KHSW Ch. 185

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As soon as Ling Xi’s words were finished, Ou Mengxue interrupted eagerly, “I’m pregnant!”

When she didn’t hear Ling Xi’s voice, she thought that Ling Xi was stunned, so she said calmly, “Last time you heard it too. Brother Jiayang and I have already slept together.” Her every word and every sentence was full of joy.

Although it was not directly stated that the child belonged to Chi Jiayang, it was more likely to make people collapse.

But she still failed.

Ling Xi’s lips curved upwards slightly, “Really? Congratulations, this is the first ‘gift’ I gave you, enjoy it.”

Hearing Ling Xi’s gloomy voice, Ou Mengxue had a bad premonition in her heart, “What do you mean by that?”

“Heh~ it’s just a ‘little gift’, don’t be nervous.”

The more Ling Xi said this, the more uncertain Ou Mengxue’s heart became. After she learned that her child was “drowned” by Ou Mengxue, not only did she not go crazy, but she said so indifferently that she wanted to give her a “gift”.

There must be a conspiracy in this.

But she continued to provoke, “Ling Xi, I know that your mood is exactly the same as mine, right? Are you angry? Are you jealous? But it’s a pity that I’m already pregnant with Brother Jiayang’s child, so even if you and Xu Yizhi divorce in the future, there will be no chance!”

Since she had made everything from before clear, she didn’t need to hide it now.

From the time Ling Xi said all that, her overall plan had been disrupted, so that now she could only take one step at a time.

It was not enough to continue to kill her. The most important thing right now was to enter the door of Chi family home and use Chi family to hurt Ling Xi.

As everyone knew, this was right in Ling Xi’s arms.

“Oh? How did you feel back then? I’m really sorry, I wish you a ‘Happy Hundred Years’!”

Ou Mengxue, I’ve been waiting for you to get pregnant, and I’ve been waiting for a long time… Would you like me to help you?

Ou Mengxue looked at the phone that had been hung up, her eyes flashed fiercely, Ling Xi, I’ve been by your side for three years, and I know you better. You are obviously uncomfortable to death, but you still want to wish us a hundred years of friendship. It’s a pity I wasn’t able to see your jealousy and resentment with my own eyes.

“Bingqian, come in.”

She thought about it last night, and probably guessed Ling Xi’s intention. Shen Bingqian should be the “first gift” in her mouth.

Ling Xi must be underestimating her!

“Sister Ou, what’s wrong?”

As soon as Shen Bingqian entered the office, Ou Mengxue showed a friendly smile, “Bingqian, I have contacted the music creator to arrange your songs, you can participate in the recording!”

“Really, Miss Ou? That means I can release my own album?”

“That’s right.” Ou Mengxue’s eyes flashed a strange light, “but I have conditions. You have to tell me about the transaction between you and Ling Xi.”

“Deal? What deal?” Shen Bingqian’s eyes were only confused.

Ou Mengxue sneered, “I know, you and Ling Xi used to be mortal enemies. How could it be possible in such a short period of time that the relationship became so good that you could borrow her songs?”

Shen Bingqian understood what she meant, “We just had a little misunderstanding before. I gave her a bottle of perfume worth more than three million yuan, so she agreed to help me.”

Ou Mengxue still doubted the authenticity of what she said, “Is that all it takes?”

Shen Bingqian was a little impatient, her eldest young lady’s temper sneaked out again, but she had to hold back. Forget it, she should wait to use this white lotus flower before kicking it away.

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