SN Ch. 13

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Yan Qing changed into a pair of thick knitted wide-leg pants during the shopping spree. But now that Mr. Huo was beating, it seemed as if there was no wool. She was not stripped naked, but it was like being stripped naked and her butt on one side was hot.

Huo Yunshen hit her unexpectedly.

Also, she was hit on the most shameful part.

This person was really amazing! He quietly suffered so much of her acting like a demon, but because of the phrase “only loves Yun Qing’s face”, he was so angry that he became abnormal.

Yan Qing couldn’t even resist, and the helplessness and grievances in her chest suddenly broke out. She simply lay flat in this posture, cried out of control on Huo Yunshen’s legs, and wiped her tears all over his suit pants.

“Huo Yunshen, can you review yourself?! You are such a bully!”

“I am a very ordinary person. I just want to go back to my country and live a stable life. I have never thought of climbing up the social circle with a powerful person like you. Can you blame me for having a face like Yun Qing? What am I doing wrong that I am entangled by you?”

“How about you teach me how to make you give up!”

Yan Qing got too emotional; and this opened the flood gate. She couldn’t stop, and even her breath was choked.

She didn’t want to be a bad person, didn’t want to hurt him, but she didn’t want to become another person in a daze, getting lost in a love that didn’t actually belong to her.

What Huo Yunshen had was the capital to make people sink. She knew it very well, so she was afraid.

Huo Yunshen lifted her up, pulled the blanket that was reserved for her in the car, wrapped it around her in a cocoon that she couldn’t escape, and hugged her tightly in his arms.

He gritted his teeth and said arduously, “You, damn it.”

Yan Qing was forced to stick to his chest, and her hands trembled slightly as his heart beat violently.

“No one has taught me what to do if Qingqing doesn’t want me, so I can’t teach you how to get rid of Huo Yunshen.”

Yan Qing wanted to bite his neck to vent her anger.

Huo Yunshen bowed his head deeply, searched for her lips, touched the tear marks at the end of her eyes, and sucked them bit by bit.

The action was pious and persistent, but it also revealed a madness that could not be ignored.

He said with a gravelly voice, “Qingqing, don’t make it difficult for yourself. You pretended to be tiresome for most of the day?”

Yan Qing choked, he knew everything …

He said in a deep tone, “If you haven’t had enough, I will accompany you to continue. You can toss me however you want, and it doesn’t matter how bad you act. For me, I am willing to suffer, for others, I will protect you from the aftermath, until you can understand, no matter how bad you think you are, I still love you.”

He immediately asked, “In the lounge, He Xingjian said that you are physically and mentally weak every spring and autumn. What does it mean?”

This man’s aura became slightly more revealing, with a hint of questioning. Yan Qing didn’t consciously turn aside from him, and replied dully, “I said before that I had a serious illness. Once I passed out, I bumped my head, suffered a concussion, and it left some sequelae. I checked with a doctor, and he said there was no other way but slow recuperation. It won’t affect my life. It will get better after a long time. It’s as simple as that.”

“What disease? Where did you crash? Which hospital and doctor did the diagnosis? How much sequelae?”

Yan Qing thought for a moment. She was crying too hard just now, and now her temples were throbbing and hurting, she frowned unconsciously and pushed him repulsively, “Are you changing the topic! You figure out where your problem is now, don’t change the subject with irrelevant things.”

Huo Yunshen saw that her complexion had become a little bad, remembered Dr. He’s instructions, resisted the impulse, and swept her head to comfort her: “…Okay, don’t remember those, let’s talk about something else, you tell me, He Xingjian… What’s going on with him, this question shouldn’t be difficult.”

Yan Qing almost blurted out, “Nothing”.

When it came to her mouth, she held it back in time.

Her eyes lit up again.

Since being a demon couldn’t let Mr. Huo give up on her, then… maybe if she could make up a boyfriend!

With his perverted control of desire and cleanliness, it was estimated that Yun Qing would be angry if she had a relationship with other men before. If she lied to him that He Xingjian had interacted with her, he might throw her out of the car in anger.

That’s great.

Yan Qing never let go of the last possible straw, and boldly said: “He Xingjian? He is my ex-boyfriend.”

Her voice fell, and the atmosphere was like a frozen ice cellar.

Huo Yunshen’s soothing hands stopped, and the air conditioner in the airtight compartment seemed to be malfunctioning. As she listened to the man’s gradual breathing, she couldn’t help but feel the cold in her bones.

She was a little flustered, and tried to add: “We…we dated when we were in Canada, and we broke up, you…don’t trouble him, he is innocent.”

Yan Qing lied mechanically and didn’t dare to look at Huo Yunshen’s face.

Taking advantage of him, she seized the opportunity to climb down his legs, squeezed to the farthest corner from him, hugged her knees, and waited for him to get angry and throw her out.

But even after the car drove for a long time, Huo Yunshen remained silent.

Yan Qing finally couldn’t help it, and she looked at him from the side of her vision, and saw the strange street light outside the window coming into the car, brushing his side face, and the half-open black pupils showed some hints of water.

She hurt his heart deeply.

This kind of pain came from the depths of the soul.

She opened her mouth and couldn’t help but want to explain. Huo Yunshen spoke at this time, and the few words were broken, “OK, broke up?”


He twisted his mouth and stared out of the window, his voice distorted. “Just break up.”

Yan Qing wanted to wait for the dull pain in her heart to pass. The phone in her pocket suddenly shook. She took it out and opened it. It was an WeChat sent by An Lan.

“Yanyan, how is your foot? I’m sorry I didn’t find you were injured in time, so don’t be angry.”

“Song Xueran’s matter has been handled. Now the program team has officially expelled her. It has only been a few hours and the Internet is full of all kinds of black history about how she has harmed her teammates.”

“As for the end of the program segment, Huo Corporation has told us to cut or change the end of the program, they have said that you would be at home with Huo family, since you are a family friend, and you have known Huo Yunshen since he was a child. He came here to take care of you on the show. Why didn’t you talk about such a big thing before? If you would have told me, how could you suffer this kind of crime.”

Yan Qing didn’t reply, just grabbed the phone, and felt sour everywhere.

Huo Yunshen seemed to be very dictatorial before. In fact, he listened to her opinions silently, handled these matters neatly in secret, respected her wishes, and agreed to change the section of the program.

But what did she do.

Most of the day, he bullied him like this.

Yan Qing sighed long.

She even said that she had a boyfriend, and Huo Yunshen didn’t dislike her at all or had the intention of throwing her away, how uncomfortable he was, but he only told her “it’s fine if you have broken up.”

It’s useless, all her tricks would not shake him.

Yan Qing conceded, as she had no choice.

The car returned to the place where the show was being recorded and parked under the concealed porch.

Huo Yunshen leaned down and put on her shoes and socks for her carefully. His fingers were no longer hot but cold like ice.

Yan Qing pressed her emotions down, pushed the door and got out of the car. The moment the door closed, she heard a muffled coughing sound inside, but it was smothered so hard as if he didn’t want her to hear it.

On such a cold day, she told him to go out to line up to buy things again and again, and hit his stomach, when he was already hurting.

Yan Qing was finally defeated.

Some kind of impulse she couldn’t control made her unable to restrain. She seemed to have a separate consciousness in her body, so she slammed the car door, entered the building at the fastest speed, and asked Ouyang to deliver her bag and thermos.

After the handover was completed on the first floor, Yan Qing found the red jujube ginger tea in the bag, made a cup with boiling water, turned out the throat lozenges, and came back outside.

Sure enough, the car was still parked there, but the dark glass didn’t allow people to see inside.

Yan Qing forgot the pain in her left foot, hurried to the door of Huo Yunshen’s side out of breath, bent her fingers and knocked.

The door opened immediately.

Huo Yunshen looked at her with bloodshot eyes.

Yan Qing was a little incoherent: “Just…I lied just now. He Xingjian did chase me, but I didn’t agree. I didn’t have a relationship with him or anyone else.”

She kept going and put the thermos cup in his hand: “This ginger tea will warm your stomach, you go back and drink some.”

“And…” She tore a small package of throat lozenges again, stiffened a little bit helplessly, and stuffed it directly into his lips, “You have cold, right? This works, don’t cough after eating.”

Yan Qing didn’t lift her eyes, and had no confidence to look at Huo Yunshen.

After all the things to be delivered were delivered, she felt that there was a lack of finishing touches, which would not be a good way to go.

“Actually, no matter how hard you are, you haven’t deliberately bullied me, so I should apologize for today’s extreme behaviour.”

Yan Qing pursed her red lips, and couldn’t think of any words suitable for comfort. Huo Yunshen seemed to be waiting for something.


She hesitated, stretched out her hand, and tremblingly touched Mr. Huo’s head. In the moonlight, her tone was soft and light, like soothing an injured child: “…Shenshen, I’m sorry, today I’ve wronged you.”

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