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Tangcheng shooting base.

Jiang Zheng, wearing a black round-neck and narrow-sleeved robe[1] as worn during the Tang Dynasty, with a bun on her head, walked into the dressing room. She played the female lead Li Rui in the new drama “Chang’an Beauty Walk”. Li Rui was a court fugitive whose whole family had been beheaded by the order of the Emperor. She disguised herself as a man and worked as a small yamen worker in the Chang’an County of Jingzhao Prefecture.

This play was a big challenge for Jiang Zheng because 99% of the scenes was of her disguised as a man, rushing to arrest criminals in the streets and alleys, drinking and eating meat with brothers, and the behavior needed to be such that the audience clearly knew that she was a man disguised as a woman. Men’s clothing would not be enough to convey this feeling.

Jiang Zheng not only had to figure out the heroine’s cautious and forbearing psychology, but also use some gestures and even deliberately lowered voice to express the appearance of an adult man.

After three months of filming, she had almost become a man.

Today was her final scene, where she could finally put on pretty women’s clothes to perform the most thrilling and exciting vest-dropping scene.

“You’re going to walk on the ropes later, are you sure you don’t need a stand-in?” the director asked her.

In this last scene, Li Rui, played by Jiang Zheng, had changed back to women’s clothes and was working as a rope walker[2] in a Baixi troupe that was popular in Chang’an City. She needed to walk like a flying swallow on a rope that was about 1.8 meters off the ground and 20 meters long.

Jiang Zheng lifted half of her robe, sat down with an arrogant look, and said indifferently, “No need.”

Han Yi smiled and said, “Zheng Zheng invited a teacher to teach her to walk the ropes before the filming of this drama. She had to practice for two hours every day even while filming.”

The director was instantly amazed when he heard it. Everyone said that Jiang Zheng had a bad temper and a poisonous mouth, but at least she was very dedicated.

In this scene, she had to walk on the rope in front of her yamen brothers and the villain supporting actress. Her eyes, movements and demeanor must be in place to make the audience feel this fierce conflict. The stand-ins were limited in how they could affect the atmosphere. As a director, he naturally hoped that every scene would be perfect.

The director happily went out to make preparations.

The staff asked Jiang Zheng to change clothes after the scene had been set up. Jiang Zheng’s height of 1.7 meters was already tall among female stars, but in the play, she had to act like a big strong man. For this reason, she had insoles in the soles of her shoes, and she wore several more pieces of clothing in her robe, which was tied with a hook jade belt. They performed the function of hiding her chest.

Han Yi had become accustomed to seeing her as a man in the past three months. Suddenly, a charming and lovely Chang’an beauty appeared in front of him, bypassing the screen, and even he couldn’t help but be amazed.

Her eyebrows were downcast, the flower between her brows was mesmerizing, while the face was a little plump, he could not describe how beautiful she looked.[3]

The makeup artist was specially invited by Jiang Zheng. This person was good at ancient makeup, especially Tang style makeup. The rouge gouache and eyebrow cream that she used were all natural materials. Han Yi felt a little bit of pain because all the money was coming from Jiang Zheng’s studio.

But just then, Han Yi’s phone rang. He picked up the phone, his expression getting more and more serious.

Jiang Zheng sat on the chair, “What’s the matter?”

Han Yi asked everyone to go out, opened the Weibo and handed it to Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng glanced at it and said, “She’s really talented.”

After five years of debut, there were always people who thought they were clever and tried to use her to gain popularity, such as Qiao Xi, the second female lead in “Chang’an Beauty Walk”.

Since the beginning of filming, the woman had been hinting that she was very tired on Weibo. Many of her fans comforted her below saying: Whoever plays with Jiang Zheng can’t be happy, I feel sorry for you, sister.

Later, Qiao Xi even posted a sentence on Weibo: How much I want to be a single-celled creature and live heartlessly.

Such a Weibo instantly became a base for crusade against Jiang Zheng, and many people came there to add fuel against her and blackened her instantly. Qiao Xi did not accuse and comment but she also did not give any explanation.

This morning, Qiao Xi posted another Weibo: I’m so happy that we are finally finishing.

Originally, this Weibo had nothing to do with her, but it so happened that Jiang Zheng had just posted on Weibo that she was going to finish her scenes today.

Qiao Xi’s fans cheered and said congratulations to her sister for finally getting out of the sea of misery.

Qiao Xi acted and posted a red heart below this reply.

The moment-sensitive entertainment giants began to imagine and make up stories again: Another example of Jiang Da’s bullying of the younger generation, when will the drama of playing big names and bullying others stop?

Jiang Zheng stood up expressionlessly and walked out slowly.

Han Yi hurriedly called for someone to come over, in order to hold the umbrella, carry her script and serve her warm water.

Today’s scene was quite topical. On March 3, the weather was clear, and there were many beautiful people by the water in Chang’an. During the Shangsi Festival in Tang City, the willow branches near the Chang’an Qujiang Pond climbed and swayed, playing in the water, and everybody there was enjoying flowers while watching the opera.

Jiang Zheng was dressed in a bright green gown, with a double conch bun[4] on top of her head, shaking the circular fan[5] in her hand, and her eyes were pulled into a frown. The staff and the group were in a trance for a moment, as if they had traveled back to Chang’an City a thousand years ago.

Just then Qiao Xi came over, she was wearing a towering white gauze veil[6], and her smiling face was hidden inside.

“Congratulations to Teacher Jiang for finishing the work today.”

Jiang Zheng laughed and reached out to lift the white gauze in front of Qiao Xi’s face.

Qiao Xi’s face froze instantly.

Everyone looked over immediately. In the past three months of filming, they had seen Jiang Zheng ride a horse and fall into a mud pit, without screaming out in pain, and filming night scenes such that her day and night had gone upside-down without complaint. Many people were familiar with her dark history, but they still found that she seemed to be different from what was said in the outside world. Today was the last day when they would finish the drama, was Jiang Zheng going to reveal her original form?

“Do you want to be a single-celled creature?” Jiang Zheng said slowly.

Qiao Xi laughed dryly, “Ah? I just found this sentence interesting…”

Jiang Zheng knocked the veil off Qiao Xi’s head with a cold face, and the white yarn was instantly stained with dust.

“You have so many thoughts in your mind like a hornet’s nest, I’m afraid that multicellular creatures will despise you.”

Qiao Xi was extremely aggrieved, and her eyes instantly filled with hazy mist.

“Ms. Jiang, if I have done something wrong, please tell me straight, can’t I correct it?”

Jiang Zheng lowered her eyes and chuckled, “You’re going to cry now? If we knew you could cry like that, why would our crew spend so much money on you for eye drops.”

She could not shed a single tear during her scenes, so the director had to make her use eye drops to cheat in order to catch up with the schedule. This had become a source of gossip among the crew. On the contrary, Jiang Zheng’s tears came when directed, and she would also provide various modes such as instant tears, slow tears, wailing tears, and swirling tears according to the plot scene.

Qiao Xi’s lips were trembling, and she looked pitiful and at a loss.

Jiang Zheng took a step forward and said coldly: “Pretending to be pitiful? You don’t need to talk behind my back. If you want to rub my heat, I will generously stretch out my thighs to let you rub against it.”

Qiao Xi shook her head, she was choked up and acting as if could not speak out.

“There is no need to instigate fans, it’s not a skill to tear me up on the hot search.”

When the onlookers heard this, they turned on their mobile phones one after another. Sure enough, #Qiaoxi alluded to Jiang Zheng oppressing newcomers# was a topic on the hot search list.

Outsiders were watching the fun. As members of the crew, they had been together with Jiang Zheng for three months. As long as they didn’t slack off, she was cold, but she never deliberately found fault. Qiao Xi didn’t seem to have said a single outrageous word, but everyone could see that she was deliberately leading the topic.

Looking at Qiao Xi’s Weibo again, today’s red heart had already caused her to gain tens of thousands of followers.

Han Yi handed over the phone, Jiang Zheng glanced at it, and ran directly in front of Qiao Xi.

“The original account is saying magnanimous things, but the trumpet account[7] reveals her true feelings.”

Qiao Xi calmed down and saw that Jiang Zheng actually found her trumpet on Weibo. This woman was really cruel and poisonous.

Jiang Zheng stretched out her index finger, touched the screen lightly with her fingertips, took several screenshots, and forwarded them directly to the work group of “Chang’an Beauty Walk”, and then the group directly exploded.

Don’t look at Qiao Xi’s kind words with everyone on the surface, where she acted gentle as water, but she was full of dirty words and anger in the trumpet account, it was directed from prop masters and makeup artists to the actors and actresses, she had scolded them all many times. Even the big brother who delivered the lunch hadn’t been able to escape, just because the other party gave her one more look.

Qiao Xi instantly felt that everyone was looking at her in a bad way.

At this moment, the producer rushed over, “What’s the matter? The filming is almost finished, can you not be kind for once?”

He blocked in front of Qiao Xi as he spoke.

The corners of Jiang Zheng’s lips twitched, and she said slowly, “I said who gave her such courage, it turned out to be climbing a high branch.”

The producer pretended not to understand, and continued to muddy the waters, “We all paid a lot for this drama, please watch my face, can’t you make concessions to each other? Teacher Jiang?”

His words were clearly accusing Jiang Zheng of being abusive and deliberately destroying the harmonious atmosphere of the crew.

Jiang Zheng didn’t even look at the two of them, and directly opened Weibo, and replied behind Qiao Xi’s red heart: That’s really embarrassing. I know my influence is quite big, you can take advantage of it. But I suggest you to wrap it up now!

After sending it, she threw the phone into Han Yi’s hand, turned her head and left.

Everyone: “!!!”

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[7] Side account.

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