BCFE Ch. 5.2: Thief

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As soon as she arrived at the waiting room, Ye Ning quickly opened the bag of clothes. There was a sweater and a thick coat inside. The clothes were still very new and smelled of a faint soapy smell. She didn’t care much, she first put on the sweater and then put on the thick coat again. With the thick coat covering her till her legs, the whole person was instantly warmed, and her trembling hands and feet stopped shaking.

She breathed a sigh of relief and then opened another bag of food. There were biscuits and soft candies on top, and below was a whole big bag of jerky. Ye Ning smelled it and saw that it was beef jerky. Such a big bag, a lot of money must have been wasted. It was too valuable. Ye Ning planned to take it back and return it to Uncle Liu.

At this time, the train started checking tickets, and Ye Ning pursed her lower lip. She kept this sentiment in her heart and would definitely visit Uncle Liu in the future.

At the same time, when Lao Liu was sorting out his clothes, he found two packs of cigarettes in his pocket. He took them out and saw that they cost 20 yuan a pack. They couldn’t buy them even if he had money. He was sure he had never bought these cigarettes. His clothes were made of leaves. The little girl Ning returned it, she must have bought it and put it in her pocket.

“This kid is spending money blindly. It’s just nonsense.” Old Liu rushed to the train station with the packs of cigarette, but the train bound for Lishan City had just left.

“Master, what’s wrong?” The young policeman chased after him.

Lao Liu waved his hand, “It’s okay, let’s go back.”

Ye Ning searched for a while before she found her bed, which was on the upper bunk. He probably considered that she was a girl alone, so it was safer to sleep on the upper bunk.

After saying hello to the people in the lower and middle bunks, she prepared to put her luggage on her bed. The young man opposite the bed was very enthusiastic and wanted to help Ye Ning carry it up, but Ye Ning refused. She didn’t have many things and it wasn’t heavy to the point where it couldn’t be lifted.

There were only a few empty beds in the entire carriage. On the left side of Ye Ning was a girl in her twenties, and the right side was empty. She nodded to the girl, placed the package inside, and lay down with her eyes closed to relax. She lay on her bed all morning and got up after dinner to get hot water. She also went to the bathroom and ate two tea eggs and a steamed bun with hot water.

Except for going to the bathroom in the afternoon, Ye Ning never left the bed and kept lying down. As for saying that she was tired from lying down for too long, she would never feel it. Ye Ning’s biggest dream was to lie still, every weekend. When she was young, she would often spend the whole day at home, not even bothering to get up to eat. Dinner was tea eggs, steamed buns and hot water. After eating, she walked around the aisle twice, then went back to the bunk to lie down and take a nap. The next day at noon, she would reach Nanjing Province.

There were two people sitting on the lower bunk opposite Ye Ning, a man and a woman. The man was the one who wanted to help Ye Ning carry her luggage in the morning. He looked up at Ye Ning’s bed from time to time.

“What do you like about her?” the woman asked.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I’m just surprised she doesn’t come down.” The man said quickly.

The woman curled her lips, “Isn’t it because she is beautiful, and all men have the same virtues.”

The man glanced at her, frowned and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, go to bed early after eating.”

Ye Ning didn’t know that she had become someone else’s subject of discussion, she slept too much during the day, so she couldn’t fall asleep at night. She kept turning over. Now she didn’t have a mobile phone or a computer. Suddenly she felt that the night was very long and passing it was very difficult.

At around one o’clock in the morning, someone came to the bed next to Ye Ning. A middle-aged woman in her 40s who looked like someone who was not easy to mess with. Sure enough, she got into a fight with the person in the lower bunk after a while. The reason was that the person on the lower bunk turned over too much and disturbed her sleep. Ye Ning, who finally fell asleep, was a little angry. Others didn’t know it, but she knew very well that the woman next door was the one who turned over more and made the louder noise.

The person in the lower bunk was an old lady in her sixties. After hearing what the woman said, she apologized very kindly, but the woman refused to let her go and kept making a lot of noise, which made it impossible for everyone in the carriage to sleep.

The person in the middle bunk couldn’t help but stand up and say something fair, “The aunt on the lower bunk didn’t turn over very much, but you were doing that all the time on top, waking us up and making us unable to sleep.”

The woman became unhappy, rolled up her sleeves and started arguing with the people in the middle berth again, and waited for the conductor to come over before the matter came to an end.

It was finally morning. Ye Ning got up to wash up. When she came back, she found that her package seemed to have been tampered with. She was on the upper bunk. If someone climbed up and rummaged through the things, they would definitely be seen. No thief was so bold. The little girl on the left, it was impossible. They were foot to foot. She won’t come to her bed in front of so many people. Then only the woman on the right was left. Ye Ning didn’t say anything and opened the luggage bag first. The things inside were not moved. The food that Uncle Liu delivered was still in good condition, and nothing was lost, so it was hard to tell, otherwise she might be beaten up and raked over.

“Hey, my money is gone.” The man on the other side of the woman yelled.

“How much is it? Did you forget it somewhere? Look for it again.” The man’s companion said.

“I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it? It’s more than 100 yuan, which is the cost of my business trip. I put it in my bag. It was still there before I went to the toilet, but it was gone when I came back after going to the toilet.” The man said anxiously.

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