KHSW Ch. 179

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Warning 18+ content; sexual references

Ling Xi was indeed shocked, and now her heart was still like a gong and drum, and it was slamming.

Wasn’t this what she expected? In this way, it was still quite normal to remember, that she was still very attractive.

Her voice was as small as a little mouse whispering. “Husband, you actually…don’t have to control.”

Xu Yizhi finally realized the meaning of those words.

The memory of Xu Yizhi’s inner heart was released in an instant, watching Ling Xi’s expression, which seemed to be talking and revealing a different kind of charm, he forgot everything in time, threw everything to the back of his mind, then a series of wet and warm hot kisses fell, on her forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, and her pink lips, the kisses were extremely serious, it was like he was tasting the world’s most delicious pastries.

Ling Xi’s arms also surrounded his neck. Her response was a groan, swaying the heart of Xu Yizhi, and it was like a meteorite falling from the sky, in the mind of Xu Yizhi, this soft, tender, crisp, soft touch, let his desires look like a flood that had opened the gate.

He couldn’t help but increase the strength and slam against her, then he immediately broke into her mouth, caught her sweet little tongue and entangled his tongue with her, the tenderness of the arms and the body was incredible, his hands also became subconsciously out of order…

Ling Xi felt a chill, and when the man removed his lips, “Hey… turn off the lights, turn off the lights.”

It was still her “first time” when she was awake, so it was inevitable that she would be a bit embarrassed.

The man waved his arms and the lights went out.

The night, giving this piece of heaven and earth the charm of the enchantment, it had two sides, which could make people feel scared at certain times, and could make people feel indulgent at others. At this time, night was the best umbrella.


Ling Xi felt an unprecedented fear, as if her soul had returned to the terrible night five years ago.

“No, I don’t want–“

Ling Xi trembled, afraid to scream, and her both hands began to sneak.

Xu Yizhi noticed that Ling Xi was not right, and immediately turned on the light, but Ling Xi’s face was full of horror.

Where was Xu Yizhi’s desire to look back on his own unrequited desire? “Ling Xi, it’s not good for me, I can control it.”

When she heard Xu Yizhi’s voice, her heart was finally pulled back. Seeing that the man was still lying against her upper body and her nightdress was thrown aside, she immediately covered herself with the quilt.

She had thought that she was ready, but when the “real guns” came, she was like a fleeing person. The scene five years ago was like a nightmare.

Biting her lip and shaking her head hard, she told him that it was her problem and not because of him, “Sorry, remember, I… I am not ready yet.”

Xu Yizhi removed the hair from her face, and there was a little bit of love in his voice. “No need to apologize to me, I will wait for you.”

This sentence flowed into her heart like a clear stream, carefully moisturizing and caring, and calming the fear she had felt.

“Then you… is it okay?”

“Nothing, don’t think so much, hurry up and sleep, good night!”

Xu Yizhi put on his pyjamas and Ling Xi’s heart rushed with embarrassment. She had just provoked a fire and then backed out…

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