MGSGW Ch. 172

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The bear had already suffered some injuries, and its fierceness was fully aroused. When it was the most difficult to deal with, Yun Ting did not take advantage of them.

As far as Xing Xi’s people wanting to completely deal with this runaway bear, they were afraid that they would really lose their skin if they insisted on it.

Although Yun Ting’s words were cold, it was also interesting.

At the moment when Xing Xi’s men were retreating and the blind bear was chasing after them, Yun Ting had already made a move, and with his agility, stopped the bear.

This scene of one person against the bear really shocked Xing Xi’s group of people.

Especially the man with the orchid finger from just now asked with bright eyes: “Young Master Xing, who is he? Is he still human?”

“Aren’t you going to get out? Still want to try my old Qiu’s archery skills? I think I didn’t learn anything else when I was in the Devil’s Camp, but this hand’s archery is okay. If I was in ancient times, I would definitely be a big man who could penetrate a target from a hundred steps away.”

Qiu Feng seemed to be smiling, but in fact he was protecting Yun Ting, the arrow in his hand was stringed and the bow was fully drawn, just waiting to be released.

“Qiu Feng is humble, you can be a general now.” Xing Xi felt embarrassed, and then waved: “Get out first.”

Afterwards, he did not forget to leave a sentence: “Young Master Yun, if you need help, call me at any time. I’ll wait outside.”

“Go as far as you want, and don’t let me see you again, I don’t mind settling old scores with you.” While entangling with the bear, Yun Ting still found time to talk, obviously, it was easy for him.

Yun Ting, Qiu Feng, and Xing Xi were all from the devil training camp, and they had excellent real skills. However, Xing Xi had spent too much time carousing in the past two years, and many of his skills had faded.

Xing Xi glanced at Yun Ting unwillingly, and could only retreat obediently.

At this time, Qiu Feng’s bow was fully drawn, and he switched positions with Yun Ting instantly, and shot a sharp arrow into a wound on the black bear’s leg at close range.


This sound was much more exciting than playing with a gun.

Qiu Feng was exhausted after the blow, and changed positions with Yun Ting again, and it was still Yun Ting who was fighting the berserk bear.

Every time she saw Yun Ting dealing with such a huge monster, Lin Mumu’s heart started beating wildly.

Bears had rough skin and thick flesh. This kind of old-fashioned bow and arrow can at most make it hurt and make it crazy, but it couldn’t kill.

Qiu Feng was really capable. After shooting several arrows in his leg, the bear’s movement speed had slowed down a lot.

“I’m coming!” At this moment, Yun Ting suddenly jumped up and just climbed on the bear’s neck. The sharp knife he carried with him pierced the bear’s neck fiercely.

Blood started flowing from the wound fiercely.

But the crazy bear did not die easily, he was roaring and making the last struggle with his body instinct, trying to throw Yun Ting off and shoot him to death.

“Good time.” Yun Ting actually rode on the bear’s neck, let it growl, and slipped two more pieces of the flying knife into it.

This throwing knife was light and thin, small but extremely sharp, it was enough to kill a person.

It was a pity that this bear had thick skin. First of all, you had to compete with it in strength.

Qiu Feng, who stood in front of the bear to attract fire for Yun Ting, couldn’t help feeling: “Second brother, you exist to humiliate us! No wonder Xing Xi, that little bastard said you are not human, I think you are a humanoid monster. Second brother, be careful, it is going to die!”

At this time, it was the most dangerous moment. When animals felt the breath of death, they would often choose to die together with their attackers. This bear even ignored its pain, he just slapped his big paw on his head.

It was not as flexible as Yun Ting, and it couldn’t stand up to someone who was big, so he just flailed its paws, and attacked a wide area.

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