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Yan Qing’s foot was slightly numb, but it hurt a little bit less under his caress. Her heart was a bit confused.

Many of her negative feelings were washed away by Huo Yunshen’s careful massage.

Min Jing was right. For a person like Huo Yunshen, even if someone held a gun to his head, he wouldn’t be coerced to do something he didn’t want. If he wanted to accomplish a goal, he could use any other more direct method to accomplish it.

But, President Huo appeared all-powerful. The only matter that he couldn’t control was his wife. In front of the public, he could lose face, his reputation, his image but he didn’t care.

He would rather go through a torturous path, and appear as a controversial picky boss. Just so…. he was using a clumsy but warm way to protect her. He only hoped that she wouldn’t reject him.

Yan Qing once again felt that she was in a tough position.

Did she feel bitter? A little. She felt bitter for President Huo. Did she feel sweet? Yes, she would feel even more sweet if she was Yun Qing.

It was truly bittersweet. And she was stuck right in the middle of bitter and sweet.

“Huo Yunshen, I won’t fight with you. Let’s just speak level-headedly.” Yan Qing cleared her throat, “Thank you for helping me. But that last part, where you directly comment on me…that part isn’t fit for broadcast. It would negatively affect both you and me, and create unnecessary theories. Can you have the production team edit it out?”

Huo Yunshen’s eyelashes fluttered downwards. A dark shadow fell over his face.

He hoarsely replied, “What was wrong with the last part?”

“You gave me so much through those words. You gave the S rank to me. What wasn’t wrong with it?” Yan Qing rubbed her temple. “There’s also something you don’t know. That day, someone saw me get into your car. There’s a rumour that a girl in a yellow dress and President Huo are in a relationship. After I denied it, Song Xueran who was also wearing a yellow dress became the prime suspect. Now, you publicly refuted her while seeming to take my side. Soon, these girls are definitely going to turn their attention to me.”

Huo Yunshen frowned.

Yan Qing patiently spoke, “I’m just a little trainee. I’ll be busy every day. I’ll have to practice 110% every day so that I am deserving of President Huo’s S rank score. I don’t dare to be your rumoured girlfriend. If it airs, I will only get criticized online. I really won’t be able to stand it.”

Huo Yunshen didn’t respond. His head was lowered, focusing on continuing to massage her leg.

His hand was warm. After massaging her injured leg, he continued upwards.

Yan Qing let out a surprised squeak. Her body softened as she leaned back.

Was President Huo a professional? Why was he so good? The pain after dancing was completely erased by his ten fingers.

Huo Yunshen saw her attitude change. Only then did he glance up. Looking straight into her sparkling eyes, he said, “Rumoured girlfriend is wrong. You’re my fiancé. There’s nothing wrong with what I said. It’s beneficial for Huo Corporation, and for me. Everything I’ve done to get to where I am today, it was all so that I could honestly and justly favour you.”

Yan Qing blinked. Her inner warning system flashed red, “Wait wait…….fiancé?”

“The fall of your eighteenth year, you promised that you would marry me when you came of age.” His lips were tightly pursed together, not wanting to show her any sadness. “I already picked a date, just waiting until you are legally able to get married. But you disappeared for three years. That date already passed…..”

Yan Qing was anxious but didn’t know what else to say.

Huo Yunshen this stubborn kid. Even if she recounted her life from ages 1 to 22, he wouldn’t listen. He would still believe she was Yun Qing.

She finally understood Huo Yunshen. He was just a complete crazy person. The show couldn’t become her safe haven. Instead, it was now another place under his control.

If she really wanted to settle things, she’d have to stick a pen to her throat again.

The one he loved was Yun Qing. Then if….as long as she could prove that she and Yun Qing were only alike in name and completely different in every other aspect, then he might be able to face reality and accept the truth.

Yan Qing looked up with renewed energy, “President Huo, tell me. What about Yun Qing do you like?”


Yan Qing thought of another way to express her words, “Why did you fall in love with her?”

“There’s no reason.”

Yan Qing felt like she was being forced to eat dog food. Helplessly, she tried again, “What I mean is, did Yun Qing treat you well?”

Huo Yunshen kept his eyes on her, “She did. Everyone saw me as a sick person. Everyone was afraid of me, hated me. But, she loved me.”

Yan Qing silently ranted. He was pretty crazy. But his words was still hurtful to hear. The only person that loved him was gone.

She asked again, “Then did Yun Qing have a good personality? She must have been warm and caring like a little angel. The kind that didn’t care about money and only cared about loved ones.”

Seeing President Huo’s reaction, she knew she was right.

If it was like that, then Yan Qing decided she would just do the exact opposite.

Yan Qing quietly clasped her hands together. Goddess, I’m sorry. President Huo I’m sorry. I’m only doing this because it’s the only option.

On the rest of ride, Yan Qing tried to change her image. She kept an indifferent face. When Huo Yunshen asked questions like “how’s your physical health in the spring or fall”, or “what’s your relationship with He Mingjin”, she coldly ignored him.

After ten minutes, the car drove to a private hospital’s underground garage. They had full privacy there, so, Yan Qing could continue her act. As Huo Yunshen moved to carry her out of the car, she mustered all her strength, and slapped her hand to push him away. Her piercing eyes glared at him. Fiercely, she snapped. “Huo Yunshen, stop touching me! I can walk myself. Leave me alone!”

She shoved his hand back, preparing to bear the pain and walk forward. But when she looked down, she remembered Huo Yunshen had taken off her shoes!

Yan Qing grimaced, but she couldn’t just stop here. She put her feet on the group and hopped forward.

Huo Yunshen’s face darkened. He stepped forward to support her. Yan Qing pushed him away. Bitingly, she said, “Why are you doing this? I already told you to not touch me. I hate people like you the most! You don’t have any respect, just because you have money you think you can do whatever you want! When you touch me….” She stuttered. “I only feel disgusted!”

“Hate” and “Disgusted” must be words that Huo Yunshen was most afraid of hearing.

As expected, she saw his eyes fill with hurt and pain.

Yan Qing’s eyes darted away. Turning, she hopped towards the elevator. She turned her attitude up a notch, “There’s nothing else to do at your company? Aren’t you afraid you’re going to run your company to the ground like this? Can you go and work? Stop following me around like a dog!”

She made sure to match her facial expression with her tone. On the inside, her feelings were more complex. As she continued to castigate, she apologized profusely in her head.

She thought that she might really have the innate potential to be an actress.

When the elevator came, Yan Qing scurried in and quickly pressed the “Door Close” button.

She had already said such mean things. With President Huo’s pride, he would have a fit and ignore her at least momentarily.

But unexpectedly, as the doors closed, a hand reached in. Huo Yunshen entered as Yan Qing ducked her head, fervently avoiding eye contact. Huo Yunshen easily used his strength to pick her up. He didn’t say a word.

Yan Qing pushed and struggled, committed to her act. Her hand accidentally pushed against his stomach a few times. At first she didn’t realize anything was wrong but after noticing his grimace, she swiftly pulled back.

There was no one in the VIP elevator. The hallways on their destination floor was also quiet.

Inside the surgical department, the medical staff was already waiting. Yan Qing silently muttered a few prayers in her mind.

She eyed a light metal tray. As if throwing a tantrum, she pushed the tray down to the ground. “What are you doing? You’re hurting me!”

The pretty young nurse quickly apologized. Full of grievances, she said she didn’t mean to. With her eyes brimming with tears, she peered up at Huo Yunshen, slyly inching closer to his side.

“Why are you looking at him?” Yan Qing’s diva side was taking over. She used a sharp taunting tone, “You like him? You want to climb up the social ladder? If you’re bold you should just throw yourself on him already. “

The nurse was caught in the act. Flustered, she denied it. The rest of the medical staff was silent, unsure of what to do.

Huo Yunshen placed a hand on her head. Glancing to the side, he signalled, “You can leave now.”

He knelt down. After sanitizing both hands and putting on gloves, Huo Yunshen personally treated her wound.

Yan Qing didn’t expect him to do this. She wanted to move her foot away, but Huo Yunshen had already grabbed a hold of her leg. His voice was deeper than before, “Don’t move.”

Huo Yunshen ripped off the gauze. Underneath was her oozing injury. He lightly blew.

Yan Qing shivered. An indescribable numbing sensation warmed her body. Her ears reddened as she turned away, “You….Are you sick? You’re crazy!”

Huo Yunshen didn’t say a word. He silently continued to clean her wound. His movements were gentle.

Yan Qing was on a rollercoaster of emotions. She held her words in her throat.

When her wound was newly bandaged, she sniffed her nose and tried her best to continue to throw her tantrum, “I’m hungry. I don’t want to move. Go buy me pineapple cake. The ones from Ding Xiang Ji. Don’t just send someone else over to get it.”

She saw the snack online. It was a new trending dessert place. She didn’t know whether the desserts were good but she knew the lines were long.

Huo Yunshen smoothed her hair. He informed the bodyguards outside to watch over her, and then left to buy the cake alone. The weather was cold. He wore an outer jacket with a hood to cover his face, and waited in line for a while before being able to buy it.

Carrying cold wind with him back into the hospital, he was worried that he would make her cold. Huo Yunshen first removed his jacket, then re-entered her room again. Yan Qing took the cakes in disdain, before tossing them aside, “I want the ones fresh out of the oven. How am I supposed to eat pineapple cake cold? I’m not in the mood for thus anymore. Get me milk tea instead.”

Huo Yunshen nodded. “Sure.”

She tried her best to think of the most complicated drink order. She couldn’t even remember what she just said, but Huo Yunshen calmly walked out again.

He came back with a warm cup of milk tea, and a pale face.

Yan Qing was filled to the brim with guilt. She angrily drank a sip, before placing the cup down. Lying, she said, “It tastes disgusting. “

She shook her head, “Since you’re so willing to do anything, then come to the shopping mall with me. I didn’t bring much clothes and jewellery with me when I came back from abroad.”

Yun Qing was an obedient kind girl. She definitely would have empathized with Huo Yunshen’s emotions.

But right now Yan Qing was doing everything to step on Huo Yunshen’s boundaries, trying her best to get President Huo to dislike her.

Huo Yunshen lowered his body to pick her up again. Carefully, he adjusted her legs, “Which shop do you want to go?”

“…….The expensive one! The more expensive, the better!”

She was going to make his card explode!

But the reality was, his card couldn’t be swiped to the point of exploding.

Yan Qing wasn’t able to comfortably walk. She awkwardly wobbled through brand name luxury shops. After secretly asking if returns were allowed, she lavishly played up a gold digger persona.

Huo Yunshen followed behind her. Besides making her rest her feet every once in a while, he let her roam freely, making sure he was there to catch her when she loses her balance.

Handsome, understanding, and with an unlimited self-ATM.

Yan Qing bought until she was tired, to the point where she couldn’t even continue to pretend anymore.

She feared making a mistake now so demanded to go back to the film site. Huo Yunshen carries her back to the car. She quickly settled into the passenger seat. To avoid having to discuss with President Huo, she snobbishly ordered the chauffeur to “Just drive.”

Was this annoying enough? Cruel enough?

She didn’t expect Huo Yunshen to immediately reopen the door. Grabbing her arms, he dragged her out of the front passenger side. Putting her over his shoulder, he lifted her up.

Yan Qing clung on from shock, only to be placed into the back seats.

The car doors shut with the bang.

There was a partition between the front and back seats, creating a private space for them. Huo Yunshen’s face was dark.  He reached out a hand and wrapped it around the back of her neck.

Yan Qing nervously gulped, “You, what are you doing? Even if you are now realizing that I’m not your Qingqing, you can’t punish me!”

Huo Yunshen slightly moved his hand, wiping away the little dust mark stuck on her neck.

He liked these intimate moments of physical contact with her.

“Are you done playing?” Huo Yunshen asked.


“Are you going to return to normal now?”

“Huo Yunshen! I’m already behaving like this. Are you still not giving up?” Yan Qing widened her eyes, “I have a bad temper, I don’t have manners, I’m vain, I love money, I love spending money and my goal is to squander you to death. Do you still think that I’m Yun Qing?”

“You are.”

Yan Qing felt like she was going to go crazy too. She poked her face, “And you dare say you love everything about Yun Qing! You really only care about her face, don’t you!”

Huo Yunshen furrowed his brows, purposely appearing daunting. He grabbed Yan Qing’s wrist and pulled her onto his lap.

Unprepared, Yan Qing fell forward and collapsed onto his chest with her butt sticking up.

Huo Yunshen’s hands were abnormally warm. He lifted his free hand and softly patted her buttock.

Yan Qing’s entire face flushed red. She suddenly went into a daze.

A man’s low voice sounded next to her ear, “If you say such nonsense again, I’ll slap here again.”

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