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Jing Yan was still a little absent-minded after returning to the house.

Although Qiao Xi explained that the object of his dream had no face, since the thought of “Does Qiao Xi secretly like someone” had come up, he had been feeling a little dizzy.

In such a situation, it was not good to ask Qiao Xiaoxi directly…

In fact, he was a little afraid to ask.

Should… should not be?

He sighed, washed the foam off his body under the shower, and heard a knock on the door while wiping his body.

Putting on his bathrobe, he went out and opened the door. He saw the little chick standing at the door, looking up at him.

“Qiao Xi? What’s wrong?” Jing Yan asked in surprise.

The little Chick said weakly: “Jing Yan, I, I can’t sleep, can I sleep with you tonight…”

Jing Yan was stunned, and immediately said: “Of course, come in—”

Before he finished speaking, the chick flapped its wings and flew up. He subconsciously reached out to catch it, and the chick just sat between his arms, looking up at him.

… so obediently throwing himself into a hug!

Jing Yan’s Adam’s apple rolled.

…how to say, although he was still in a low mood just now, but now he had been cured again!

Qiao Xiaoxi was really great!

Jing Yan coughed lightly, hugged Qiao Xi and closed the door, then he walked into the house, his voice becoming soft: “Are you still thinking about what happened just now?”

“Well…” Qiao Xi sniffed the smell on Jing Yan’s body, and asked in a low voice, “Just took a shower?”

“Yes, I’m still a little wet,” Jing Yan put Qiao Xi on the bed and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll go back and wipe.”

“It is good……”

When Jing Yan finished wiping his body and came out, Qiao Xi who had moved into the bed, took the initiative to make room for Jing Yan.

Jing Yan glanced at him with a smile, and after climbing into the bed, just as he was habitually going to reach out and fetch the chick, the chick moved to his side, lay next to him, and placed his head on his arm.

Jing Yan: “!!!”

It has melted, my heart has melted!

Qiao Xi was not good at doing too many things, so he only dared to lie next to Jing Yan like this.

Jing Yan’s figure was tall and strong. Just leaning on his arm made Qiao Xi feel a special sense of security.

He couldn’t help rubbing against it, and say softly: “Jing Yan…”

“Huh?” Jing Yan couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing Qiao Xi’s head, as he said in a low voice, “Don’t think about what happened just now, go to bed early today, maybe you can have another dream tomorrow.”


In the exam city before, although he and Jing Yan lived in the same room, it was still a double bed. So apart from the night that Jing Yan was drunk, this was the first time the two of them were going to sleep together seriously.

Qiao Xi’s heart seemed to be floating on the lake.

And comfortable…and swinging, cough!

Jing Yan was warm, handsome, and had a cute personality.

He really liked him.

“Jing Yan,” for some reason, Qiao Xi suddenly wanted to ask, “You…haven’t really found someone who matches the feeling of the person in your painting until now… by your side?”

Jing Yan was startled.

It was easy to ask, but after the question, Qiao Xi also became nervous.

Of course, he wasn’t particularly nervous, because he thought that Jing Yan probably hadn’t discovered it yet.

When he asked Jing Yan this question not long ago, Jing Yan’s answer was still no, and when they talked about the young prince of the fox clan who looked a bit like the person in the painting, Jing Yan’s answer was “different”.

Then there should be other considerations… What kind of person did Jing Yan like?

Qiao Xi suddenly wanted to ask this question, probably because he had an illusion in his heart.

Up to this point, he still had a vague impression of his humanoid appearance, but he had actually thought about it during this time, would he match with the type Jing Yan liked?

Qiao Xi really didn’t know.

Anyway, he remembered that he was thin and had long hair. Maybe he would look like that after wearing the suit in the painting?

And Jing Yan, was it because he has always regarded him as a friend, so he didn’t think about that?

If one day, Jing Yan realized that he could also be a lover, would Jing Yan fall in love with him if they had similar temperaments?

Qiao Xi just wanted to test it out. He had these thoughts in his heart, and even if Jing Yan hadn’t thought of it yet, had he ever had similar buds in his heart?

But for now, if Jing Yan was still indifferent, it was fine. Without him, there could be no one else.

When Jing Yan heard Qiao Xi’s words, his heart swelled for a while.

He whispered, “Qiao Xiaoxi, do you know when I painted that painting?”

“Huh?” Qiao Xi wondered, “When?”

… After you came.

After I met you, my mind was full of you.

That painting is not what I used when looking for a lover, that painting was born for you alone.

If you open the book now and turn back, you will see more of you.

You smiling with your eyes crooked in the flower field, you opening your wings and tilting your head to look at me, you closing your eyes and basking in the sun on the rocks by the lake… that’s a drawing book that belongs to you alone.

Jing Yan didn’t answer, and Qiao Xi pulled at him nervously.

Jing Yan hesitated, finally sighed, and said vaguely: “Anyway, I don’t have a situation at the moment.” If they were not together, what could happen.

After a pause, he asked again: “Qiao Xiaoxi, how about you?”

Suddenly a rhetorical question came, and Qiao Xi blinked.

Jing Yan took a deep breath, and couldn’t help but summon the courage to ask: “Have you… found the person you want?”

One person and one chicken looked at each other, and the room was quiet.

Seeing that the little chick seemed to have settled down, Jing Yan was a little nervous and a little regretful. He was about to say “Forget I ever asked”, when he suddenly heard a very light sentence.

Thinking he heard it wrong, he asked in a daze, “What?”

The little chicken rested his head on his arm again.

Qiao Xi said softly: “When I change back into human form… I’ll tell you.”

Jing Yan froze in place.

Tell him when he changed back into human form… Wait, what did this mean, there was someone in his heart?

Jing Yan’s heart sank, but he felt something was wrong.

Why wait until he was back in human form to tell him?

Qiao Xiaoxi seemed to be quite serious about telling him this.

What happened?

Anyone? No one?

Jing Yan became even more confused.

“Qiao Xi…”

He still wanted to say something, but the little chick urged: “Turn off the lights to sleep, hurry up!”

Jing Yan: “…”

No, he can’t sleep, Qiao Xiaoxi!

However, Qiao Xi’s attitude was very firm, and Jing Yan was simply stunned without saying a word.

Did Qiao Xiaoxi come here specially to torture him tonight???

Qiao Xi didn’t care, he would never say it at this moment anyway!

But when he changed back into human form…

Qiao Xi had a hunch that at that time, he probably won’t be able to hold it anymore.

Although he still had ambitions to seduce Jing Yan when he turned back, how could he still be able to hold on after seeing that dream a few times.

No matter what Jing Yan thought in his heart and how he would treat him afterwards, at that time, he should be unable to help himself but confess.

So tonight, let him rest first.

Let go of his thoughts, let go of the troubles of love temporarily, and hope to have a good dream, hey!

Jing Yan was full of words but couldn’t say anything. He was so bored that he stared at the ceiling sluggishly and couldn’t close his eyes.

While the little chick beside him rested on his arm, and soon fell asleep.

Perhaps stimulated by his illness tonight, after the little chicken fell into a dream, he saw the man he was thinking of.

…It was really a good dream!

The other party was wearing the same dark bathrobe as before going to bed, and his chest was so beautiful that Qiao Xi’s eyes went straight.

He was surprised and delighted, but after the other party picked him up, he lowered his head with a chuckle, his lips gradually moving closer…

Hey, there was no need for Hei Yu to hypnotize him, wasn’t this just the dream??

In the dream, Qiao Xi was flattered in addition to being ashamed.

In the autumn night, the insects chirped.

After a long time, the sky gradually turned bright, and the crisp birdsong sounded in the forest.

The room was quiet. The first one to wake up was Chris, who insisted on exercising in order to transform himself as soon as possible. The second and third people to wake up were Jiao Yue and A Xue, the fourth was Hei Yu, and the other three seemed to still be sleeping.

While preparing breakfast, Jiao Yue asked Hei Yu: “When can you start hypnosis today?”

Hei Yu recalled the time of last time, and said, “It was almost the afternoon.”

Jiao Yue nodded and looked back at the wooden house where the black wolf lived while showing a meaningful smile.

And in the hut.

The two were lying side by side on the bed.

One of them was a thin and weak young man who lay curled up slightly, while resting his head on the shoulder of the man beside him.

The black-haired man was awakened by some movement outside and opened his eyes in a daze.

Ah, it’s dawn…

How long had he slept, last night he struggled to the point that he couldn’t fall asleep… In other words, he had given up the struggle completely…

Last night, he was thinking about whether Qiao Xiaoxi liked someone and almost had a heart attack, he didn’t want to listen to Qiao Xiaoxi telling him the answer to that question now. He thought it was better to die early and give birth early. No matter whether Qiao Xiaoxi wanted to be friends with him or not, he should just confess and gives himself relief…

Just as he was thinking so, suddenly, Jing Yan felt something was wrong.

The weight on the shoulders, the warm breath, the touch on the side was wrong!

He turned his head suddenly, and saw the humanoid Qiao Xi snuggling beside him, his face flushed from sleep.

Jing Yan: “…”



Can’t you change your body in a false pregnancy?

Haven’t you not been hypnotized for the second time yet?

Why did Qiao Xiaoxi change back…

Jing Yan looked confused: “…Qiao Xi?”

The young man beside him rubbed against him and opened his eyes drowsily.

Jing Yan suddenly felt suffocated.

It was really because he struggled all night, and now he naturally thought of Qiao Xi telling him the answer when he changed back to human form, but he didn’t want to hear it anymore – before the thought came to an end, the young man suddenly stretched out his slender arm and hugged his neck while murmuring coquettishly: “Jing Yan, my back hurts a little…”

Jing Yan: “…?”

Huh? …where does it hurt?

After the young man murmured, he seemed to smile very sweetly, then closed his eyes and leaned over, his soft lips pressed on Jing Yan’s lips.

A “chirp” sounded suddenly.

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