KHSW Ch. 177

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Xu Yizhi’s face stiffened immediately, “Of course not, why would I be afraid of dogs?”

Ling Xi obviously saw his throat rolling.

“Oh, then do you want to touch it?” There was a hint of slyness in her eyes.

“Wife, don’t make trouble, come over for dinner.”

Xu Yizhi’s eyes turned away again.

Ling Xi puts the puppy in her arms on the ground, then wrapped her arms around Yizhi’s neck, “Husband, can we keep the dogs in our family? After all, they are really pitiful, it’s all because of us that the mother dog’s children were stolen.”

Xu Yizhi couldn’t help laughing in his heart when he heard the words. She was clearly “cutting first and then playing”. She had already brought them back before she remembered to ask for his approval. What’s more, she clearly knew that no matter what she did, he would always agree to it.

He helplessly nodded lightly, “Well, yes.”

“I knew my husband is the best.” Then she placed a light kiss on Yizhi’s cheek.

After seeing it, Xiao Nuo also put down the little milk dog in his arms, ran forward, stood on tiptoes, and followed Ling Xi’s way, kissing Xu Yizhi on the other side of the cheek, “I also know that Dad is the best.”

The corners of Xu Yizhi’s lips rose involuntarily. His wife and child were so cute…

After Xiao Nuo got into his quilt, Ling Xi carefully helped him cover the quilt, “Baby, today your mother will tell you the story of “Cars”…”

The little guy listened with relish and occasionally asked a question or two. After a while, he became sleepy and slowly closed his eyes.

Ling Xi didn’t make a sound, and looked at his little face, suddenly a clear face came into her view again, her baby, was really cute…

After returning to her and Yizhi’s bedroom, Ling Xi saw that he had put the “teddy bear” in the middle of the bed.

Thinking that it has been so long, as his wife, she had not even fulfilled her wifely obligations once, but he had still been tolerant of her.

In the past life, she owed him not only his feelings, but also his life.

Today, she was ready.

When Xu Yizhi saw Ling Xi walk in, he closed the laptop and was ready to go to bed, “Is Xiao Nuo asleep?”

“Yeah, he fell asleep.”

As long as Ling Xi thought of what was going to happen next, her heart beat wildly with a “bang…bang…bang” rhythm, and there was a hint of redness on her face, which looked a little seductive in the dim light.

“I’m going to wash up first.”

After more than an hour, Ling Xi finally came out of the bathroom.

Xu Yizhi was lying on the bed flipping through the documents, his brows furrowed.

“Husband, what do you think of this nightdress?”

Xu Yizhi raised his eyes slightly when he heard the words, only to see Ling Xi wearing a sheer veil nightdress, which outlined her exquisite figure just right.

Especially the hazy beauty…

Xu Yizhi’s mind flickered, his body became hot, and he immediately put his eyes on the document in his hand, pretending to be calm, “Well, it looks good.”

Although his eyes were looking at the words on the document, Ling Xi’s delicate body kept reappearing in his mind, and a ball of desire was suppressed under his eyes.

Listening to Xu Yizhi’s perfunctory voice, seeing that he just glanced at her and then looked away, her originally nervous and shy heart suddenly became frustrated.

Was her body so unattractive?

Ling Xi couldn’t help but look down, she thought it was alright! It looked like she had to work harder!

Dj22031: Poor XY, if she worked any harder, I think he might die of a heart attack

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