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The new female No. 2 was called Zhou Li, and she suddenly got this opportunity after a lot of hard work. Since last week, she had been on the set and had been making up the shots, day and night.

She touched the white gauze veil above her head and thought something unpleasant, this thing was a bit unlucky. The person who wore this last time, don’t know in which corner she was crying with regret right now.

Today, she had to open her eyes, and she must not repeat the bad luck.

As a result, when she looked up, she saw Big Devil Jiang walking over with a cold face, followed by the two gold masters behind her.

She immediately stretched out her hand to stabilize the veil.

A long rope lay in front of Jiang Zheng, she stretched out her hand and pulled it down, the rope bounced up and down… She listened to the director’s speech with a calm expression: Although Teacher Jiang insisted on performing in person, and she resolutely did not need a substitute or safety rope, but in view of the last time’s lesson, he had someone put a cushion under the rope. Even if she fell, it would not hurt the body. They would just not let the camera look down.

Jiang Ran wanted Jiang Zheng to use a stand-in and a safety rope, so that there would be a double-layer insurance, and everything would be reliable, but in this situation, he didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore. After all, the word brother had been too comfortable for him to hear recently.    

Jiang Zheng slenderly squeezed the fan shaft, the round fan had dense lines and delicate embroidered flowers, then she nodded, took a deep breath, and raised her head, at this moment, she was already the most beautiful thing by the side of Qujiang Pool. Under the glittering light, her frowns and smiles went slowly but surely to the heart.    

She took off her shoes, stuck out one foot, stepped lightly on the rope, followed by the other foot, changed steps on the rope, and moved quickly. The next second, she stood firmly on the rope.    

There was a cheer from the side.     

Jiang Zheng let out a sigh of relief under the cover of the round fan.    

Han Yi’s heart fell back down, sure enough, her ability was still there.    

Jiang Zheng had been in the industry for five years, and it was the first time for Jiang Ran and Chen Jinjiao to come to the studio to watch her act. That puffy guy just now turned into someone else in an instant, and she even performed such a difficult rope walk without hesitation… Although she was afraid of falling down before.    

Jiang Ran was secretly protecting Jiang Zheng, and Chen Jinjiao knew this. In line with the educational philosophy of not suppressing and not restraining, she let Jiang Zheng enter the entertainment industry. Knowing that she had gotten along well these years, she originally thought that most of this was due to Jiang Ran. Now it seemed that if her daughter didn’t have the ability, Jiang Ran would not have been able to protect her even if he was exhausted.    

Five years ago, the two brother and sister quarreled because Jiang Ran said: If you come back crying, no one will coax you. As a result, Jiang Zheng didn’t even say a word to him for the past five years, let alone cry to him.    

Chen Jinjiao turned to face her son, although she didn’t say a word, Jiang Ran understood the words in her eyes in seconds. His investment vision was so good, how did he think his sister was completely useless? Titanium alloy dog eyes could also be blind.

Jiang Ran lowered his eyes for a long time before saying, “Ms. Chen, why don’t you find another husband?” She was too idle recently.

Chen Jinjiao laughed, “Go away. Aren’t you afraid that your father would climb out of the grave to greet you?”

Jiang Ran’s lips twitched, pretending not to hear.

The camera moved closer, and Li Rui, who had discovered her former best friend, was still standing on the rope as her body swayed slightly, but her feet were steady. She looked down at Feng Wan’er, her red lips lightly parted, and her brows smiling, “Is this young lady mistaken?”

There was silence around, and the yamen people lurking in the crowd were stunned. The rest of the people looked curious as they watched the play, and the atmosphere was so good, Zhou Li squinted her eyes at Jiang Zheng, but the expression that should have been fierce was softened then she finally said in a flattering voice, “Your father is the felon who was convicted by the emperor a few years ago, your Li family was beheaded, how can you alone live?”

Everyone: “…” Before the director could say anything, Jiang Ran frowned and snorted coldly.

Zhou Li shuddered with fright, and the latter sentence was even more fragmented, and the director quickly called out cut.

Jiang Zheng frowned and stretched out her fingers, Jiang Ran pursed his lower lip, stood up obediently and walked out.

Chen Jinjiao liked the picture of her dog son being cleaned up, and the corners of her lips curled up as she hummed a song leisurely.

Onlookers: “…” Wow. Sister Jin won!

Everyone made eye contact one after another: it really is the big devil Jiang, her bossy appearance is too powerful.

Jiang Zheng jumped off the rope and strode towards Zhou Li.

Zhou Li tightened her hands and took a step back involuntarily.

Jiang Zheng took another step forward, then she took another step back.

Jiang Zheng grabbed her arm, “Where are you going?”

Zhou Li was a head shorter than her, her throat was tightened after she saw Jiang Zheng’s bright and decisive face and her mouth was open, all she could think about was who stepped on horse shit and said Jiang Zheng could not act. Her aura was overwhelming, wasn’t she just born to eat this bowl of rice[1]?

She was feeling panicky and sour, when suddenly the person in front of her frowned.

Zhou Li: “?”

“Can you scold people?”

“Come on, scold me hard!”

“Don’t be afraid, get emotional. Stare at me like you see an enemy!”

Zhou Li: “…” Who, who would dare!

For the next ten minutes, Zhou Li was in a dazed state. The big devil Jiang gave her tips, her voice was so sincere, and her smile was so magnanimous, who said she was the devil? She was clearly a super nice teacher, Teacher Jiang.

After the filming of the climax was completed successfully, the crew sent flowers to the actors[2], and everyone took a group photo.

Jiang Ran personally opened the car door and helped his sister into the car.

Getting in the car, Jiang Ran said: “I have several film and television projects in my hands recently. Zhengzheng, are you free to take a look?”

Jiang Zheng was stunned. She had heard Han Yi say that her brother did not encourage or support her entry into the industry. Today, the two of them came to the studio for the first time to see her act. For this reason, Han Yi was more excited than she was, saying that after five years of preparation, there was finally acceptance. Why did her brother suddenly take the initiative to mention this today?

“Every line is like a mountain. You help your brother with the staff. Don’t let my money go to waste.”

Chen Jinjiao shrugged, “It’s rare for your brother to ask for help, so why don’t you give your brother face?”

Jiang Zheng nodded, “Okay! No problem.”

Han Yi sighed while watching, Jiang Ran clearly wanted to give Zhengzheng good resources, but he refused to admit it.

Fragrance spread all around. There was silence everywhere.

Jing Meini went around the wooden screen and looked up to see Ji Muye sitting cross-legged on the futon, with his hands on his knees, his eyes closed in thought, and a calligraphy with the words “Quietness is far away” hung behind him.

The corners of her mouth twitched, and she thought it would be even more appropriate if she hung a string of beads around his neck now.

Hearing the sound, Ji Muye slowly opened his eyes, but his eyes were quiet.

Jing Meini was relieved to see that he looked normal. At the awards ceremony a few days ago, Ji Muye walked down the stage tremblingly, his whole person was frightened and horrified, and his expression was very complicated. After thinking about it, it could only be because of Jiang Zheng.

This woman did not take the usual path and denied the scandal in front of everyone. This matter had only done good and no harm to Ji Muye. Both their fans were disgusted with each other, and the scandal rumors had already made both sides unhappy. Now everyone was happy and peaceful.    

Originally, Ji Muye was worried that Jiang Zheng would be wronged, so he took the initiative to let the scandal turn 404, but Jiang Zheng was still not satisfied, and directly strangled the signs. Ji Muye should be happier, but why from the day of the award ceremony, he had been hiding in this private room, burning incense and meditating, as if he had all kinds of worries and needed to calm down?    

“What are you holding in your hand?” Ji Muye quickly lowered his legs.    

Jing Meini sighed, and quickly handed him the file bag, one of her media channels had contacted her, and had secretly brought her a set of photos. The content of the photos was amazing, enough to blow up the hot search. It was a pity that the people in the photo got the news in advance and suppressed the news. She could only look at it in private and could not say a word.    

Seeing Jing Meini’s excitement, Ji Muye said speechlessly, “What kind of schadenfreude expression do you have?”    

Jing Meini touched her face, “Is it so obvious?”    

Ji Muye poured out the file and a stack of photos came out, he had just glanced at it, and his face sank.    

Jing Meini blinked, “Jiang Zheng debuted for five years, and everyone said that she had a gold master behind the scenes. But no one had photographed them together for so many years. Today, he finally showed up!”

Ji Muye recognized Jiang Ran, who was the behind-the-scenes investor in many award-winning films. He only invested money but did not deal with people in the circle. However, in the photo, Jiang Ran was smiling at Jiang Zheng with such a gentle, doting expression that it was about to overflow.    

“I have already filled 82 episodes with dog blood in my mind,” Jing Meini excitedly said: “The glamorous canary was imprisoned by the big boss, but she fell in love with the gentle little brother, and she became magnanimous. The big boss became angry but found that he had fallen deeply in love with the canary. In order to justify his name, he took the initiative to swear sovereignty…”    

Canary was Jiang Zheng. The big boss was Jiang Ran. The little milk dog was He Xiao. Jing Meini deserved to be an old hand who had been in the circle for a long time, she could even make up stories in a straightforward manner.    

Ji Muye said angrily: “Are you stupid? Both of them are surnamed Jiang, and they may be relatives.”    

Jing Meini had expected him to say this, and immediately said: “I checked. They have nothing to do with each other, but it just happens that they both have the surname Jiang. Otherwise, Jiang Zheng has such good resources, why won’t she show it off?” There are many relatives who are also stars in the circle, and it is a common practice to support each other.    

Ji Muye: “…”    

Jing Meini had followed him for so many years, and her thoughts on him were not eight or nine, but also six or seven[3]. Ji Muye had always been unusual when it came to Jiang Zheng.    

Ji Muye frowned, “I said, what I like is cute girls.”    

Jing Meini shrugged, but she didn’t say anything.    

Ji Muye crossed his legs again, closed his eyes, and looked like he was seeing off guests.    

After Jing Meini left, he opened his eyes abruptly, bent over and sniffed the incense, but…it was useless, he squatted down and listened to the bamboo tube dripping water, and his heart was even more confused. Finally, he glanced at the pictures scattered around.    

Ah. Where did this wild gold lord come from?!    

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[1] She was born to be an actor.

[2] A practice in China.

[3] She understood everything about him.

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