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“I haven’t thought about opening a store yet, but I’ll inform you when the store opens.”

Except when Su Yemu was arrested by the master to help at state banquets or high-end banquets, he just hid in his own small kitchen and fiddled around, never thinking about opening a store to make money. It had everything to do with the fact that he could earn a lot every time, but he spent little. The reason why he was broadcasting live now was because he lacked money. He would continue to lack money since he had transmigrated here. At least for Xiaonan to go to school, he would need to prepare for expensive tuition.

Now that he was in the interstellar era, he seemed to have only this point to take out. So, opening a store was a good choice.

While talking, Su Yemu had already started processing the mushroom chicken soup, he started by cutting the chicken into eight pieces and draining it to remove the blood, then he added the soaked morels, lean meat, dried tangerine peel, dried longan, ginger, and garlic to the boiling water and boiled it over a high fire, and then he left it to boil on a medium fire to boil for forty minutes.

“Fungus has the effect of improving immunity and relieving cough. It is very suitable for children to drink.”

[The anchor’s science has written down that the kitchen utensils I ordered are coming soon, then I will cook with the anchor at that time.]

[Unfortunately, I cook too unpalatable food.]

The pumpkin that was cut into pieces and steamed in the pot before the live broadcast was ready; Su Yemu took out the soft pumpkin and pressed it into a puree, added condensed milk, flour, and glutinous rice flour to it, then he stirred it well and kneaded the mixture into a ball, and then divided it into small balls.

The deliciousness of the pumpkin pie was determined by the dough, so when kneading the dough, the force must be even, the dough should be tough enough, so that pumpkin pie which came out would be soft and glutinous.

After pressing the small dumplings into cakes, Su Yemu began to fry them in the pan.

[I found that the host made a lot today. How many people will the host draw?]

“Because this is the first time to draw lucky viewers, and you had to wait for two more days, this time we will draw 20 lucky viewers, but due to the heavy workload and because it takes too long, it will not be like this every day, I hope everyone understands.” Su Yemu planned to draw twice a day in the future, so that he could relax a lot and still have time to do other things in the future.

[The anchor has worked hard, the food for 20 people can be completed in such a short time, the anchor is already very powerful.]

[Although I want to say that 20 draws are very few, but seeing the anchor I still feel heartbroken, his face is red from being busy.]

[I got up, no matter what, I put a tube of nutrient solution in my mouth and am waiting.]

[I can already smell the fragrance, I’m so hungry. There is the taste of soup and meat. If one smells it carefully, I can even smell the sweetness. No, my saliva is coming out, and I want to eat it.]

“You can’t eat it yet, these are still raw.” Su Yemu hurriedly reminded the fans that they would get burnt if they stretched out their hands.

[Haha, the anchor is reminding us earnestly, did you forget, this is hologram, it’s all data.]

“Even if it’s data, the moment it’s hot, you can still feel pain, don’t you?”

[Awful, heart-wrenching feeling.]

[The anchor is so gentle.]

[I was teased, what should I do? My heart is beating too fast, can you cure it?]

The screen was full of teasing, but Su Yemu, who was already focusing on making pumpkin pie, didn’t see it. He fried it in a pan for about three minutes. At this time, the audience couldn’t help but take action.

The golden pumpkin pie was beautiful and smooth in color, crispy on the outside and glutinous on the inside. The fragrance of the pumpkin was soft, glutinous and delicious. After eating it for the first time, they wanted to eat a second one.

[Delicious, delicious, I can’t think of any adjectives, only these two words can represent my mood.]

[Now start praying, today the lucky audience must have me, must have.]

Everyone was still rushing to eat, but Su Yemu had already cooked one pot after another, and it took more than twenty minutes in total.

At this time, the mushroom chicken soup and Dongpo meat were also ready to serve. Su Yemu put out a portion of the chicken soup and Dongpo meat for everyone’s convenience, then he started to pack it in the food box; while the rice had already been placed in the boxes.

The meat was tender, the color was red and bright, the flavour was strong, and the Dongpo pork with strong flavour after being put out was very popular.

[Dongpo meat is sweet and soft, fatty but not greasy, I absolutely need a bowl of rice.]

[It’s so delicious, I’d like to eat until I become 20 pounds fatter.]

[I’ve already fallen in love with the man named Dongpo.]

[The soup is delicious, rich, and fragrant, I’ve never had such a delicious soup, it’s the main star, the soups in several stores are unpalatable and expensive, and I don’t know how they have the face to collect money.]

[Here, it’s this feeling again, so comfortable, this soup has magic power.]

[The soup is delicious; after drinking it, my life is satisfied!]

System: ‘I’m a Carnivore’ cast a captain, everyone, come to the [Gourmet Live Room] to pick up fighters!

System: ‘Erha’ casts two star ships, ‘I want to eat delicious food’ casts one starship, ‘I am a legend’ casts three spaceships…

The gifts kept falling, and the system kept on announcing constantly, one after another a wave of people poured in, greeted them without fighting, and attacked the food directly. Su Yemu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was a hologram.

Twenty servings of food had been packed, and the people who had been rushing to eat it suddenly had a cold back:

[Can I apply to cancel the lottery? I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to get it, why don’t I stop smoking and let me eat like this for a night?]

[The number of people watching silently, there are already 40,000 people, you all go out, go out, hum!]

[Excuse me, is there a first come first served rule here?]

[The previous one is thinking too much.]

“Then I’ll start.” After the words were finished, Su Yemu issued a lottery instruction to the terminal, and one name after another was sent out from the system, there were mourning and cheering, and it was extremely lively.

[I’m a Carnivore: I got it, I got it, God help me too.]

[Erha: Hahaha, I have it too, I have it too.]

[I am a legend: I have it too, oh yeah! Thank you, the anchor, the empire, and mom and dad.]

A total of 20 copies. After the draw, Su Yemu faced the screen, and everyone wailed, “It’s here again, don’t!”

“I’ll be here today, in about twenty-five minutes, Xing Di will deliver the food to everyone; in addition, if you want to know the daily live broadcast time, please pay attention to the announcement column of the live broadcast room at 9:00 in the morning, goodbye everyone.”

The live broadcast was turned off, and five minutes later, Xing Di came to bring the food box. At the same time, the live broadcast platform promoted Su Yemu’s video, but within half an hour, the number of followers in his live broadcast room exceeded 100,000, and he became an orange anchor. After only three live broadcasts, the number of people exceeded 100,000. Except for the anchors with the above chef certificates, no one currently had this treatment.

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