the world’s top scientist? It sounds very interesting.” He clapped his hands and looked like a child who had discovered a new toy.

Xuan Ming saw that he was not nervous at all, and his inner anxiety was greatly calmed down. The little curly hair was worthy of being the little curly hair, no matter how many ruthless characters he encountered, he dared to be tough with them. It seemed that he was going to meet Qiao Yanan’s system in a while?

Xuan Ming made a promise while guessing: “Mr. Zhuang, you just need to know what you want. The laboratory you want will be set up by noon tomorrow, and it will be located on the -4th floor of this building.”

Zhuang Li took back his mobile phone, set the flight mode to open mode, and said as a matter of course: “I will concentrate on my private research. You will find another person to be in charge of 5G development. If he does not understand anything, he can ask me.”

“No problem.” Xuan Ming simply agreed.

“Then I’ll leave.” Zhuang Li stood up, looked at the file cabinet next to him subconsciously, and arranged the curly hair on his temples into a beautiful shape with the help of the reflection of the glass door.

Xuan Ming blocked the raised corner of his mouth with his fist.

Zhuang Li continued to adjust his tie, and after smoothing out the folds at the hem of his clothes, he turned to look himself up and down, making sure that his personal image was not inappropriate in the slightest before walking towards the door.

However, as soon as he stepped out of one foot, the phone in his trouser pocket rang.

He took it out and looked at it, his slender eyebrows raising again.

Xuan Ming, who had read every little expression of Little Curly Hair in detail, realized almost immediately that he was in trouble, but he was not afraid of trouble by nature, but instead took pleasure in it.

Sure enough, as soon as Zhuang Li answered the phone, there was a roar from there: “Zhuang Li, where have you died? Do you know how many calls I made to you today? Not only did you fake your academic qualifications, but you also missed work for no reason. The salary is gone! Hurry back and sign the resignation letter, and then get out of here!”

Zhuang Li listened without saying a word, and then handed over the phone to Xuan Ming.

Xuan Ming: “…”

“Who are you?” he asked in a low voice.

“Xuanxuanxuan, President Xuan?” The voice was very familiar to him, and his tongue was immediately knotted.

“What qualifications do you have to fire the head of the R&D department I just appointed, please give me a reasonable explanation.” Xuan Ming continued to press.

“Director of the R&D Department?” There was stunned silence on the other end, and then there was a rustling sound. Someone whispered: “Boss, it’s true, the company’s website has been updated, and Zhuang Li is really the head of the R&D department who just took office. Look.”

It suddenly became very noisy over there, and many people shouted, “how is it possible, I don’t believe it” and other words.

After a while, Xuan Ming heard a sincere voice tremblingly say: “Mr. Xuan, everything just now was a misunderstanding. Is Minister Zhuang still there? I will apologize to him.”

Xuan Ming listened without saying a word, and then returned the phone to Little Curly Hair.

Zhuang Li just hung up the phone.

Seeing his slender eyebrows, Xuan Ming saw that he seemed a little unhappy, so he handed over a heavy document bag and said, “This is the real estate certificate of the villa, and it also contains your salary card. There is a total of 100 million in the card. In addition to the 60 million bonus, I paid your annual salary in advance.”

He opened the drawer, took out a key with exquisite workmanship, and continued: “Because you have completely analyzed the 5G technology, your contribution to the company has greatly exceeded expectations, so your reward has also been increased. This car will be yours in the future.”

Zhuang Li took the file bag, but not the car key, “That laboratory is enough to offset all the rewards, you gave too much.”

“I believe that your value is definitely more than these billions. Your mind is the most expensive and most potential investment in the world.” Xuan Ming was very sure of this.

Zhuang Li’s slightly frowning eyebrows slowly stretched, his narrow phoenix eyes narrowed, and he smiled brightly: “You are also the most discerning investor I have ever met.” He happily and calmly took the car keys.

It turned out that the little curly hair also liked to listen to rainbow farts. Xuan Ming secretly kept this in mind, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t be restrained from rising.

“Then I’ll get off work first, and I hope to see my lab tomorrow.” Zhuang Li wrapped the car key around his fingertips, tucked the file bag under his arm, waved his hand and turned away.

“I’ll take you down.” Xuan Ming quickly controlled the wheelchair to catch up.

“You have a lot of bodyguards.” Zhuang Li looked back at the dark crowd of strong men.

Xuan Ming was about to say that if you don’t like it, I can dismiss a few, but he heard Xiao Curly say every inch, “Can you lend them to me to move a house? I promised my dad to let him live in a big villa today.”

“Of course.” Xuan Ming couldn’t help laughing.

The two went down to the 17th floor together, and as soon as they got out of the elevator, they heard a whisper:

“Come on, here comes Zhuang Li!”

“Hey! President Xuan is walking with him!”

“He’s really a minister!”

“Where did he come from? Did he fake it!”

Everyone craned their necks to look this way, with surprised expressions on their faces.

Even the people in this company didn’t believe that Little Curly Hair really had that kind of strength, let alone foreign forces. So the small curly hair was safe for the time being, and the future could be planned slowly.

While thinking about it, Xuan Ming walked to the desk of the little curly hair, and naturally helped him organize the scattered documents, remove the laptop and put it in the briefcase, and then turn off the desktop computer.

Zhuang Li didn’t even stop it, and he didn’t feel panicked. Instead, he picked up the pot of cactus and made a request: “I want to take this. There should be a lot of potted plants in my laboratory.”

“No problem.” Xuan Ming put the briefcase on his lap and said warmly, “You can make a list of any plants you like, and I’ll ask someone to buy them right away.”

“I’ll check it out.” Zhuang Li took out his mobile phone, and the expression on his face was obviously happy.

Little Curly hair loved greenery. Xuan Ming also kept this point in mind.

When the two walked to the elevator, the head of the administrative department and the head of the personnel department, who were sweating profusely, chased after them and apologized to Zhuang Li again and again.

“…Minister Zhuang, in fact, your eldest brother had reported you several times, and it was I who suppressed the news. You both live under the same roof, you can’t see each other when you look up, and you must be careful when you get along in the future. The old saying is right, people’s hearts cannot be judged.” In order to divert the conflict, the head of the personnel department quietly said these few words.

The elevator door slowly closed, Zhuang Li’s face was calm, and he didn’t seem to be surprised by the news.

Xuan Ming took out his mobile phone and checked Chang Dongming and found that he was also one of his assistants, and immediately had the idea of transferring people away. He now especially hates those who acted behind the scenes.

On the other end, Zhuang Dahai and Chang Hui finally completed the divorce procedures and were driving back together by car. Chang Dongming deliberately took a day off to accompany him, lest his mother suffer.

His uncle Chang Liang stood at the door with his hands behind his back, as if he had been waiting for a long time. He was both an old friend of Zhuang Dahai and a matchmaker for the couple.

“Are you back?” Hearing footsteps, he looked back with a displeased look on his face.

Zhuang Dahai pressed his head, and a trace of belated shame filled his heart.

“Big brother…” Chang Hui’s eyes immediately turned red.

“I’m here to pick you up and Dongming home. Don’t say anything, just pack up. If I had known that you would be like this, I wouldn’t have matchmade you. It’s a sin!” Chang Liang sighed heavily.

Chang Hui saw that the elder brother was supporting her, and her waist straightened immediately.

The mother and son were packing things in the bedroom, while Chang Liang pulled Zhuang Dahai into the living room and asked, “I heard that you sold all three houses? Dongming called your father for so many years, and you left him nothing?”

The shame in Zhuang Dahai’s heart disappeared immediately: “That’s my wife’s inheritance, what’s the matter with Chang Dongming?”

“Dongming can earn more than 300,000 yuan a year, how much can your son earn? If you had vision, you should know that Dongming would be your support.” Chang Liang sighed: “I told you at that time that one of the houses should be transferred to Dongming, and you can live with him when you get old, so you won’t have to sleep on the street.”

“You will sleep on the street!” Zhuang Dahai snarled his neck and roared, “My son said that he will buy a big villa for me to live in in the future!”

“Do you believe this?” Chang Liang looked disdainful: “Didn’t you spend tens of millions on him? Did he bring home a penny? Dahai, you don’t raise children like this, your son is already useless. It’s gone!”

Chang Hui eavesdropped on the conversation between the two through the crack of the door, pouted at Chang Dongming from time to time, and whispered, “Zhuang Dahai is blind, he will come to you in the future, you are not allowed to ignore him.”

“Mom, it’s impossible for me to have anything to do with him anymore. Zhuang Li is a bottomless pit, just wait, Zhuang Dahai will suffer in the future.” Chang Dongming smiled sarcastically.

At this moment, the door at the entrance opened, Zhuang Li walked in without changing his slippers, put a thick file bag and a Rolls-Royce car key on the coffee table, and said in a flat tone, “Dad, pack up, I’ll take you to live in a big villa. This car is also yours, and you will drive it to buy groceries in the future.”

After he finished speaking, he opened the file bag and took out a salary card, “There is 100 million in it, you can spend it.”

“Ah?” Zhuang Dahai’s mouth was so wide that it could almost fit an ostrich egg.

Chang Liang, Chang Hui, and Chang Dongming: “…”

Brag, keep on bragging!

Their mocking expressions were maintained until Xuan Ming was pushed in by a group of black-clothed bodyguards in a wheelchair.

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