BCFE Ch. 5.1: Thief

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Ye Ning put all of Ye Qingshan clothes into a cloth bag and put them on the left side of the luggage bag. On the right side were the dirty clothes she had changed out of, and nothing else.

Ye Ning took out the small bag she had been carrying close to her body again, but Ye Ning was still worried. Before Sun Yaojun was there, and the two of them could take care of each other. This time she was alone when she went back, and she was still a young girl. She had to be careful and put her bankbook separately from the jewellery, it must be sewn inside the underwear, close to the chest. Once the jacket was put on and the buttons were buttoned, even a thief couldn’t do anything. If he really reached there, he was not a thief, but a gangster.

In addition, there was the stack of food stamps given to her by Sun Yaojun. Before she had time to look at them, Ye Ning took them out and counted them. There were quite a few. There were five for 20 kilograms, four for ten kilograms, and four for five kilograms, as well as candy, tobacco and alcohol coupons. The tobacco and alcohol coupons were probably intended for Sun Yaojun’s father to give as gifts, but he grabbed them directly and gave them to her without looking at them.

She still had more than ten kilograms of food stamps, which was definitely enough for her to return to Nanjiang Province. All the ones given by Sun Yaojun were folded and hidden in her inner pocket. She also carefully hid the candy, tobacco and alcohol stamps. She would buy candy for her younger brothers and sisters to eat with it, and the tobacco and alcohol stamps, when she grew something, she never knows when she would need to use it. Even if she didn’t use it, she could sell it or exchange it with others.

It was past four o’clock when she finished cleaning up. She had only eaten a bowl of porridge and a sesame seed cake so far in the morning. Her stomach was already growling with hunger. She wanted to go out to eat while it was still dark. She didn’t dare to go out alone after it was late.

She brought a hot water bottle back to the front desk, and then asked her about where to eat.

“There are several restaurants across the street that sell food. You can go and have a look.”

Actually there weren’t many, just three small shops, but they were not bad. In the past two years, except for state-owned hotels, there were no restaurants outside.

There was a small fry shop, a steamed bun shop, and a noodle shop. She had recovered from the fever, but now her mouth felt bitter, so she wanted to drink something with broth. Ye Ning entered the noodle shop. There were only two tables inside, and they were all clean. She ordered a bowl of vegetable noodles without using food stamps and just spent money.

Dongshan City was a big city, and you could buy a lot of things without food stamps. Most people in her hometown still needed to use food stamps, so she could save as much as she can, and then exchange it for food to eat at home.

After eating a bowl of hot noodles, her whole body felt warm, and the sky outside was getting dark. Ye Ning just stood at the door of the noodle shop and took a look before going back to her room to rest.

It was not yet peaceful at this time. She was a single girl, and still good-looking, so she must be cautious.

The soundproofing in the guest house was not very good, and she could faintly hear the people next door talking. If it were before, she would never have slept well. She was really tired today, maybe because of taking medicine, and she fell asleep after a while. She didn’t dare to sleep deeply. Without a watch or alarm clock, she was afraid that she would oversleep and miss the train, and woke up at dawn in the morning.

She didn’t dare to lie down anymore. She finally got the train ticket. If she missed it later, she would slap herself. She would sleep in for more time in the future, not any less than today.

Carrying her luggage downstairs, she asked about the time. It was only half past five. Ye Ning didn’t go back to her room to rest. She went to the train station early to wait in order to feel at ease.

She had breakfast opposite and bought ten tea eggs and five steamed buns on the way. These were dry food for her to eat on the way back.

The coat she was wearing was given to her by the old policeman. It was too cold yesterday and she had to put it on first. Now she has to return it to someone else. She originally planned to buy some fruit for him, but after looking around, she couldn’t find any. Once again, Ye Ning realized how scarce the supplies were. She bought two packs of cigarettes from the kiosk nearby, and the cigarette tickets she just got yesterday had been used up.

“Is Uncle Liu here?” When she arrived at the back yesterday, the old policeman asked Ye Ning to call him uncle.

“Here, I’ll call him for you.” When the young policeman saw it was Ye Ning, he quickly stood up and said.

“No, it’s so early, don’t disturb his sleep. I’m just here to return the clothes.” Ye Ning put the folded clothes on the table, “Thanks to him, otherwise I might not be able to go back.”

“Wait…Wait, the master told me last night that I must call him when you come.” The young policeman stopped Ye Ning and then went to the lounge to call someone.

Old Liu had woken up and was getting dressed. When he saw Ye Ning, he said, “Why are you here so early? Isn’t the train at about seven o’clock?”

“I was afraid of missing the train.” When Ye Ning saw Uncle Liu, she was no longer as scared as she was yesterday. She smiled and said: “I’m here to return the clothes, and I also want to say thank you.”

Lao Liu nodded and took out two bags of things from under his desk, “Dongshan City is very cold. It’s just right for you to have a fever. Don’t catch another cold. Yes, these are my daughter’s clothes. If you don’t mind, just take them and put them on.”

“No, thank you very much.” To be honest, she shivered with cold after taking off the coat lent to her by the old policeman. She had been holding on to it all the time, and this jacket was undoubtedly a timely help.

“The other bag was packed by your aunt, saying it was for you to eat on the road. You are a little girl, don’t talk to anyone after you get on the train, and don’t pay attention to anyone who tries to get close to you. Hide the money well. It’s best to pack them separately and keep a few dollars for emergencies. Hide the rest so that no one sees it, so as not to attract people’s attention.”

Seeing that she was a delicate and frail little girl, the old policeman couldn’t help but tell her.

Ye Ning kept nodding, “I understand, thank you.”

After walking out of the police room, Ye Ning turned around and bowed to the old police officer, then ran to the waiting room with her luggage.

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