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Leaving aside the fact that she just gotten a new boyfriend this morning, apart from her third brother, Gu Anxin didn’t have any feelings for Du Ming, and she thought that Du Ming’s feelings for her were purely for colleagues.

Qin Ling clicked her tongue, “How can this be a ‘nonsense’ talk? I heard from the boss of the distribution group yesterday that Du Ming kept glancing at you these past two days. After you said you were single, didn’t you find that he came to our office a little too attentively?”

“Anxin!” As soon as Qin Ling finished speaking, Du Ming’s voice sounded, as if responding to Qin Ling’s words, he really came to find Gu Anxin.

Seeing Du Ming coming in, Qin Ling raised her eyebrows at Gu Anxin, saying, “I’ll just say it!”

Gu Anxin looked at Du Ming, and was a little frightened. He was interested in her? Could this be true…

Du Ming did ask her if she had a boyfriend a few days ago. At that time, she said firmly that she didn’t, and she always thought it was just a simple greeting from Du Ming, but what if it wasn’t?

“Brother Du.” Du Ming had already come to her, so Gu Anxin could only say hello to him.

“Yeah.” Du Ming walked to Gu Anxin’s desk with a smile, and put a box of almond blossom cakes on her desk, “I saw that you like this one more when you were at KTV last night, I passed by that store today, it happened to be on sale, so I bought you a box.”

It’s over… Buying snacks to curry favour with girls, this was really like what Qin Ling said, Gu Anxin suddenly became more panicked.

She looked down at the almond blossom cakes, thinking how to refuse.

However, Du Ming didn’t give her a chance to refuse at all, and stuffed it directly into her hand, “You have long working hours in the morning, so you can take it and share it with the people in the office later. Also, I want to apologize to you for yesterday. Originally, I was going to take you home, but then they got me drunk, how did you get home? Were you okay?”

Du Ming’s expression was tense, showing obvious concern.

Gu Anxin quickly shook her head and pointed to herself, “It’s okay, I’m fine.” But in fact, she didn’t know how she got home, but this made her relationship with Ling Yue make qualitative progress. So, she didn’t care about those things anymore.

Thinking of Ling Yue, Gu Anxin remembered what Qin Ling said just now, and she felt a little unnatural when facing Du Ming. Seeing that he was looking at her, and had no intention of leaving, Gu Anxin pointed to her computer, “Brother Du, I’m going to draw a manuscript, are you… not busy?”

Seeing that she was chasing him away, Du Ming felt anxious and impulsively said, “Anxin, after getting off work today, I want to invite you to Louis Cafe for a meal. They have a new kind of steak, which is very good.”

The meaning couldn’t be more obvious. Without Qin Ling winking, Gu Anxin knew that Du Ming really meant that towards her.

She was not good at hanging around a man, and she really intended to get along well with Ling Yue, so for Du Ming, she thought it was better to express her attitude directly and not give him any hope, which was the best way.

“I’m sorry Brother Du, I won’t go, I have something to do.” Gu Anxin refused him.

Du Ming didn’t make it clear that he wanted to pursue her, so she could only refuse so implicitly, otherwise she would be too rushed.

Du Ming became even more anxious, “What’s the matter with you? Don’t worry, you said yesterday that you are all alone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner with me? I just want to have dinner with you too.” Du Ming moved closer.

Gu Anxin was “forced” to take a step back, “But I’m fine now, I plan to go home after work, and I don’t really want to go out for dinner.”

Du Ming finally heard the obvious refusal in Gu Anxin’s mouth, and his face turned livid. He was a quick-tempered person, and since this was the case, he simply said it directly.

“Gu Anxin!”

Du Ming suddenly called her by name and surname, and obviously wanted to say something more serious, which made Qin Ling and everyone in the office look at him intently.

Gu Anxin was startled, waiting for Du Ming, it seemed too late to appear now.

“To be honest, when you first came to work, I noticed you. You fit my fantasy of the other half in every way, but at that time I heard that you had a boyfriend, so I didn’t dare to approach you. Later, when you said that you didn’t have a boyfriend, I was relieved and was determined to chase after you! Don’t worry, if you think I’m okay, give me a chance, okay?” Du Ming held his heart and said embarrassingly seriously.

Next, everyone turned their attention to Gu Anxin, waiting for her response.

Okawa Comic Company was very open, just like its inclusive corporate philosophy, it did not object to office romances, and even if there was an office romance, everyone would applaud and bless.

However, Gu Anxin shook her head, and said to Du Ming apologetically, “I’m sorry, Brother Du, I already have a boyfriend, so I can’t be with you. You are a very nice person, and you will find your other half.”


Not only Du Ming, but everyone in the office was shocked. When Gu Anxin first joined the company, everyone was told by Editor-in-Chief Xia that she had a boyfriend. It was a pity for single men. Later, she herself said that she had no boyfriend and was single. Among the men, Du Ming showed his attitude.

Now it was another reversal, she suddenly has a boyfriend again… Gu Anxin, are you here to be funny?

“No, rest assured, even if you reject me, don’t use this reason. Tell me what I did wrong.” Du Ming said.

“Yeah…yeah, last night at the KTV, you still said no.” Someone in the office agreed in a low voice. This girl had a boyfriend for a while, didn’t have a boyfriend for a while, and had a boyfriend for a while. It gave a bad impression, like a green tea bi*ch that was supposed to hang up men.

Gu Anxin gritted her teeth, not knowing how to explain it, so she simply told the truth, “It’s like this, I just confirmed my relationship with my boyfriend this morning.”

After saying this, even Gu Anxin felt that his credibility was not very high, but it was the truth!

“You…” Seeing that she was so plausible, Du Ming didn’t know what to say for a while, his expression was tangled, and his attitude was obvious. He didn’t believe what Gu Anxin said, thinking that she was prevaricating himself.

The other onlookers did the same, instantly siding with the “victim” Du Ming.

When there was a stalemate, Sister Liu from the logistics team who was the oldest, came out to make a rescue, and pulled Du Ming away, “Xiao Du, that’s fine, this means you and Anxin are not meant to be, so don’t hold back, go to work.”

Du Ming was dragged out by Sister Liu, but he still felt unwilling after thinking about it. He broke away from Sister Liu’s hand and ran back, standing in front of Gu Anxin, and said, “You said you got a boyfriend this morning. I won’t believe it unless you let me meet him!”

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