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In an instant, all the sounds and sights subsided.

In Jing Yan’s eyes, there was only the chick in front of him. He looked shy and frightened, and his voice was weak and soft.

The moment he woke up in the wooden house, Jing Yan didn’t want to hear Qiao Xi’s answer to the question last night.

He was afraid that Qiao Xi really had someone else in his heart.

However, when Qiao Xi woke up, he called his name, hugged him, and kissed him.

At that moment, Jing Yan’s mind went blank.

The person who was in his heart also had him in his heart. What were the chances of this?

How did it feel when all this happened?

Jing Yan had never been in love, and never thought that he would be so lucky.

Would it be what he thought?

Jing Yan was hesitant in his heart until Qiao Xi fled.

Could it be that Qiao Xi fell asleep and kissed the wrong person?

Or maybe Qiao Xi didn’t realize that he did the actions from his dreams in reality?

However, the premonition in his heart was extremely strong, so strong that Jing Yan quickly dismissed these doubts and chased after the little chick.

He had a hunch that he would want to hear that answer.

And the moment he really heard Qiao Xi’s answer, he felt like he was hit by a pie that fell from the sky, and he was about to faint.

He was in a trance, a strong emotion rolled in his chest, so he took a step forward.

The little chick was still huddled in the corner, not daring to move, as if he was waiting for the verdict.

Then the black wolf leaned over, pressed his forehead against him, and said hoarsely, “Qiao Xiaoxi, I like you, I really like you, how about you?”

The little chicken shook.

He raised his head suddenly, stunned.

Just a short distance away, the big black wolf stared at him with undisguised ardent admiration in his silver pupils.

Qiao Xi murmured: “…what?”

“I fell in love with you from the first day I met you,” The black wolf continued to talk in a hoarse voice, “Qiao Xiaoxi, last night you asked me if I found the person in that painting, but that person is not anyone else at all, that is you. The person I have always liked is you.”

Qiao Xi looked at the black wolf blankly.

What… what was Jing Yan talking about…

He liked him?

But, but——

Qiao Xi said dumbly: “…The person in that painting is me?”

Jing Yan nodded eagerly.

Qiao Xi fell into deep thought: “Hey, but why am I wearing that kind of clothes and playing the harp?”

Jing Yan: “…”

Wait, could they not discuss this issue now!

He felt embarrassed and said: “Cough, there is some artistic processing, but that person is indeed you!”

The Little Chicken and Big Black Wolf looked at each other for a few seconds.

– Was it really him?!

Jing Yan liked him!

Jing Yan was also secretly in love with him!

Qiao Xi reacted completely, and it was like fireworks exploded in his heart!

He couldn’t believe it but following the impulse and courage that spewed out of his heart, he shook his voice and said, “I, I like you too, you ask me if I have found the person in my heart, the person in my heart is you!”

At the end, Qiao Xi’s courage grew and his voice became louder.

He excitedly said: “Jing Yan, I like you too!”

Jing Yan: “!!!”

Qiao Xiaoxi confessed!

Qiao Xiaoxi also said that he liked him!

He had had a crush on Chickie for so long, and Chickie actually liked him too!

Although he had a hunch before, the moment he heard the little chick’s response, Jing Yan was still stunned by happiness!

After regaining his senses, he raised his head and howled: “Auww—”

The excited and pleasant reverberation lingered in the sky, and Qiao Xi also raised his head: “Oh—oh oh oh!”

Everyone outside: “…”

The ensemble began again! What was going on inside!

When the howling was over, Jing Yan hugged the little chick and rubbed him fiercely: “I almost thought you fell in love with someone else yesterday!”

“Huh?” Qiao Xi was a little stunned and said after reacting, “Ah, did you misunderstand me…”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, I know you like me!” Jing Yan’s voice was full of happiness.

Qiao Xi was a little overwhelmed with shyness, but Jing Yan’s intimate movements pulled him closer, so he couldn’t help but stretch out his wings and hug the big black wolf softly, as he leaned over and quickly pecked the big black wolf.

The big black wolf squinted his eyes happily and said, “Aww—want to kiss!”

Qiao Xi pecked the big black wolf again!

Big Black Wolf: “Ouch – I want a real kiss, the same as when I woke up!”

Qiao Xi said embarrassedly, “I don’t have any clothes now, so I can’t transform.”

Big Black Wolf don’t know what he was thinking, but he began to pant again: “Hahaha—”

Qiao Xi thought, how could there be such a lucky thing!

In the past ten years, he always felt that he had encountered too many bad things. So, he always felt that the existence of his fourth brother, Lin Chu, Ji Yang and Ye He might have been the greatest luck he could get. Their appearance had already been a complete surprise.

However, at this moment, he found that fate had prepared an even bigger surprise for him – the love in his heart could get a warm response, and such a dynamic and powerful person could appear in his life, Qiao Xi suddenly felt that fate, in fact, had been very kind to him.

His heart was soaring and warm, this feeling was too wonderful, Qiao Xi couldn’t help but rub back against the big black wolf, and softly call out, “Jing Yan…”

This cry really made Jing Yan’s heart swell and melt at the same time.

The big black wolf rubbed the side of the little chick, the little chick lifted his head and rubbed the neck of the big black wolf, one wolf and one chicken, you rub against me, I rub against you, rub this side and rub that side, as if they were venting the sweetness in their hearts.

Qiao Xi thought about how the two of them were so restrained next to each other last night – if I knew, I would have already jumped into Jing Yan’s arms! Cluck cluck!

Suddenly, the big black wolf stopped: “Hey, but didn’t you say you like stupid people?”

Qiao Xi took two seconds to react, and said blankly: “Hmm?”

Jing Yan was seriously puzzled: “Didn’t you say that you like people who are usually stupid? I always wanted to work hard in that direction, but I didn’t expect that the person you liked was me.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

…Effort? Strive for what?

…No effort required.

Facing Jing Yan’s sincere and confused face, Qiao Xi said with a dry smile: “Ha, ha ha, you don’t have to take the standard I said seriously… I just said it casually…”

Jing Yan showed an expression of “so that’s it”.

Then, he came over again.

This time, he was extra sneaky.

Qiao Xi knew that the big black wolf was going to whisper, so he put his ears close.

He heard the big black wolf say excitedly: “Then did you have a dream just now? What did you dream about? Behind… Where is the pain?”

Qiao Xi stiffened.

He looked at the big black wolf.

The tail behind the big black wolf flicked so fast that it almost threw out an afterimage.


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