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Fu Yuanzhou ran all the way back to the school until he walked into the classroom, it was only then that he felt that he was finally safe. Among so many students in school uniforms, it was impossible for Shen Xigou to recognize him.

Yuan Ye sent him a message to ask him where he was. Fu Yuanzhou told the truth. After a while, Yuan Ye also came back. He put the paper bag he brought back on Fu Yuanzhou’s desk and said, “I brought it for you, so you won’t be hungry in the afternoon class.”

“Thanks.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “How much is it? I’ll transfer the money to you.”

“No, I invited you.” Yuan Ye crossed his legs and sat on the side, smiling a little helplessly, “Why do accidents happen every time I invite you to dinner?”

“I don’t want to…” Fu Yuanzhou wanted to sigh, and asked, “That person didn’t notice me just now?”

“On the contrary, after you left, he actually tried to catch up with you, but he could not find you. That’s it.” Yuan Ye restrained his smile and asked in a low voice, “I heard your phone rang, was he sending you a message?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart sank, and he nodded with an unpleasant expression.

“How did you two meet?” Yuan Ye frowned, “You know what he looks like, but he doesn’t know you?”

“We met through the internet.” Fu Yuanzhou thought about it and replied, “He sent me photos, but I didn’t send mine to him.” Although there was a photo of the back, he felt that there was no need to explain it to Yuan Ye in such detail, so he didn’t say anything.

“…” Yuan Ye looked at him thoughtfully.

“What are you thinking?” Fu Yuanzhou thought his gaze were strange.

“I was thinking…” Yuan Ye said, “You are so afraid of being found out by him, you shouldn’t have been deceiving people online? For example, pretending to be a female O to deceive someone’s feelings…”

Fu Yuanzhou was still afraid when he heard that. But once Yuan Ye teased him so frivolously, he didn’t have that thought anymore, and he said angrily, “I’m lying to a ghost.”

“Brother, come and lie to me.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Whether it’s money or heart, I can bear it. Take whatever you want…”

Fu Yuanzhou said angrily, “I’ll take your dog life!”

“Okay, no kidding. Come, you eat, I let them make something new, don’t let it cool again.”

He gave Fu Yuanzhou help, and neatly unpacked and removed the wet wipes and chopsticks for him. He was so considerate and thoughtful that Fu Yuanzhou was speechless.

There was no one in the classroom, Fu Yuanzhou was eating, while Yuan Ye was sitting next to him watching him eat, when suddenly he spoke again.

“I hadn’t finished talking before, you asked me what kind of hatred I had with those people, but it’s nothing. We fought before, and I beat them up badly. They hate and fear me. They want to teach me a lesson, but they don’t have the courage to hit me.”

Hearing what he said, Fu Yuanzhou stopped his chopsticks and wanted to say something, but because he still had food in his mouth, he didn’t have time to say anything before Yuan Ye had already picked up the conversation again.

“I know what else you want to ask, you must want to ask me why I transferred schools.” Yuan Ye smiled, “The reason you heard at the time, I beat a person and sent him to the hospital for a month, so I transferred to this middle school.”

“After that incident, I actually regretted it…” Although Yuan Ye was still laughing, his eyes sank, “I regret not directly crippling him.”

Fu Yuanzhou frowned and said vaguely, “Why? What happened?”

“I have a friend who is a very beautiful girl, and her dream was to be a dancer.”

Yuan Ye looked gloomy and lowered his voice.

“But her dreams have been ruined by that man. He was drunk driving and crushed my friend’s leg. Although my friend will be able to walk in the future, she can no longer dance. She nearly committed suicide until she was stopped by us.”

“In the end, that person was not sentenced. My friend’s family chose to forgive. They reached some agreements in private, and neither of us could intervene.”

“The day my friend was discharged from the hospital, he came to see my friend and pretended to be very guilty, but I heard… He called someone and said that he lost a lot of money to settle this matter, and also said that he was unlucky, maybe it was because he was driving a luxury car, she deliberately rammed into him in order to deceive money from him….”

“So, I couldn’t help it.” He laughed, his eyes filled with anger, “This was because he deliberately bumped into my fist, I couldn’t do anything about it, right?”

Fu Yuanzhou was shocked, and suddenly remembered what happened in his previous life.

At that time, Yuan Ye was so similar to this girl. He was determined to become an e-sports professional player. It was very possible for him. There were already clubs ready to sign a contract with him, but on the eve of the signing, Yuan Ye suffered a serious hand injury and had to go for treatment abroad, but even then the chances of a full recovery were slim.

He kept asking why Yuan Ye was injured, but Yuan Ye never said a word. On the day he went abroad, he dropped him off at the airport. The two talked about a lot of things about the past until the ticket checking started. Yuan Ye put on his backpack and smiled as he said to him.

“Okay, Brother Yuan, you can go back in a while.”

He gave Fu Yuanzhou a big hug, Fu Yuanzhou hugged him back, but he could feel his slight trembling.

Yuan Ye hugged him and said, “Although I am no longer in the country, as long as you call me, I promise I will come back immediately. If you encounter any trouble, you must call me. Of course, I hope you will not need to call me for help. You have to stay safe and sound.”

“You too.” Fu Yuanzhou felt reluctant and sad, “Call me if you have anything, and I’ll book the fastest flight to find you, you can get treated there with peace of mind, I’m still waiting to see you stand on the podium.”

“Hopefully.” Yuan Ye smiled.

“Yes.” Fu Yuanzhou emphasized.

“Okay.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Then I’m leaving.”

He turned around to line up for the ticket checking, Fu Yuanzhou looked at him from a distance, until Yuan Ye was about to pass the ticket gate, when he suddenly turned his head to look at Fu Yuanzhou, and said in a slightly high voice:


Fu Yuanzhou was startled, because Yuan Ye didn’t call him “Brother Yuan”, but “Yuanzhou”.

He couldn’t understand Yuan Ye’s look at that time, but there seemed to be a lot of complicated emotions hidden in those eyes, so he couldn’t tell them apart.

“Don’t forget me.” Yuan Ye said slowly, “Yuanzhou, don’t forget me.”

After the rebirth, Fu Yuanzhou still remembered that scene freshly. For him, it was impossible for him to forget Yuan Ye. He must remember his good brother Yuan Ye, he didn’t understand why Yuan Ye asked him like that at that time.

But later, no matter how many things happened, Fu Yuanzhou never told Yuan Ye, he just always told Yuan Ye that he was fine, because he didn’t want to delay Yuan Ye’s treatment and make him come back to China for him, as he was still waiting to see him in the arena with a radiant look.

It was just that he couldn’t wait long enough. Later, he stayed with Shen Xigou and had to cut off contact with the outside world. He wondered if Yuan Ye could not find him, would he be worried and come back to China directly?

At this moment, the younger Yuan Ye sat in front of him and spoke calmly.

“That person settled his matter with money, and I followed suit and settled the matter. But this matter still had an impact. I couldn’t stay at Tiancheng Middle School any longer, so I transferred to No. 1 Middle School. Maybe this was not a problem. It’s a good thing, I got to know you because of this…”

“Yes, it’s a good thing that you met me.”

Fu Yuanzhou suddenly held his hand and said to him seriously, “Since I asked you to call me brother, I will protect you in the future. Follow me, if you encounter anything, you must find me, no matter where I am, I will definitely come to help you, of course, I hope you will not need to call me one day…”

He said what he promised to the current Yuan Ye, and at the same time said in his heart, that he would not let Yuan Ye suffer the same experience again.

His friend’s dream was shattered by a car accident. For him, it must be more painful and despairing than death to have such an experience play out on him again.

Yuan Ye was stunned for a while, then smiled with his eyes wide open: “Worry about me? You are so enthusiastic, you make me feel embarrassed.”

“Well, I’m worried about you.” Fu Yuanzhou said.


This time Yuan Ye was stunned for a longer time, as he was not used to Fu Yuanzhou saying such things to him. After a moment of silence, he suddenly took his hand away from Fu Yuanzhou’s, while his face was flushed and his eyes lowered, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

He hurriedly left the classroom, his back looked a little embarrassed, it was then that Fu Yuanzhou realized that he was shy and was surprised. It was only later that he remembered that now was not the same as his previous life, Yuan Ye still had that kind of feelings towards him…


He was a little embarrassed and was thinking about how to save the situation without a trace, when someone knocked on the door of the classroom, but the door was unlocked, and he didn’t know who would knock.

He looked up and saw that the person was Ran Shutang. The latter held a document in his hand and said to him, “I have come to give you the new exam questions.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” Why didn’t Ran Shutang look up when he was speaking? Talking to him, but staring at the ground, what was this for?

He stood up and walked in front of Ran Shutang, who knew that when he took a step closer, Ran Shutang would take a step and a half back, although his expression was still calm, his ears were obviously red, and he handed him the information from a distance: “Take it.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

It seemed that since he accidentally kissed Ran Shutang that day, Ran Shutang’s shyness had become more serious.

The author has something to say: Fu Yuanzhou: My friends were straight men like me in their past lives.

But in fact, you can guess how many straight men there are (.

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