KHSW Ch. 184

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What Ling Xi was most concerned about now was whether the camera captured her face. At that time, she remembered taking off her mask.

She was already prepared to retire after the filming of “Haihu Bay”, but she never thought that things would come so suddenly.

Her career was not a big problem. What she was worried about was that she was a public figure. Once the news was revealed, Xiao Nuo would be hurt the most.

Xu Yizhi frowned slightly.

Xiao Nuo blinked his bright eyes when he heard about participating in the show? Did it mean he could go on TV?

The fat uncle shook his head, thinking that she also wanted to show her face on the show, “I’m really sorry, there was a partition in front of you at that time, so we didn’t photograph your face, only the child, this time you can go to the show with the kid.”

Xu Yizhi’s eyes gradually became dull.

Hearing him say that he hadn’t seen her face, Ling Xi felt a little relieved, “Sorry, we’re not interested.”

Hearing her reply, the fat uncle was stunned. It was the first time he heard that someone was unwilling to participate in their show.

Could it be because they didn’t know about the show?

“You can search our program. It is still very popular at the moment. You can rest assured about the remuneration. As long as your quotation is reasonable, our program team will try our best to satisfy you.”

“I’m sorry, in fact, what I want to say is that although you are doing a show, you have violated the passenger’s rights by recording this video without the passenger’s knowledge and without the passenger’s permission.”

Ling Xi’s words shocked the fat uncle. It was the first time he saw…

“So, please let me go, thank you.”

The fat uncle gave way in a daze.

After they had all walked a certain distance, the fat uncle immediately returned to his senses and chased after them, “Please wait, this is my business card. If you change your mind, you can call me.”

Out of courtesy, Ling Xi still took the business card.

After separating from them, the crew member immediately called the director and the producer and repeated the words of the lady just now, and they all felt sorry, “It’s a pity, what we want is that ‘little monk’ to be on the show!”

Ling Xi glanced at the business card in her hand and was about to stuff it into her bag, but Xu Yizhi took it and threw it into the trash.

“Hey! Husband, why are you throwing it away? What if you need it later?”

However, Xu Yizhi said in a plain tone: “Don’t take things from strangers in the future, especially the opposite sex.”

It sounded like the parents were admonishing their child, but after careful reflection, she felt like he was jealous?

Probably not! It was she who must be thinking too much, Yizhi was not someone who got jealous easily.

“Okay, I’ll listen to my husband.”

When she was about to hold Xiao Nuo’s hand, her phone rang again. Seeing the caller ID, a fleeting coldness appeared in Ling Xi’s eyes, “Husband, take Xiao Nuo to play first, I’ll get to you in a while after answering the phone.”

“What’s up?”

“Why didn’t you come?”

Hearing Ou Mengxue’s questioning, Ling Xi’s voice was also full of chills, “Did I say I would come?”

Ou Mengxue was furious. She thought she could see Ling Xi being embarrassed, but she waited here for an afternoon, “You…”

“Ou Mengxue, I haven’t given you my first ‘gift’ yet, are you timid?”

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