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After the “chirp”, the wooden house fell into silence.

Half a minute passed.

Qiao Xi opened his eyes with a “swoosh”.

The black-haired man in front of him was staring blankly at him.

Outside the cabin.

Hei Yu quietly leaned into Jiao Yue’s ear and whispered: “By the way, do you think Jing Yan can stay sane when I hypnotize Qiao Xi later?”

Jiao Yue hooked her lips and said, “He? He can’t calm down. Yes.”

As soon as the voice fell, a loud “O-O-O-O” suddenly came from the wooden house beside them!

The two were stunned for a moment, looked over, and then, the door of the wooden house was pushed open with a “snap”, and a small shadow rushed out with a “swoosh”, went straight up into the sky, and fled away!

Followed by a larger shadow, the shadow also rushed out, while giving a long “Ow–” towards the sky.

Jiao Yue, Hei Yu and A Xue: “…”

The three of them looked at each other.

…Wait, Qiao Xi was really in heaven!!

Anyway, how did these two come out of the same room, what did Jing Yan do to Qiao Xi, and why did Qiao Xi startle again?!

At this moment, Chris had just walked back from the morning practice, and said blankly: “Why do I seem to have heard Qiao Xi screaming again…”

The little black wolf also opened the door and walked out of the room and said in a daze: “Okay. Noisy, what’s going on?”

Jiao Yue stood up calmly and said, “I don’t know either, let’s go and see the situation.”

On this day, the attendants in the palace of the Great Prince witnessed a wonder.

They were doing their own work, cleaning the palace, and delivering the breakfast, only to hear the voices of “oh-oh-oh-oh” and “oh-oh-oh-oh” from far in the air, and they were all sounding at the same time. They stopped their work, their face full of question marks.

What time was it, which chicken was crowing just now?

By the way, why did this chime sound one after another?

By the way, how did this sound come from the air? Chicken can go to heaven!?

And it seemed like a duet, since there was a wolf howl of “Ow” not far away, which overlapped with the crowing of the chicken!

The attendants looked stunned, and at this moment, someone pointed to the air and said, “Look!”

Everyone looked up and saw a round figure in the air struggling to flap its wings and fly!

…The little chicken is really in heaven!!!

At the same time, another attendant pointed down: “Look!”

Everyone looked down again and saw a black wolf rushing out of the forest!

The black wolf looked at the sky and ran wildly. The two wolf eyes were obviously silver, but they emitted a green light!

…Fuck, it’s the eldest prince, what’s the situation?!

Qiao Xi was going crazy!

What did he do!

What did he do!!!

Although he was ready to confess to Jing Yan when he turned into a humanoid, he didn’t expect it to be so fast! Only one night!

One night!!

It was said that it would take a month if he took the medicine, and the special method would shorten the time a little! But how could it be shortened to one night? He searched for a long time yesterday and didn’t see anyone suffering from a false pregnancy which became fine after one night! Woo, Jing Yan’s allure was too strong, wasn’t it?!

And he didn’t say anything, just kissed him directly!

…Although Jing Yan’s lips were cool and soft, it felt great – but it wasn’t right! It shouldn’t be like this! The confession process was not like this!

He was all to blame for having a dream that hadn’t been finished all night. The dream was harmful ah ah ah!!

Qiao Xi screamed frantically, flying around while screaming, wishing to smash his head into the wall!

On the ground, the big black wolf rushed into the palace and went straight to the third floor!

In the palace, the chicken and wolf jumped around for a while, and there were bursts of exclamations.

“His Royal Highness!”

“His Royal Highness!”

“Your Highness, be careful!”

After the big black wolf went up to the third floor, he ran with a clear goal and rushed towards a wide open window. Just at this moment, the chicken fell out of the air. After getting down from a little height, he passed by the window with a “woo”, and the black wolf jumped, “Oww—” and threw himself out!

The attendants widened their eyes and screamed: “—His Royal Highness!!”

The black shadow flashed in mid-air, hit the target, and jumped directly to a tree outside the window with the chicken, making a sound of leaves rubbing and shaking!

Servants: He’s crazy!!

The few people along with Jiao Yue who came over in a hurry saw the scene just now, including Chris were stunned: “Hungry, hungry dog rushing for food!”

Everyone else looked in a trance, crazy, crazy.

The little chick and the black wolf were covered in a pile of leaves. Fortunately, the leaves were still lush. After one wolf and one chicken dropped down two branches, they were caught by the third thick branch and thick leaves from below!

Qiao Xi was dizzy, and when he came back to his senses, he raised his head suddenly, and saw that he had been trapped between his two front legs by the black wolf. The black wolf stared at him with glowing eyes, and he was panting with his tongue out.

Qiao Xi sucked in a breath of cold air.

Jing Yan won’t hit him, will he?!

And the black wolf lowered his head, stared at him with a piercing expression, and panted, “Did you kiss me just now?”

Qiao Xi was so frightened by this straightforward question that he craned his neck: “Oh–oh-oh! Oh–oh-oh! Oh–oh-oh-“

The third chirping stopped abruptly.

Because the black wolf came over, rubbed his big head against him, and said in a hoarse voice: “Dear, Qiao Xiaoxi, tell me, who was you kissing just now?”

Qiao Xi stood there, his chest heaving violently.

He had kissed Jing Yan, there was no doubt about it, so when Jing Yan asked this question repeatedly, as if he wanted to confirm, it was obvious what the man wanted to ask.

No matter whether he was awake or not, no matter whose lips he kissed in reality, at that moment, who was the person he really wanted to kiss?

——Qiao Xi could feel that this was what Jing Yan really wanted to ask.

But why, why ask such a question? Why ask such a question?

Qiao Xi’s heart was beating so fast that it was about to burst, his ears were buzzing, and his head was in chaos.

The black wolf stared at him closely, protecting him tightly, and he had no chance of escaping.

What should he do?

Was he going to have to lie?

As soon as this thought flashed by, he heard Jing Yan whisper: “What is the answer you said you were going to tell me after you transformed?”

Qiao Xi froze.

Did not.

Not anymore.

How could he lie.

Since Jing Yan asked this question, how could he escape?

Had this man already found out…

Qiao Xi closed his eyes and was about to explode.

After a while, he let go of the strength of his whole body as if he had given up, lowered his head, and his whole body was about to form a ball.

And the black wolf looked at the chubby chick between his arms and felt his heart tremble slightly.

He said in a tight voice: “Qiao Xi…”


Jing Yan paused.

Little Chickie buried his head, and in front of him, whispered, “It’s you who I kissed… It’s also you who I want to kiss.”

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