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“Since you know it’s not yours, why do you have the audacity to want it?” Wei Zhiqian showed disgust, “It’s really disgusting to be a b**ch at such a young age!”

Tan Mo was stunned.

She even forgot to show her tea art skills, and turned her head to look at Wei Zhiqian blankly.

He was obviously such a young man who looked as clear and bright as a bright moon, how could he speak like a knife?

She liked it so much!

Yuan Keqing cried aggrievedly.

No one had ever said that to her.

Yuan Keqing said indiscriminately: “But these are not my cousin’s.”

These were obviously Wei Keli’s toys, and it had nothing to do with Tan Mo, she and Tan Mo, obviously anyone could play with them.

“These are mine.” Tan Mo said under Yuan Keqing’s surprised expression, “These were bought by Aunt Xiangrong as a gift for me. There are too many, so I keep some here for my convenience. So that, every time I come here, I have something to play with.”

Yuan Keqing’s lips were trembling, and she was sobbing as if she couldn’t breathe.

Wei Zhiqian lifted Tan Mo to make her sit on his lap, and said to her: “Don’t give your stuff to such a disgusting person. Even if it is burned and smashed, don’t give it to her. You can do whatever you want with your own stuff. No one else has the right to blame you for handling it!”

Tan Mo looked at Wei Zhiqian blankly.

Although her parents doted on her, they would also teach her to be polite.

Only the three older brothers let her be wilful unconditionally.

But the three older brothers were family.

And right now, Wei Zhiqian was the first person outside of her family to say these words to her.

Tan Mo felt a strange warmth in her little heart.

“Uncle…” Wei Keli called hesitantly.

How could Wei Zhiqian teach Tan Mo these things?

Didn’t this mean he was teaching sister Momo something bad?

“And you, Tan Mo is the younger sister you played with since childhood, not only did you not protect her, but you also helped outsiders to rob her!” Wei Zhiqian sternly accused, “Outsiders slandered her, but you didn’t trust her, you have wasted your friendship for so many years!”

Tan Mo’s mouth turned into a zero in shock, Wei Zhiqian turned his head to look, and immediately said: “Look, her face has turned to one of being bullied!”

The little girl was bullied he couldn’t even tell, it was so pathetic.

Wei Zhiqian was worried about putting Tan Mo here again, so he just hugged her and got up.

Before leaving, he was still angry and said sternly to Yuan Keqing: “You are young and have a deep mind. From now on, don’t covet things that don’t belong to you!”

Yuan Keqing’s whole body trembled. She felt her bones go cold.

“Brother Zhiqian…” Tan Mo called out.

She saw that Wei Zhiqian was not very old, but she was a little snow lotus who had lived for a thousand years, and she felt guilty even calling him brother.

Who knew that Wei Zhiqian would correct her: “Call me Uncle!”

Tan Mo: “…”

“You just follow the etiquette and call me Uncle.” Wei Zhiqian said.

Since Tan Mo was Wei Keli’s younger sister, she was also his niece.

Nothing wrong!

“Uncle…” Tan Mo had no choice but to change her words.

“So cute.” Wei Zhiqian patted Tan Mo’s little head in satisfaction.

“Uncle, do you know my name is Tan Mo?” They had never met before.

“Of course, I often hear my sister-in-law mentioning you.” What Wei Zhiqian didn’t say was that when he heard this name for the first time, he still muttered, who named the child Tan Mo, how greedy.

In the room, Yuan Keqing burst into hiccups from crying: “Brother Keli, I really didn’t intend to steal something from my cousin. I didn’t know it was hers. I’m not like what uncle said.”

At this moment, Wei Zhiqian had already carried Tan Mo downstairs, so he didn’t know that Yuan Keqing had already called him Uncle in embarrassment.

Although Wei Zhiqian asked Tan Mo to call him uncle, not everyone could call him uncle.

Wei Keli hurriedly took a tissue to wipe Yuan Keqing’s tears: “My uncle is very strict in his words, not just against you. Don’t take it to heart, it’s okay.”

Yuan Keqing asked while crying: “Brother Keli, do you believe me?”

“Of course.” Wei Keli said softly, such a young girl, how could she have such evil thoughts as his uncle said.

Yuan Keqing was obviously a very timid and sensitive little girl.

While shedding tears, Yuan Keqing moved towards Wei Keli.

Seeing Wei Zhiqian coming down with Tan Mo in his arms, Xu Mingzhen was startled.

This was the heir of the Wei family!

Even Li Xiangrong was not very calm, she hurriedly asked: “Why did you come out?”

“Sister-in-law, it’s time for you to teach Keli.” Wei Zhiqian’s words scared Li Xiangrong almost to the point of staggering.

“What’s wrong with him?” Wei Keli was actually caught.

Although Li Xiangrong was Wei Zhiqian’s sister-in-law, her age was almost the same as Wei Zhiqian’s mother.

But facing Wei Zhiqian, Li Xiangrong was still very nervous, with some awe.

Not just because he was the next head of the Wei family.

The boy in front of her was obviously still so young, but he had an intimidating aura that made people unable to help but be in awe of him.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t add any embellishments, but just told what he saw just now.

“I won’t say anything else.” Wei Zhiqian saw that Wei Keli was still leading Yuan Keqing with her hand downstairs, and immediately became even more irritated, “He doesn’t even have the most basic judgment, and is too easily deceived by appearances and led away by others. In the Wei family, being young can never be used as an excuse.”

Li Xiangrong knew what was going on as soon as she heard it, and turned to look at Wei Keli sternly.

As for Yuan Keqing, she couldn’t say anything to her.

After all, she was brought here by Xu Mingzhen.

Moreover, Xu Mingzhen’s complexion was not good now.

She actually let Tan Mo be bullied right under her nose.

The three sons had always disliked Yuan Keqing, and she thought it was because Tan Mo played with Yuan Keqing, which made her three sons jealous.

Now, it seemed that she was the one who was really stupid.

The three sons probably had already seen through Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingzhen looked at Yuan Keqing and sighed silently in her heart.

But Yuan Keqing was just a child, so she couldn’t be killed right now.

“Wei Shao!” At this moment, a young man came in, holding a gift box in his hand.

Only then did Wei Zhiqian put Tan Mo down.

Just now when he had been hugging her, Li Xiangrong and Xu Mingzhen was nervously holding their hearts.

This was the heir of the Wei family.

The Wei family, one of the top eight families in Huaguo.

This young man not only had a pivotal position in the Wei family, but also in Huaguo.

Wei Zhiqian took the gift box and handed it to Tan Mo: “Meeting gift.”

Before he came, he didn’t know that Tan Mo was there, after all, he was the favourite junior of his brother-in-law’s family.

Wei Zhiqian hurriedly asked someone to prepare a gift.

“Thank you, uncle.” Tan Mo obediently took it.

Xu Mingzhen took a deep breath. Could he be called “Uncle” casually?

Even if they were good friends with Wei Keli, they couldn’t call him that!

Tan Jia didn’t have such a big face.

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