WMPLT Ch. 44

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Parting was always sad, whether it was saying goodbye to classmates after graduation, saying goodbye to roommates after graduation, saying goodbye to family members after going to school, or saying goodbye to friends after a party.

Zhai Xingchen was sitting on the bus, leaning on the trolley of the suitcase, with the warm sunshine shining on his face.

The bus stopped on the main road that ran east to west in Changping Village. Zhai Xingchen got out of the car and pushed his suitcase home.

Their family just moved here last year, firstly because the rent was cheap, and secondly because it was close to his school.

As soon as he returned home, he found that all his relatives were here.

He instantly felt like a big star.

“Xingchen is really promising, and he’s on TV!”

Their TV was on and was playing Xinghai Satellite TV. At the moment, Xinghai Satellite TV was broadcasting a costume drama, but the preview information of “Red and Blue Signal” was constantly scrolling on the lower right side of the screen. Occasionally, photos of the eight guests would appear, although the picture was small, you could still see him at a glance.

He was actually placed in the middle position.

There were four guests from the blue side and four guests from the red side. He and Hu Ying were ranked at the bottom of the blue and red side guests respectively, and their avatars were actually the largest.

But there were still many things that shocked Zhai Xingchen.

For example, after he logged into his Weibo account at home, he discovered that he had more than 800,000 Weibo fans!

Although it was still a fraction of the amount of followers of people like Hu Ying and Yan Zhi, but he had had the largest increase.

He only had so few fans when he first opened his Weibo account!

A hit show was indeed incredibly influential.

No wonder the program team kept telling him to speak carefully and not to post on Weibo when he left.

Moreover, the program team hoped that he would go online less, go out less, and reduce his own exposure.

In fact, love dramas were usually recorded and then aired, so as to ensure the amateur attributes of the guests to the greatest extent, and when signing the contract, they were generally required not to post on Weibo within a few months after the show was broadcast.

He shouldn’t be known until the show aired to prevent spoilers.

The reason why the program did not allow it to be distributed after it was broadcast was because it was afraid that the program would not be able to maximize the benefits and a CP would be lost.

After all, there were many couples who fell in love and broke up soon after getting together.

But “Red and Blue Signal” was filmed and broadcast at the same time, so the requirements were even higher.

The guest were not allowed to accept any interviews, and they were not allowed to talk about the emotional status of the “Red and Blue Signal” with any media or individuals. These were all written in the contract.

He don’t know whether others would comply or not, but Zhai Xingchen himself strictly abided by it.

He didn’t even leave the house.

Father Zhai and Mother Zhai also protected him very well.

Learning to dance was a big investment, and their family’s financial situation was average. It was not easy to provide for a middle-level dance student. Just to consider Zhai Xingchen’s future, the couple also attached great importance to this variety show.

It didn’t matter whether he fell in love or not, what mattered was that he could become famous.

Once he became famous, his path after graduation would be smoother.

Zhai Xingchen had not gone out of his home. At first, he checked his own information online, but then stopped.

He found himself watching his own video, and was so embarrassed!

He was completely unable to look directly at himself, and when watching the video, he felt that he looked very strange in the video. No matter how he looked at it, it felt strange. In addition, he cooperated with the netizens’ brainstorming comments and dug his toes into the ground every minute.’ He planned to quit the Internet for a year!

Not only did he feel strange, but father Zhai and mother Zhai also felt strange.

But they looked at other people with enthusiasm.

The aesthetics of the older generation were indeed different from those of young people.

Among the guests from the red party, they liked Lin Qingning the most, saying that he looked very cultured, good-looking, polite, and had a good temperament. They also thought that Duan Yihua looked pretty good, mature and steady.

Among the blue guests, they liked Yan Zhi the most and thought he looked the most elegant.

They all felt that it was not reliable to fall in love in a variety show, and they were all a group of rich second generation, so it was even more impossible to fall in love. They also repeatedly told Zhai Xingchen: “Remember the intention of participating in variety shows, do your duty well. Just don’t get scolded by others, and don’t fall into it yourself.”

After all, these second-generation rich people were really good-looking.

“Don’t worry, I’m just here to be a tool. I know my position very clearly.”

Zhai Xingchen didn’t dare to have too much wishful thinking.

On Friday night, the program team made a special call: “We are about to start broadcasting, please post on Weibo.”

Zhai Xingchen logged on to his Weibo account. As soon as he did, his phone was stuck and he received countless private messages.

Most of them were yelling and throwing flowers, but there were also some not-so-good remarks. Zhai Xingchen silently recited a few words of Amitabha, quickly exited the private message, and forwarded the program team’s Weibo.

The official Weibo posted a teaser and he liked all of them.

Zhai Xingchen couldn’t help but click on the trailer.

The show crew was so imbecilic that they actually released the past talents of Pei Xu and the other three male protagonists.

Watching their interview now, it had a completely different feeling.

He would feel weird watching himself in the video.

Others in the video also thought it was weird.

He was already very familiar with the temperament and nature of these people who had spent time with him, but most of them in front of him looked funny.

Seeing Pei Xu’s stinky face, he said, “As I said above, I’m just here to repay the favour.”

Seeing Huo Cheng, he smiled and said, “I don’t really believe in these love shows, but if you give me a script, I can try my best to cooperate.”

And Yan Zhi said gently: “Well… I might be a little slow to warm up.”

But the one who made him want to laugh the most was Hu Ying.

Hu Ying in the trailer was particularly gorgeous and flamboyant. He said to the camera: “The program team said they want to find representative, good-looking, and outstanding second-generation rich people to be on the show. I want to say, isn’t this just talking about me? Huh? I’ve always been upset that I’m not the most popular among the rich second generation!”

Then he saw himself.

He was very reserved in the video, and what he said was very ordinary and official. He said: “I am honoured to be on this show. I hope I can meet more friends and let more friends know me.”

Ah, he dug a castle out of his toes.

The barrage ignored him and the guests on the red side at the moment, focusing on the three male protagonists.

Handsome guys, are you ready for a slap in the face?

I heard that the guests are later slapped in the face very quickly.

Let’s beat the most arrogant Mr. Pei first, and then Yan Zhi and the others.

Fire tongs, in the next few issues, he will definitely be slapped with two words that will dominate the screen!

After all the interviews with the guests were finished, the song “Angel Baby” sounded, and the picture began to change frame by frame. The picture of them moving into the red and blue cabin one after another, the picture of them eating, the picture of Wen Nuo opening the door to Yan Zhi and the scene of the guests walking on the beach under the sunset sky. This song was very suitable for love dramas. It had a romantic feeling of love, coupled with the interaction between their eyes as a pair, turning back, running, holding each other’s arm, holding each other’s waist, and the eight top handsome guys even made Zhai Xingchen excited.

The barrage was also very exciting:

I feel that way, I feel that way!

BL Love Variety YYDS!

Who would watch an idol drama if there is such a romance drama? This is no less exciting than an idol drama!

The love ceiling is here!

But just when he was getting excited, at the last second of the preview, when the music stopped, a shot of him suddenly appeared.

It was a shot of him dancing on the stage, with his skirt flying, and a bridge in the clouds. Suddenly, he was moving in slow motion, frozen in the air, and then suddenly he fell to the ground. He gently raised his arms and turned around. It was “The wandering dragon is startled”.

The comments on the barrage were all: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

Unlike Zhai Xingchen, Hu Ying had long been accustomed to seeing himself online.

It was his first time on satellite TV. How could he not take it seriously?

Not only did he watch it himself, he also invited his relatives and friends to come over and held a big party to watch it with everyone.

He had a strong psychological quality and did not feel embarrassed at all.

The first episode of “Red and Blue Signal” mainly started as an introduction, and only aired the first time they went overseas. In the early stage, it mainly showed off the elements of wealthy families, which took up almost one-third of the time. Later, they moved into the red and blue cottage, and the romance content was only officially started then.

In fact, less than a week had passed, but when Hu Ying looked back at their first meeting, it felt like a lifetime ago.

When Zhai Xingchen came, he was so arrogant, and his appraising eyes looked like he deserved a beating.

At that time, he really didn’t take Zhai Xingchen seriously. At that time, he just thought that this kid was not bad looking.

But Zhai Xingchen, who was completely an amateur, actually stood out among the rich second generation. He was fresh and natural, and was more confident and brighter than Wen Nuo, who was also an amateur, just like a ray of spring breeze.

It was easy for the audience to make preconceptions. The last dance live broadcast gave Zhai Xingchen a lot of fans, so much so that a bunch of fans came to warm up when he appeared on the stage. Later, when Zhai Xingchen was cooking, even more people fanned him.

I thought Zaizai was already very good at dancing, but I didn’t expect that he was even better at cooking!

You can go to the living room and go to the kitchen!

He can be salty, sweet, offensive or tolerable!

Since watching the last live broadcast, I have become a little star!

What is a little star?

Fans of Zhai Xingchen, the name Zhai Xingchen is really an advantage!

Not only does his fan name sound good and easy to remember, but his CPs are also very catchy. For example, he, Huo Cheng, is the CP of Huo (Huo) Star, and Hu Ying, is the CP of Xinghu (Hu), and Wen Nuo is the CP of Cheng (Chen) Nuo, and Lin Qingning’s even more amazing, Ning Caichen (Chen)! He and Yan Zhi are the Meteor CP…”

I understand the other CPs, they are homophones, but why are Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen the Meteor CP?

Yan Zhi’s nickname is Brother Six!

Oh oh oh, absolutely absolutely!

Who said Zhai Xingchen would be the background panel at first? Was it a slap in the face? I would say that the show crew who put two ordinary people in a rich family’s love drama must be holding back their big moves. Now the idol stills have become a reality!

The poor white flower breaks into a wealthy family and becomes a heartthrob. This is really a classic romance novel plot! It’s so cliché, so bloody, but so exciting!

This is why classics are classics. It would be boring if they were all about rich second generations talking about love. If you put Zhai Xingchen among a bunch of rich second generations, wow wow, wow!

Red and Blue Signal will create a Shura field every season, so now I am sure that Zhai Xingchen is the center of the Shura field. If so, I will buy it. I want to see a bunch of handsome guys rob him. He is in trouble with both red and blue guests, and I don’t know who he will choose, then everyone will cry and I will cry, one worked harder than the other, and the Shura field opened until it took off! I have already thought of the name of the Shura Field and decided to call it “Who Can Reach for the Stars”!

Sister, you have completely expressed my feelings.

Sister, you have completely expressed my feelings.

Guests, please follow this script!

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