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In the gymnasium, the students stood in order of their height. So, Tang Bai naturally stood at the head of the team. Standing next to Tang Bai was Rong Yao, the third runner-up in the mecha manufacturing competition.

Rong Yao secretly glanced at Tang Bai who was wearing tight-fitting training clothes. Tang Bai was very thin and had fair skin that made him like a porcelain doll. The training clothes were very close-fitted to the body and outlined his curves from waist to hip. Rong Yao felt like he was electrocuted, just by looking at him.

“Tang Bai is a new classmate, right?” the physical fitness teacher said understandingly: “Let’s see, an Omega’s physical fitness is relatively weak, Tang Bai, your training volume can be halved by the teacher.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a familiar sneer came from the team.

Tang Bai didn’t even blink. He stood upright, looked at the physical fitness teacher with bright eyes, and said loudly: “Reporting to the teacher! No need!”

Everyone looked over. Tang Bai closed his mouth, raised his chin slightly, and showed a stubbornness in his thin body.

The physical fitness teacher was stunned for a moment, “Are you sure?”

Tang Bai looked forward and said loudly: “Yes, sir!”

“Okay, now everyone go run five laps on the playground!” The physical fitness teacher gave the order, and the team ran out with the tail of the team led by Bai Li.

The scorching sun outside was very poisonous, and the playground was as hot as a large steamer. Tang Bai had only run half a lap when a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

In the center of the track was a green grassy field, on which a group of military cadets were playing football. When someone saw Tang Bai following the team, they stopped kicking the ball and followed Tang Bai stupidly.

The School of Etiquette also organized omega running, but the running time was usually early in the morning, when the sun had not yet come out, the breeze was blowing, and there were birds chirping in the treetops.

Tang Bai had never run under such a poisonous sun, and he had never run so fast.

It was too fast. Everyone in this team was taking too big steps. Even Rong Yao, who looked the thinnest, ran so fast and easily.

“Tang Bai, take three steps and breathe in, take three steps and breathe out.” Rong Yao’s reminder came to his ears.

Tang Bai tried hard to inhale and breathe according to the breathing method Rong Yao said, but after finishing the first lap, he had lost most of his energy.

The sun was so poisonous, everyone ran so fast, and the runway was so long.

Tang Bai tried hard to keep up with the team’s pace, but on the second lap, he inevitably fell out of the team formation.

Then he heard someone in the team say: “Bai Li, run slower!”

But Tang Bai couldn’t hear any more sounds, and the distance between him and the team was getting farther and farther.

His feet began to feel numb, and his stomach seemed to hurt. This was physical pain that could not be transferred with his will. He tried to think of something to ignore the pain.

What was he thinking about?

If an alpha entered the Etiquette Academy, he would definitely be in a hurry when doing aerobics for the first time and would not be able to keep up with the rhythm.

If he took a cooking class, maybe the food he cooked would be so unpalatable that he would vomit.

Ah, running made him really want to vomit.

His legs were as heavy as lead. Tang Bai really wanted to stop and take a few steps. He wanted to cry a little bit, because the last bit of strength in his body was about to be squeezed out, and it seemed that he could only cry at this time.

Tang Bai could feel that many military students were looking at him on the green field, but he was so tired that he had no strength to turn around and look at the expressions of those people.

Was it mockery?

Or sympathy?

The team on the fourth lap easily passed him who was still on the third lap.

In the midst of extreme exhaustion, Xie Ruheng in the book suddenly appeared in his dizzy mind.

——”Don’t let me hear any sexist words again. Alphas are not nobler than omegas.”

——”As long as there is an alpha who can defeat me, I will take off this military uniform immediately.”

——”I heard that people will turn into stars after death. The star I turned into should be distant, small, out of touch, and stuck in the dark clouds. Just like my life had been deviant and maverick, stuck in many… Impossible things.”

In fact, sometimes running was the same as many things. You had to be exhausted, you had to go beyond the limit, you had to do your best lap after lap, in order to feel lonely but free.

Every step Tang Bai took seemed to be stepping on the footprints of another person in parallel time and space.

He was obviously exhausted to the extreme, and even thought that his body had reached its limit, but if he persisted for a while longer, he would suddenly reach the critical point at a certain moment.

His groggy brain would wake up again, and everything became calm and clear.

The eyes of others were not important, this was just a contest between him and himself.

The team that had finished five laps had stopped, and everyone stood at the finish line, quietly watching the slender figure running towards them step by step.

His face was red and he ran very slowly, but no matter how slow he was, the distance between him and the finish line was gradually shortening, from fifty meters to twenty meters, and finally to ten meters, five meters, and three meters.

Tang Bai finally crossed the finish line. At that moment, his body instantly softened, his eyes turned black, and every breath he took was painful. Someone supported him and helped him walk slowly.

“You can’t sit down now.” Rong Yao handed the water to Tang Bai, “Would you like to take a sip?”

“How about it, do you want to go to the infirmary? I’ll carry you there.” Mo Zheng said.

A group of military cadets surrounded him. Someone took out a pack of wet wipes, someone held an umbrella for Tang Bai, and someone took out a small electric fan from nowhere and blew it on Tang Bai.

When Tang Bai saw how nervous his classmates were, he smiled and said, “It’s okay. I’ll just rest for a while. You don’t need to come here to take care of me.”

The next training was getting divided into groups for a fighting competition. The teacher divided the students into groups according to their strength. Bai Li and Mo Zheng were in one group. Tang Bai had not learned the basics of fighting, so he was not asked to form a team. He thus stood next to the physical fitness teacher and observed other people’s fighting.

All the students in the other groups were able to beat their opponents to a point and stop, but Mo Zheng was the only one who dealt a cruel blow to Bai Li.

The two alphas were biting each other like furious beasts. Mo Zheng started beating the other party, while being as brutal and animalistic as his mecha-making style, on the other hand Bai Li’s fighting style was very open and mixed.

In the end, the discussion ended with Bai Li bleeding from the corners of his mouth and Mo Zheng’s eyes having turned blue.

The next training was a climbing obstacle challenge, which required students to climb a twenty-meter-high natural artificial rock wall.

The physical fitness teacher confirmed that Tang Bai was in a good enough condition to continue completing the task and agreed to Tang Bai’s request.

“Haha, why are you still trying to act strong after this?” Bai Li’s mocking expression touched the wound at the corner of his mouth, and he couldn’t help but hiss.

Tang Bai still treated Bai Li as air and put on climbing equipment under the guidance of the physical fitness teacher.

Bai Li stood leaning against the pillar with his arms folded. He watched Tang Bai unskilledly install the safety equipment on his waist, with a hint of irritation evident in his green eyes.

It was like going back to eight years ago. He wanted to persuade Bai Zhi not to have his own way, but no matter how he tried to persuade him, whether he made a fuss or begged, his brother’s slender head couldn’t be moved by him.

He went to have a fight with the alpha who broke off the engagement with his brother. He was beaten until he was bruised and swollen. And when he came home, he saw his father was so angry that he wanted to slap his brother. He rushed to protect his brother, but was beaten into a pig’s head again, in short, it was a period of chaos.

Why do you have to be so stubborn?

Why not do what an omega should do.

Why do you have to make yourself suffer?

A height of twenty meters would be too difficult for a thin beta, let alone an omega?

As expected, Tang Bai accidentally fell down midway through his first climb. Even with a safety rope and safety mat, he still hit the uneven artificial rock wall hard due to inertia.

Bai Li grabbed a handful of hair angrily. He wanted to smoke to calm down, but smoking was not allowed in class.

Watching Tang Bai’s persistence for the second time, Bai Li clenched his hands into fists anxiously. If Mo Zheng provoked him again now, he would definitely knock out all of Mo Zheng’s teeth.

“He is so enlightened!”

“This time it’s obviously much better than the last time.”

“His physical coordination is really good.”

“If running hadn’t consumed too much of his physical energy before, I think Tang Bai could have done better.”

There were expressions of emotion from other students all around.

Even Bai Li had to admit that Tang Bai was indeed a very talented omega, but when he looked at the figure that could be blown away by a gust of wind climbing hard, he still couldn’t help but say in an evil voice: “He’ll fall.”

Sure enough, a figure that was only one step away from missing fell straight down again.

This time he climbed higher and fell harder. There were exclamations all around, and even Bai Li subconsciously took a step forward.

He saw Tang Bai slowly getting up again. The beautiful little omega smiled sheepishly at the people who cared about him. He exchanged some things with the physical fitness teacher. After ten minutes of rest, he fastened his safety equipment again.

“Can he do it this time?”

Mo Zheng heard someone ask this question. He also heard this question asked when Tang Bai challenged the entire network to the Q&A session.

So, Mo Zheng said calmly: “Yes.”

His voice was neither high nor low, just enough for everyone around him to hear. Rong Yao glanced at Mo Zheng, with no doubts on his face.

In fact, anyone who had gone to the finals of the mecha manufacturing competition would find it difficult to question that figure.

The man was very slender, with the softest appearance of an omega, as if he was made of candy and spices, and his voice was sweet and soft, as if he was telling an impossible fairy tale, but everything he said came true.

He promised to complete the final tasks as soon as possible without affecting the progress of the competition.

Then he finished the C paper in six hours, twice as fast as normal.

He said that the entire Internet could give him questions, and if everyone asked one question, he would answer one.

Then he compared with Cheng Yangbin, put him to shame and proved himself with absolute strength.

Now he said he was going to try again.

Everyone held their breath and looked at the figure. It was an omega’s slender figure. His hands and feet were smaller than an alpha’s. There were some smaller hand and foot points that the alpha was difficult to grasp and step on, but for this omega, it was not difficult.

He did not follow the route that most alphas would choose but found the one that suited him best. This time he completed it better than ever before, avoiding all the previous mistakes, and climbed step by step to the highest point with unusual determination.

As he was getting closer and closer to the finish line, everyone’s hearts were in their throats unconsciously, and someone shouted loudly: “Come on!”

“Come on, Tang Bai!”

With cheer after cheer, Tang Bai finally climbed to the top. He seemed to have completed a graceful dance on the rock and showed an extremely bright smile to the cheering crowd.

His amber eyes were curved, and two small dimples appeared on his face sweetly, as he smiled like a bright little sun.

Warm applause suddenly broke out in an instant. This time, Bai Li stood in the crowd. He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he said nothing.

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