KHSW Ch. 178

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In Xu Yizhi’s drooping eyes, there were turbulent dark waves, like a beast that had been sleeping for a long time, gradually awakening.

She approached slowly… took away the “teddy bear” on the bed and slowly climbed into the bed.

The document in Xu Yizhi’s hand accidentally slipped onto the quilt, and then he pretended to calmly close the document and put it on the cabinet.

His eyes deliberately didn’t look at Ling Xi.

After turning off the light, as soon as Xu Yizhi lay down, Ling Xi put her body against him, sticking to his cold back.

After a long while, she mustered up some courage, “Husband, it’s getting colder and colder today, can you hold me to sleep at night?”

Ling Xi rubbed herself against his back intentionally or unintentionally, and she could even sense the stiffness in Xu Yizhi’s back.

Xu Yizhi couldn’t bear it after all, just because she said “cold”, he had to turn his back to her slowly, “Who told you to wear so little?”

There seemed to be a bit of reproach in the man’s tone, but he still put his hand lightly behind her.


After a few minutes like this, Ling Xi’s inner frustration became stronger. She said that she was cold, but the man still believed it. Wasn’t her suggestion obvious enough?

“Husband, are you…are you asleep?”

“Well, go to sleep!”

Ling Xi couldn’t help sighing in her heart. As per her acting experience, a man should rush to her after she said these hints! But…but…it was all a lie.

What to do next?

“Husband, why don’t… why don’t we… do something meaningful?” This should be obvious, right?

After Xu Yizhi heard her words, he almost lost control, no, don’t think too much, Ling Xi must be unintentional, he must be patient.

“…” The only response to her was silence.

Was she really not attractive?

Didn’t he say he loved her? Why was he acting so obvious, why was he still indifferent?

A woman was unattractive if she did not have the ability to turn a man into a beast.

Ling Xi suddenly turned on the light next to her, and Xu Yizhi was a little confused.

The quilt covering Ling Xi slipped, which made Xu Yizhi take a deep breath. He had to hold on to his control, so he turned his face away slightly, “Ling Xi, lie down, didn’t you just say it’s cold?”

Ling Xi’s expression seemed to be wronged. How could she be so embarrassed that she would have to say it out loud?

With a sigh of relief in her heart, she rushed straight to him.

Xu Yizhi could feel her softness, but he didn’t understand what happened to her.

“I just want to lie on you.”

She didn’t believe it anymore, that she couldn’t seduce her husband.

In that case, as a woman, she would be too much of a failure.

She just made him feel uncomfortable.

The man kept holding back, but she was like a restless kitten, scratching on him naughtily, not only making him feel unbearable, but also igniting a fire.

The man’s voice was hoarse, mixed with lust that was not easily discovered by her, “Ling Xi, stop making trouble, be good.”

Listening to his tone, she always felt like he was coaxing kittens and puppies, which once again roused Ling Xi’s dissatisfaction, and she started rubbing even more vigorously.

The fire in the man’s heart could not be released. He really wanted to “teach” this little woman a good lesson, and he had already reminded her.

The male’s hormones were stimulated again, and he suddenly turned over and pressed Ling Xi’s body under him, “Ling Xi, if you do this again, I may not be able to control my behaviour.”

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