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There was a muffled thud when the glass window door was hit, and the entire window door trembled a few times.

Si Huang frowned lightly, half-closed her eyes, and glanced at the frightening man from the corner of her eyes.

His breath was rough, his honey-colored skin was flushed with excitement, his lips were blood red and a little swollen, and he looked straight at her with his head slightly lowered, and his eyes were rough and dangerous like a saw knife.

Like a beast in heat, very wild, sexy and dangerous, it was impossible to guess whether he would bite his partner’s throat in one bite during mating. This thought flashed across Si Huang’s mind, and she licked her numb lips, still with a lazy smirk, his eyes were clearer than before, and he didn’t hide that he was also emotional. His rosy fair cheeks were proof.

When Si Huang felt that Qin Fan’s appearance was particularly sexy, she herself looked different in the eyes of the other party.

“Why push me away?” Si Huang slowly restrained the temptation of her expression, leaning her back against the window, adjusting her breathing and heartbeat.

Qin Fan did not speak for a long time.

Si Huang was not in a hurry, she took advantage of this silent time to cool down her emotions.

She didn’t intend to eat it all at once, but now she just stamped it and planted a root. With the current strength of the two of them, it was still unknown whether she would eat or be eaten in the end. She didn’t want to reveal her secret yet.

Compared with Si Huang’s breathing and complexion that gradually recovered, Qin Fan was completely opposite. His breathing became heavier and heavier, and the reaction of the male body was clear at a glance.

Si Huang glanced over him boldly.

This glance seemed to irritate Qin Fan.

“You wait!” The man’s voice was a little gritted.

Si Huang raised her eyebrows, “What?”

The man approached her with a big stride, so close that she could feel his hot breath, but he didn’t really touch her.

Si Huang saw the struggle and anger in the man’s eyes.

“Wait until you’re an adult…” The man stared at her face and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth in a low voice, as if he was talking to himself. Immediately afterwards, his expression sank, and the voice came from the deepest part of his heart, with some powerful force hitting the eardrums and mind, “Wait until you become an adult!”

Si Huang heard that he definitely didn’t finish his sentence, but she didn’t need him to go on, she already understood what he meant.

Looking at the man’s irritable expression as if he wanted to beat someone, and his growl like a vow, knowing that it was because of herself that the usually cruel and abstinent man became like this, naturally a little joy surfaced in her heart, and she felt a little sympathetic to him. But she opened her mouth and said nothing.

It won’t turn people around, will it?

Qin Fan stared at her fiercely, and then threatened in a low tone: “Don’t smile like that at other people in the future, otherwise…”

“Is that a smile?” It was a smirk.

Qin Fan’s expression was as if he wanted to crush her to death.

Si Huang raised her jaw, allowing the smile on her face to appear in Qin Fan’s eyes more completely. The arc of the eyes from the inner corner to the end of the eye was like a cat’s eye, and the thick eyelashes trembled slightly, making the eyes sparkle, looking even more blurred.

She raised her hand, stretched out her index finger and hooked Qin Fan’s chin, her lazy and casual movements revealed intimacy, “I just smile at you like this.”

A wave of ambiguous love easily swept away all of Qin Fan’s anger.

His eyes widened, his pupils were locked tightly, and the corners of his mouth were just raised and then suppressed rationally, making the whole expression look awkward.


When Qin Fan heard this, he grabbed her chin with his chaotic hand, “You…”

“Huh?” The uplifting tone could ignite even a winter night.

Qin Fan tightened his grip on her suddenly, staring at her at this moment was like looking at a peerless evildoer, the restraint in his eyes almost collapsed.

“It’s late, go to sleep.”

“…” The man’s expression seemed to freeze for a moment, and it took three or four seconds before he let out a rough gasp and took Si Huang’s hand and put it in his mouth.

Si Huang was taken aback by the hot and humid feeling and was awakened by the stinging pain.

This guy really bit her and even used real strength. Fortunately, he stopped his mouth in time when she was about to bleed.

Before Si Huang could get angry, the man climbed up the railing, and jumped down quickly, walking swiftly and gracefully without looking back.

Si Huang looked at it speechlessly, then picked up the mechanical phone on the ground, and threw it in his direction, “Next.”

The man who was walking away paused and caught the phone accurately, but he still didn’t look at her during the period. Really cold enough!

Si Huang went back to the room, closed the windows and closed the curtains, looked down and saw a certain hamster that was still beating its chest, and grabbed it, “I will make a nest for you tomorrow.”

Five Treasure ignored his welfare and was still struggling. What happened before, [Why didn’t you go, why didn’t you rush, such a good opportunity, just take a step forward and go to bed! Your Majesty, as long as you hook your fingers, you will definitely be able to catch it!?]

“Thank you for having such great confidence in me.” Si Huang threw the disabled hamster back on the carpet, and looked at it condescendingly, “It’s not that everyone has no integrity.”

Five Treasure said casually: [What is integrity? Can I eat it?]

Si Huang: “Your food has already been eaten.” She went to the bathroom to take a shower, blocking Five Treasure’s attentive sight.

Facing such a ruthless and unreasonable majesty (in Five Treasure’s view), Five Treasure was very sad. He jumped up and crept up to the computer desk, seeing the tablet on the table.

By the way, Lord Five Treasure also had a physical existence now! Five Treasure’s eyes lit up, he climbed to the open button of the tablet, jumped up hard, and when he saw the tablet light up, he stretched out his short legs to slide the tablet to open the interface.

Ten minutes later, Si Huang came out wearing a bathrobe, looked around the room and saw Five Treasure lying on the tablet.

The hamster seems to be having fun lying on it.

She raised her eyebrows, seeing that Five Treasure was rarely making noise, as if all his heart was on the tablet, she didn’t try to stop it from having fun, but only reminded, “Be careful not to delete my information.”

“Squeak.” Five Treasure replied.


Dawn rose in the east.

Si family’s private villa residence.

Just after dawn, Si Zhihan opened his eyes. His eyes were gleaming with sleepiness and bloodshot eyes, but he was no longer sleepy.

Recently, he had been like this all the time. He couldn’t eat well or sleep well. The private doctor said it was caused by stress. Letting him temporarily put down what he was doing, rest for a while, and not think about anything was the best treatment.

However, the current Si Zhihan was like a depressed volcano, it seemed that there was no major problem, but in fact, any word would arouse his suspicion.

After the personal doctor finished his suggestion, Si Zhihan verbally agreed, but in his heart, he wondered if he had been bought by someone, trying to persuade him to let go of Fenghua Entertainment Company.

“Dingling—” Si Zhihan stretched out his hand and rang the bell on the bedside table.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door.

Si Zhihan shouted: “Come in.”

A young woman opened the door and came in, showing a soft smile to Si Zhihan, then carefully helped him get off the bed, put him in a multifunctional wheelchair, and pushed him to do his daily routine and freshen up.

Since the treatment of his hands and feet stabilized, Si Zhihan left the hospital in H City, returned to his home to recuperate, and hired professional private doctors and private nurses.

The villa was also remodeled by him, and the elevator was changed into a slope elevator, on which the wheelchair could be fixed.

In the living room, an old woman had already prepared breakfast.

Si Zhihan ate alone in silence, while the young private nurse stood aside without saying a word, and the whole environment was filled with a depressive atmosphere.

After taking a few bites, Si Zhihan’s fingers trembled. It seemed a simple action, but he put down the tableware with great difficulty, his eyes looking very gloomy.

The personal nurse said softly: “Sir, you eat too little, you should eat more, it’s good for your health.”

Si Zhihan pushed the things in front of him hard, the tableware and dishes collided and made a harsh sound, then he stood up. A look of disgust and fear flashed in the eyes of the private nurse behind him, but she quickly restrained herself and continued to maintain a gentle expression.

This also made Si Zhihan stare at her face in a daze for a few seconds instead of continuing to attack when he looked over.

The private nurse was shocked by his look, and asked softly: “Sir?”

Si Zhihan’s voice was hoarse: “Girls are always more careful.”

The private nurse felt that his tone did not seem to be asking people, but more like confidently talking to himself, so there was no answer. Immediately afterwards, she heard his real question: “Do you know my two sons?”

“Yes.” The private nurse replied cautiously.

“If you were given a choice, which one do you prefer?”

“…” The private nurse’s eyes widened slightly, unable to figure out what Si Zhihan meant by asking, maybe it was just a casual question?

Si Zhihan smiled, looking very gentle, “Don’t be afraid to be honest, I think you are very good at taking care of people.”

The private nurse couldn’t help thinking, “…Second Young Master?” Before coming to this home to take care of Si Zhihan, she did the necessary homework and knew how partial this man was, so she spoke out of her conscience.

Si Zhihan’s smile remained the same, but the way she looked at her was strange and unpredictable. Coupled with the smiling expression, there was no affinity, but it made people panic.

The private nurse gradually became a little flustered, and when she was about to say something——

“Ding dong—— ding dong—” the doorbell sounded urgently in the house.

The newly hired old lady quickly walked to the electronic screen at the gate to check who was visiting.

About three minutes later, the old lady walked back to Si Zhihan, “Sir, a group of policemen are here.”


Unexpectedly, he got angry, and looked anxiously at the private nurse, while the young woman quickly went to get what Si Zhihan needed. When she came back, several men in police uniforms had already come to the living room. Judging from their demeanor and temperament, the woman felt that they were not just ordinary police officers.

“Mr. Si, because your wife, Ms. Bai, is suspected of dealing in prohibited drugs, we must arrest her!” The leading police officer, a middle-aged man, said to Si Zhihan with his ID card on his serious face.

Si Zhihan’s expression changed drastically, “This is impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible. The evidence we have investigated so far is enough to prove everything. The signed contract is in Ms. Bai’s name.” The middle-aged police officer’s eyes flashed, “If you intentionally prevent us from handling the case and arresting people, you will be taken away as a suspect as well.”

Si Zhihan grabbed the armrest of the wheelchair with a cold and serious expression, “No, I still can’t believe that Qinglan would do such a thing. There must be some misunderstanding, please give me some time, I need to call the lawyer, and…”

“Reversing the case is a matter for the court and the judge, we are only responsible for investigating and arresting people!” The middle-aged police officer interrupted him, “According to our investigation, Bai Qinglan stayed in the house during this time and did not go out. You guys, go up and search!”

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