APY Ch. 168.1: May you be treated gently by the world!!!

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“It didn’t hit.” Shen Xitong’s injury was actually caused by her own fall.

Chu Yunrong choked, “It’s also because of his fault that Tongtong fell.”

Shen Xitong had recovered from the shocking scene just now, and forced a smile, “Mom, sister is right, just now I fell myself, and that person’s attitude was also very good, forget it.” Everyone has already left, so naturally she couldn’t let Shen Qinglan be the good person alone.

“But your hand is hurt like this.” Chu Yunrong was very distressed, “No, let’s go to the hospital quickly.” After saying that, she took Shen Xitong to take a taxi.

She threw the car key to Shen Qinglan, “Qinglan, go home first, and I’ll take your sister to the hospital.”

Shen Qinglan took the car key and walked towards the garage, not seeing Shen Xitong who was leaving deeply glancing at her, and there was bitter hatred in that look.

Because of this accident, Shen Qinglan lost interest in hanging out, and drove Chu Yunrong’s car back home.

Chu Yunrong and Shen Xitong went to the hospital and did a detailed examination, except for the scratches on her palms, there were no other injuries.

“Fortunately, nothing happened. You really scared mother to death just now.” Chu Yunrong patted her chest, and there was fear on her face.

Shen Xitong smiled without saying a word, but occasionally looked at her hand wrapped into a bear’s paw with coldness in her eyes.

When they got home, Shen Xitong went straight back to her room without even having dinner.

She was lying on the bed with her intact hand gently touching the wound on her hand. Even after applying the medicine, the pain in her palm still reminded her that she almost died under the wheel today, and it was obvious that she shouldn’t be injured, because she was closer to Chu Yunrong at that time.

But when danger came, Chu Yunrong went to rescue Shen Qinglan immediately, without thinking about her at all.

Was this a relationship between blood relations and non-blood relations? Mom, don’t you love me the most? You are partial to me, ignore her, and even beat your biological daughter for me, so why didn’t you save me who was closer to you today?

Her eyes were dark, her hands were clenched tightly, and she didn’t even notice that the wound was bleeding again because of her movements.

On the weekend, Shen Qinglan came back in the morning, took a bath as usual, and made herself breakfast before going out. Today she was going back to Shen’s house. After all, Shen Xitong called her last night and said that Leng Qingyu would be coming to the house as a guest today.

Shen Qinglan remembered the smugness in Shen Xitong’s tone, and couldn’t help but laugh a little. Shen Xitong seemed to have never recognized her position.

She didn’t drive today, but walked out of the community and went to the bus stop outside the community to take the bus, but the bus stop was a bit far from the compound. Shen Qinglan got off the bus and walked slowly to the gate of the compound. It was almost noon.

She originally thought that she would be the last to arrive, but did not expect that the guest who was supposed to be at Shen’s house had not shown up yet, Shen Qinglan glanced at Shen Xitong lightly, without the slightest emotion in her eyes.

It was just that her casual look turned into contempt in Shen Xitong’s eyes. Shen Xitong met Chu Yunrong’s gaze and twitched the corners of her mouth awkwardly, “Qingqiu may be stuck in traffic, I’ll go and call her.”

Chu Yunrong smiled, “Well, let’s go.” Seeing Shen Xitong go out with her cell phone, she turned to look at Shen Qinglan, “Have you eaten breakfast? It’s still early before lunch time, do you want Sister Song to cook it for you? Or do you want to fill your stomach with some snacks?”

Shen Qinglan shook her head, “I came after eating breakfast.”

Chu Yunrong nodded, looking at her daughter’s cold face, she suddenly didn’t know what to say, in fact, looking closely, Shen Qinglan looked just like her. There were a lot of similarities, such as the curved willow eyebrows and the small and upturned nose.

Chu Yunrong’s expression was a little dazed, and she thought of when Shen Qinglan was just born, she always felt like she was holding a small and soft her, she would smile happily by herself. Qinglan when she was a child, apart from her husband, her most important person was actually her.

No matter where she went, she liked to follow her, that’s why she took Qinglan out that day. If she didn’t take her out because she couldn’t bear to watch her cry, then she wouldn’t…

Thinking of this, Chu Yunrong’s face turned pale, and she couldn’t help but put her hand over her heart, where the pain was dull, as if someone was holding a knife and stabbing her.

“Mom, are you not feeling well?” Shen Qinglan asked, noticing her ugly face.

“No, I’m just a little tired…” Chu Yunrong met Shen Qinglan’s cold eyes, suddenly lost her words, stood up, and hurried upstairs.

Shen Qinglan looked at the back of Chu Yunrong leaving in a hurry, the emotions in her eyes were inexplicable, it seemed that her mother really didn’t like her, and she didn’t even want to be alone with her for so long.

Chu Yunrong hurried upstairs and closed the door of the room tightly. She opened the drawer in front of the dresser, took out a bottle of medicine, poured a few into the palm of her hand and swallowed it without looking at it.

Picking up the water glass on the table and taking a sip of water, she tried her best to soothe her chest, and it seemed that she had managed to smooth the breath through her chest. She sat on the chair, her eyes were empty, and she didn’t know where to look, but her pale face did not recover immediately.

Suddenly, she got up and lay on the ground, trying her best to reach under the bed to reach for something, but when she found that she couldn’t reach it, she got up again, looked around the room, opened the closet, took a hanger from it, and lay down again on the ground. Then, a small box was pulled out from under the bed.

The box was quite old, but it was carved with delicate patterns. If an expert was here, they would see that this small box was actually made of golden nanmu.

It was probably left under the bed for a long time, and a thick layer of dust fell off the box. Chu Yunrong carefully placed the box on the dresser, walked into the bathroom, and came out with a towel in her hand. She was careful, while wiping the dust on the box, she was patient and had a gentle expression. Not only Shen Qinglan, but even Shen Xitong had never seen such tenderness.

After confirming that there was no dust on the box, Chu Yunrong took it into her arms. It was obviously a cold box, but her expression seemed to be holding a rare treasure, which melted all the tenderness in her heart.

She put her face against the box for a long time, and then she took out a delicate and compact key from the bottom drawer of the bedside table, and this key obviously matched the lock on the box.

She inserted the key into the keyhole, only to hear a click, and the lock was opened, Chu Yunrong’s hand trembled slightly, she wanted to open the box, but she didn’t seem to have the courage, she hesitated several times, but did not open it.

Finally, the lid of the box was lifted, and the contents of the box came into view. On the top were a few plush toys, cute and delicate bears, pure white and brown, all about the size of a palm, and a pink one that was smaller than the other two, with soft tentacles, but it had probably been around for a long time, and the fur on it looked a bit old.

“Mom, these are the little bears that my father bought for me, are they cute? This is Xiao Bai, it’s the mother; this is Xiao Hui, it’s the father; and this is Little Pink, it’s the baby, they are a family of three.” The little voice said in a milky voice, her chubby little hands pointed at the three little bears one by one, and her bright eyes were full of joy.

Next to the bear was a Barbie doll wearing a blue princess dress.

“Mom, I like this dress, can you buy me a dress like this too?” The little fat girl took her hand and swayed from side to side, looking at her with bright little eyes, full of pleading, “I still want a pair of small white leather shoes, and then I will dance in this dress to show my grandparents, Mom, what do you think?”

Chu Yunrong took out the little bear and the Barbie doll, stroked them gently, and placed them on the bed, then from the bottom of the small box, she took out a thick photo album, twice as thick as a normal photo album.

The album was light blue, and “My Baby Diary” was written on the cover.

She slowly opened the photo album. The first photo was of a fat baby sleeping soundly with her eyes closed. The skin on her face was wrinkled and red, like a little old lady. Below the photo, there was a line written in small print, “Welcome to this world, my darling Qinglan.” The handwriting was graceful, the strokes were correct, and it could be seen that the person who wrote it was very serious.

The second photo was still of a baby, it seemed to have grown a little longer, the skin had turned white, and it had become hydrated, she smiled with big eyes open, revealing her pink gums, “Today, baby Qinglan smiled for the first time.”

In the third picture, the little baby was wearing a white princess dress, sitting in the arms of a woman, the woman was holding her, while looking down at the baby with a gentle expression, “Baby Qinglan, today it’s been 100 days since the first time you came to this world, congratulations, you have grown up a little more.”

In the fourth photo, the little baby was sitting in the cradle, holding a rattle in her hand, smiling happily at the camera, “Baby Qinglan has grown her first tooth, biting it a bit.”

In the fifth picture, the little baby was wearing a small skirt and a small hat on her head, standing on the grass, with one small hand supporting the stroller next to her, the other small stretching forward, holding her mouth shut, her small eyebrows tugged into a ball, she looked a little unhappy, “Baby Qinglan, despite your reluctance, you bravely took the first step, mother is so proud of you.”

In the sixth picture, a little boy hugged the little girl, the little girl had two pigtails as she was nestled in the little boy’s arms, she looked at the camera, her little fat hands were white and tender, “My baby, congratulations on growing to be one-year-old, may you be treated with tenderness by this world all your life.”

The seventh, eighth, ninth…

Every picture was of the same little girl, some were of her crying, some were of her being aggrieved and sad, some were of her laughing happily, some…

Every bit of her life, they were all recorded in these photos, and under each photo, there was a line of small characters, that were best wishes from a mother to her daughter.

In the last photo, the little girl was wearing a blue princess dress, exactly like the one on the Barbie doll, wearing a pair of small white leather shoes, waving her arms and legs to the camera, smiling happily, “Baby Qinglan, this is the best dance mother has ever seen.”

The photos ended abruptly here, and the back of the thick album was blank.

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