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“Let’s welcome the new classmate, Mu Yixi!” Teacher Chen laughed and took the lead in applauding.

“Mu Yixi? There is only one word difference from Mu Yiqi’s name.”

“Ah, he and Mu Yiqi look alike!”

“Is he Mu Yiqi’s younger brother?”

“It’s strange…”

“He’s so beautiful……”

Amidst all the discussion, applause broke out in the classroom, and Mu Yiqi applauded particularly vigorously. Looking at Mu Yixi, the smile on his face was big.

After the summer vacation, Mu Yixi was no longer shy and cowardly like when he first entered Mu’s house. He became confident and clear-headed. The face similar to Mu Yiqi always smiled and looked delicate and gentle.

“Hello everyone, my name is Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi’s elder brother. I would like to ask everyone for advice in the future.” Mu Yixi nodded slightly. At this moment, he calmly said his identity in front of everyone, which was completely different from the mood of his previous life. Because Mu Yiqi sincerely accepted him and treated him as an older brother, he was even proud of his identity.

Under everyone’s gaze, he walked up to the seat next to Mu Yiqi and sat down. This is what Mu Yiqi strongly requested, and he had been looking forward to going to school with Mu Yixi for a long time. Mrs. Mu also worried that Mu Yixi would not be able to adapt for a while, and asked Mu Yiqi to take care of his brother. Mu Yiqi slapped his chest and promised that he could not wait to turn into an old hen and circle around Mu Yixi[1]. It was completely different from the attitude of dismissing Mu Yixuan as a dragging oil bottle[2].

Throughout the class, Mu Yixi laughed and found that Mu Yiqi turned his head to look at him almost every five minutes. The teacher on the stage looked at them several times with warning but did not say anything to reprimand them. It was estimated that she was entrusted in advance. Most of the younger generation of Mu’s family studied in Ya’an, and the family paid great attention to Ya’an, so there must be a lot of force behind them.

As soon as the bell for class ending rang, Mu Yiqi couldn’t wait to ask Mu Yixi: “Xiaoxi, how do you feel? Do you understand what the teacher said?” His tone was a little cautious, as if Mu Yixi didn’t speak well, he would immediately report to Mrs. Mu.

This overwhelming sense of responsibility made people dumbfounded.

“Well, I’m fine, I can understand.” Mu Yixi said: “If I don’t understand, I will ask you later.”

“No problem.” Mu Yiqi said broadly, “You just ask me. If I don’t understand as well, we can ask the teacher together.”

“Good.” Mu Yixi nodded obediently.

Mu Yiqi was satisfied. Little brother was not hard to bring along! <( ̄︶ ̄)>

“Hey, see who is here?” Feng Kun came over with Fang Wei, his chubby follower, and cried out with a strange tone.

“Feng Kun, what are you doing here?” Mu Yiqi frowned and said impatiently. The unpleasant contact during the summer vacation made his relationship with Feng Kun even worse. They also had a fight!

“Hello, Xiao Kun.” Mu Yixi smiled and greeted: “It’s been a long time.”

Somehow, Feng Kun saw his smiling face, and his body suddenly began to ache. After fighting with Qin He, Mu Yixi, and Mu Yiqi that time, his whole body was in pain for several days. His mother Zhong Ruizhen thought he was sick and was so scared to death, she dragged him to do countless examinations. Although it proved to be okay afterwards, Feng Kun suffered a lot. Feng Kun firmly believed that Mu Yixi caused him to be like this, but Zhong Ruizhen only treated it as him hating Mu Yixi and promised to avenge him in the future, but she didn’t believe his rhetoric at all, making Feng Kun extremely depressed.

On the first day of the new session, Feng Kun felt great when he saw the person he wanted to retaliate against. He would never let him get better in the future.

But imagination was beautiful, and reality was cruel. When they really came face to face, Feng Kun found that he felt a little frustrated when he looked at Mu Yixi, especially when he saw his smile, he always felt that he was digging a hole waiting for him to jump.

But Mu Yiqi was staring beside him, and Feng Kun couldn’t lose face.

“Hmph, Mu Yixi, just you wait!” He gave Mu Yixi a threatening look.

“Try it!” Mu Yiqi shot back immediately.

“Don’t worry, Xiaoqi and I will wait.” Mu Yixi said.

Feng Kun gritted his teeth, grunted heavily, and walked away. His follower Fang Wei couldn’t speak from beginning to end and glared at them then followed after Feng Kun. His facial features were so fat that they were crowded together. They were not scary at all, but rather funny.

Mu Yixi shamefully liked the competitive state of beating these opponents single-handedly. Sure enough, as long as Feng Weiming was not there, he could roll over these children at will.

“Xiaoxi, you call me wherever you go in the future.” Mu Yiqi said: “If Feng Kun sees you alone, he may try to bully you.”

Mu Yixi narrowed his eyes and said, “He bullied you like this?

“Does he dare? I would beat him!” Mu Yiqi raised his small fist: “But I have seen him bullying others.” He became worried again. He didn’t like Feng Kun, even if he did not bully others himself, he encouraged his classmates to take action, keeping himself clean every time. Mu Yiqi felt that this was not good. Of course, the matter of bullying someone who was inferior to him was nothing remarkable in itself.

Oh. Mu Yixi understood. Feng Kun should have been taught by Zhong Ruizhen to prevent him from touching people who can’t be touched, such as Mu Yiqi- of course, if Mu Yiqi starts it first, Feng Kun could fight back, just like the last time. But for people whose status and background were inferior to him, such as him, Feng Kun would really not be polite.

“He dares to bully you, I will beat him! You have to be careful, huh?” Mu Yiqi told Mu Yixi again. In fact, after long-term contact, Mu Yiqi was not unaware that Mu Yixi was not as easily bullied as he had imagined-at that time, his energy when beating Feng Kun was so fierce! But Mu Yixi’s first impression of weakness and thinness on him was too deep, and Mu Yiqi’s desire for protection would unconsciously flourish when he faced him.

Mu Yixi smiled and nodded in agreement.

The primary school curriculum was very simple for Mu Yixi. Even though the level of Ya’an Primary School was higher than that of ordinary primary schools, it was still not difficult for him. In fact, most of the students in the same class behaved very relaxed. The children who could study here were from good backgrounds, either with a particularly high IQ, or with a tutor at home to improve their level, so that they would not be dragged down when they came to school.

Even when the teacher announced that a test would be conducted tomorrow, only a small number of people wailed.

Qin He was in the same class with them. After not seeing him for a while, Qin He seemed to have changed, his original domineering and sharp temperament became a little gloomy, as if as soon as there was a disagreement, he would violently hit others. When he saw Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi, he just glanced at them and didn’t speak. The classmate sitting next to him couldn’t wait for him to be far away.

“His parents are getting divorced…” Mu Yiqi explained to Mu Yixi.

Qin He’s mother, Qin Zhengxin, had a strong personality, and she would rather not bend. Her husband Yan Kai did not agree to her terms within the time she gave him. When there was no change in his stance about his son Yan Yu, Qin Zhengxin became cold and determined to divorce. Yan Kai finally said that he would respect her decision. The once happy and harmonious family has since disappeared. Qin Zhengxin and Yan Kai had separated, and the lawyers were handling their divorce procedures.

Qin He’s surname was Qin, so he was to be raised by Qin Zhengxin, and Yan Kai had no objection to it.

But as the only son of the two, Qin He received a heavy blow. There was hostility between his eyebrows, as if he had become an explosive barrel that could explode at any time.

Sure enough, on the first day of school, news came that Qin He was fighting with the classmates next door, and the school notified the parents of both parties.

The next day, Qin He with the corner of his mouth turned green, and under the leadership of Qin Zhengxin, appeared in Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi’s dormitory.

Ya’an Primary School had a residential system. Students started living on campus at the age of six, four people in a dormitory, eating in the school cafeteria, buffet style, dormitory and laundry was handled by housekeeping aunts, other things had to be taken care of by themselves.

Mu Yiqi’s dormitory 206 was originally not completely full, and only three people lived there. One of them didn’t come back to live because he was going abroad, and only a little boy named Lin Xiaoyang remained with Mu Yiqi. After entering school, Mu Yixi was arranged to live in Mu Yiqi’s dormitory.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi both opened their mouths in surprise when they saw Qin He.

Qin Zhengxin, with a haggard face, said to Mu Yiqi: “Qin He is in a bad mood recently, can Xiaoqi help Aunt Xin look after him?” This was the result of her careful consideration. She was exhausted during this period of time. She did not expect that the relationship between husband and wife for many years would not be able to match Yan Kai’s guilt towards Yan Yu. She threatened Yan Kai with a divorce, and Yan Kai agreed for Yan Yu’s sake. Qin Zhengxin suffocated her breath to sever ties with him, but Qin He couldn’t turn the corner, and his temperament had become weird. On the first day of school, he beat a classmate into a pig head. His roommate saw his cruelty and cried and refused to live with him. Qin Zhengxin couldn’t help but think of Mu Yiqi. Although Mu Yixi’s existence made her feel a little bad, but Qin Zhengxin could trust the children taught by Mrs. Mu. Qin He had a stubborn personality, and he was not quite able to play with his peers, but his impression of Mu Yiqi was fairly good.

Mu Yiqi was obviously at a loss when he was asked by an adult in this way and that too a strong adult like Qin Zhengxin. He looked at Qin He who still had a surly face and hesitated. Qin He used to be pretty good, but now…and, they had never been familiar with each other!

He couldn’t help looking at Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi thought sarcastically that even all the luggage was moved over. Asking Mu Yiqi’s opinion was unnecessary. In order to show that he had obtained Mu Yiqi’s consent, he would have something to say to Mrs. Mu. Moreover, Qin Zhengxin only asked Mu Yiqi’s opinions, and arrogantly ignored him and Lin Xiaoyang as air.

If this character was not always protected by Yan Kai, he was afraid that she would not know when she would offend a person who should not be offended. Now that Yan Kai did not have to deal with her, it was only a matter of time.

However, the friendship between Mu Yiqi and Qin He in the previous life was indifferent, and Mu Yixi really didn’t know that Mu Yiqi and Qin He had been in the same dormitory. Qin He was also a well-known figure when he grew up, and he held great power in the Qin clan. Mu Yiqi had a good relationship with him, so it was in his favor for Qin He to live with them.

He gently nodded to Mu Yiqi.

Lin Xiaoyang had always followed Mu Yiqi’s decision, so he had no objection.

“Okay.” Mu Yiqi reluctantly said: “Welcome, Qin He.”

So, Mu Yiqi’s dormitory was full for the first time. However, Mu Yixi didn’t expect that this time the fullness would not last for long, and soon they would be full for the second time, and the one who became their new roommate was actually…

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[1] Take care of Mu Yixi.

[2] Reluctantly accompanying or carrying someone around.

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