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Jing Yan fell into a state of madness.

Seeing that the little chick flew into the woods, he turned to hold the butterfly, gritted his teeth and said, “Why did you hypnotize Qiao Xi…”

Hei Yu: “…”

He couldn’t truthfully say that Qiao Xi had something in his heart. So, he performed the “miracle” but he didn’t expect that after he performed hypnosis, the miracle would turn Qiao Xi’s dream into that type of dream!

But according to what the doctor had just said, it seemed that something went wrong with Qiao Xi dreaming of “interesting things”.

So, Hei Yu chose to die: “I don’t know anything.”

“You guys are keeping secrets from me!” Jing Yan shouted.

“Yeah.” The butterfly replied calmly.

Jing Yan: “…”

He released his hands and knelt on the ground, with both hands on the ground, his eyes seemingly empty: “Qiao Xiaoxi has something to hide from me.”

Jiao Yue recovered from the mistake just now and said a dry sentence: “He is hiding a lot of things from you.”

Jing Yan was killed on the spot and blood spattered three feet!

Hei Yu said that what he hypnotized Qiao Xi for was the latter’s “interesting thing”. Regardless of whether this was true or false, Qiao Xiaoxi obviously had such a dream!

How could he have such a dream!

Who was that person in the dream? Did he have a face?

A real person? Or someone who was fabricated by the brain in a dream?

If it was a real person, had Qiao Xiaoxi fallen in love with the other or…

But how was it possible, Qiao Xiaoxi only realized that he liked men in the exam city, how could he have someone he liked so quickly!

And didn’t he like stupid people, where could there be stupid people here! Neither was there any in the bird clan. Except for his two classmates and his fourth brother, Qiao Xi had never contacted anyone else!

Jing Yan thought about it for a while and felt that he was going to die.

If Qiao Xiaoxi really liked someone else, then he was really going to die!

The old doctor stroked his beard, blinked in his pair of presbyopic glasses, and looked at them innocently.

Then Jiao Yue reminded: “It’s already very dark.”

Although the forest was very safe, it was not good to let Qiao Xi hide in the forest.

Jing Yan was moved.

Thinking of the way the little chick was so frightened just now, he looked at the night sky sadly, remained silent for three seconds, gritted his teeth, and stood up staggeringly.

Although his heart was messed up, it was still more important to find his little chicken.

Jing Yan lost his soul and went into the forest to find someone.

The rest of the people looked at each other in dismay and followed.

At this moment, Qiao Xi was standing on a branch, facing the trunk, looking autistic.

Everyone knew that he had that kind of dream…

He knew…

He knew…

He regretted not letting everyone leave just then, even after the doctor had reminded him, but he thought… Now when he thought of the scene just now, he felt suffocated!

Ah, I just want to kill myself, kill the stupid self, kill the self who treated Jing Yan like that in the dream.

Qiao Xi covered his head.

How could this happen… how could it be false pregnancy!!

He had only seen it on the Internet before, and never thought that this disease would happen to him!

Fake pregnancy sounded like such a shameful thing!!!

So, there was nothing wrong with the dream, it fit his thoughts, but it was just too much, such that he had a direct endocrine disorder…

This, was this the sadness of being a single dog? A false pregnancy from a dream?

Qiao Xi wanted to cry.

No, he was too seductive! If it wasn’t for the thoughts in the depths of his heart, he wouldn’t have been able to dream such a dream!

This was a sin, he made a sin!

After the dream that day, he was shamefully excited, how could he be like this!

Qiao Xi fell into deep self-reflection, and suddenly heard a cry from a distance.

“Qiao Xiaoxi!”

It was Jing Yan.

Qiao Xi’s heart tensed, then he folded himself into a ball and did not respond.

However, Jing Yan’s night vision ability was good, and after a while, he saw a small figure “rolled into a ball and thinking” on a branch in the dark woods.

The little chick was motionless, his aura was depressed, and he seemed to be very sad.

Jing Yan: ….

After walking over, he stood silently under the tree for a while, then he whispered, “Qiao Xiaoxi.”

Qiao Xi trembled and didn’t even have the face to respond.

Soon, everyone rushed over, and seeing Qiao Xi’s appearance, they tried to comfort him.

“Qiao Xi, it’s okay, it was just a dream.” A Xue said softly.

“This, this is a symbol of being a man!” Chris also recovered from the shock just now, and said in a somewhat envious tone, “I haven’t had this kind of dream yet.”

Jiao Yue hit him and said to the chick on the tree, “It’s a normal thing, who has never dreamed of this kind of dream.”

Hei Yu heard the words and asked, “Hey, you have done it too?”

Jiao Yue coolly glanced at him.

Hei Yu shut up.

Jing Yi said solemnly: “What’s the need to be shy about this, you’ll be even more shy when the pot is broken in the future.”    

Jing Yan’s face went black: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Then he said: “Qiao Xiaoxi, it’s alright, this is… this is a very normal thing.”

When he thought of Qiao Xi’s dream, he wondered if it might have been with someone he secretly liked, and Jing Yan’s heart was bleeding, but Qiao Xi was scared away by him just now, so he didn’t dare to ask.

Under the tree, everyone comforted him with their words, but this matter was so shameful that Qiao Xi couldn’t calm down for a while.

It was okay to dream, but he even got himself into a fake pregnancy. Although that dream… was a bit intense, but, how could it be like this…

Qiao Xi continued to reflect.

“Pseudo-pregnancy is an endocrine disorder in the final analysis, and it should be fine after taking the medicine for a while,” A Xue said softly.

“Yes, it’s just a small problem, don’t panic.” Hei Yu also reassured.

Jiao Yue didn’t dare to turn around when he saw Qiao Xi’s state, so he thought about it, and said while holding his chin: “Actually, there should be another way to recover faster.”


Everyone looked over.

When Qiao Xi heard the words, his heart moved, he thought about it, and silently turned his head to listen.

Seeing that he had finally turned his head, Jiao Yue smiled and said, “There is a saying that if your body is stimulated in the first place, then only endocrine disorders will occur. But if you don’t resist this kind of stimulation, but try to repeat it, the body may self-regulate at a faster rate. It takes a month while taking medicine, but this method may not take so long.”

Jing Yan: “…What do you mean?” Why did he sound a little deep?

Jiao Yue said with a smile: “That is, what is it that stimulated Qiao Xi in the dream? The stimulation of the matter itself must be there, so is there another reason for ‘pregnancy’? If there is only the matter itself, then let Hei Yu hypnotize Qiao Xi once or twice again, and maybe Qiao Xi’s problem could be solved without taking medicine. If there is still someone, reach out to this person in reality and promote your body’s self-regulation.”

So, it was either only the event itself, or that one person?

Jing Yan reacted, raised his head, and stared at Qiao Xi.

As soon as Qiao Xi caught his gaze, he covered his face and said, “There was no one! I couldn’t see the face clearly in the dream! It was just a dream!”

Did that mean there was no specific object in the dream?

Just an ordinary c dream?

Maybe, maybe as Qiao Xiaoxi said in the fox grove that day, he just wanted to fall in love?

Jing Yan uneasily gave himself an explanation and felt a little relieved.

After Qiao Xi answered like this, Chris said: “That is how many times can he be hypnotized?”

Hei Yu said: “Hypnosis can’t be too frequent, at least need to have a gap of seven days.”

It had been a week since the previous hypnosis, in fact, it had been only six days, and there was only one day left until the seven days gap would be completed.

“That’s tomorrow,” Jiao Yue looked up at the little chick, smiled and said, “It’s okay, Qiao Xi, let Hei Yu try it for you tomorrow, okay?”

“Yeah, try it again, very good. It’ll be fine soon.”

“Don’t worry about this kind of thing!”

One more hypnosis… One more hypnosis, wouldn’t it be equivalent to having that kind of dream again?

Qiao Xi wanted to roll again!

He was extremely ashamed, but taking a month’s medicine versus getting better in a few days…

Qiao Xi was silent.

Forget it, everyone knew it anyway, so he didn’t seem to have to hold on, right?

So Qiao Xi endured shame and nodded silently.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Jing Yan said softly: “Come down, Qiao Xiaoxi, don’t stay in the tree.”

Qiao Xi looked at him embarrassedly.

The man opened his hands, and everyone was waiting for him.

…I made a joke of myself today, but everyone is really gentle. Knowing that he was embarrassed, they didn’t come to tease him, and they even comforted him.

Qiao Xi was ashamed, and it was not easy to dawdle on the tree anymore, so he flew down the tree and was caught by Jing Yan.

After falling into Jing Yan’s arms, Hei Yu said subconsciously, “Qiao Xi has been able to fly very well.”

He still remembered the time when Qiao Xi fluttered for a long time before coming down a tree.

Qiao Xi.

If he was frightened again, he would probably be able to go straight to the sky… But he would rather be a little rookie who could never fly, as he didn’t want to be frightened like that again, woo!

On the way back, the atmosphere was relatively relaxed, and everyone was very considerate and did not mention the dream. The old doctor was still standing in the same place, Jiao Yue and Jing Yan consulted him for a while, and confirmed that the method that Jiao Yue had mentioned could be tried, then the group sent the old doctor away.

In this way, Qiao Xi could temporarily stop taking medicine, and wait until Hei Yu hypnotized him again tomorrow, and then see the situation.

“Okay, don’t worry about the rest, go back and rest early, eh?” Jing Yan rubbed the little chick’s head and warned.

Qiao Xi looked up at him and nodded guiltily.

Jing Yan still cared about him so much, but he had no idea what he did to him in his dream…

And tomorrow, he would quietly meet another Jing Yan in his dream, hey!

Qiao Xi’s mood became very complicated.

After returning to the house, Qiao Xi did not wash up immediately, but ran to turn on the computer and searched for information related to false pregnancy on the Internet.

After flipping through a few posts, he found that whether it was a man or a woman, their reaction after being diagnosed with a pseudopregnancy was the same as his… They just felt too shameful to see anyone.

“But that happened with my boyfriend a few times… It turned out to be fine in a few days. I suggest that everyone overcome their shame and ask for help from their boyfriend…”

“I watched an idol’s concert live and contracted fake pregnancy. How can I break it? ??”

“Fuck upstairs, which idol is so powerful, you will be stimulated by a concert scene?”

“It’s really useful to ask your boyfriend to help! It’s much better than taking medicine for a month!”

“I am a man and after doing that with my girlfriend, she’s fine, but I have fake pregnancy, what can I say “

“Yes, it’s recommended to find a boyfriend, but it doesn’t have to be done. In the end, it’s just getting used to the beauty and sexiness of the boyfriend. Okay [nosebleed] But it also depends on the level of temptation of your boyfriend. If you are usually tempted, you can only see the true chapter in bed [nosebleed]”

“It’s better not only to do it, but to stick together for a while. God, this method is the fastest, and it is indispensable.”



Recalling that dream that day, Qiao Xi threw himself on the bed and rolled around!

After the roll, he lay on his back panting, thinking, not only did he have to do it, but he also had to stick with the other party…

At present, after the butterfly hypnotized him again, no one knew whether the effect would work or not.

Maybe the effect would not be good, just in case he would still have to take the medicine first, maybe Hei Yu’s hypnosis would be effective, but it might take several hypnosis sessions to succeed, and Hei Yu’s hypnosis itself could only be performed once a week, even if the duration of every dream was prolonged…

Qiao Xi thought about it seriously and thought hesitantly, was it better for him to try what the netizens said?

Tomorrow he would be hypnotized for the second time. If he stuck with Jing Yan tonight …

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh could he do it?!

Jing Yan treated him as a friend and cared about him, but he wanted to be with Jing Yan all day long!!!

He was such a shameful person!!!!

Qiao Xi started rolling on the bed again.

Half an hour later, the door of the cabin was “snapped” open.

The little chicken stood facing the wind, looked in the direction of Jing Yan’s wooden house, and thought ashamedly, Jing Yan, I’m sorry, I’m here!

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