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She was very gentle, her long black hair was raised in the night breeze, half covering her small cheeks, the light in her eyes was especially soft because of guilt, making Huo Yunshen’s heart crush into mud and then gather its shape again.

Qingqing’s memory was destroyed, but there were countless habits buried in her blood and subconsciousness.

When he used to be sad and sulking, she would always come over obediently, pull him down by the collar, touch the top of his head with her delicate hand, soothed his mouth glutinously, and replace “Huo Yunshen” with a more intimate word. “My family has been deeply wronged.”

Now, she had forgotten him and tried her best to escape, but in the depths of her consciousness that even she couldn’t touch, she was still his Qingqing.

Huo Yunshen’s eye sockets were burning hot, grabbing Yan Qing’s hand, and pulling her into his arms. There was a choking in his throat, he still said: “You don’t know me, but you can feel my weakness clearly. The knife stabbed like this was also accurate.”

Yan Qing’s heart was scorched by the heat, but she couldn’t bear to struggle.

Huo Yunshen was comforted, those grievances were on the rise, and the desire for her intensified. He wanted to beg her for more care, and even wanted to lock her up, trapped in a world where they were alone, so that no one else could touch her.

He asked in a dumb voice, “Why did you come back, knowing that I don’t need you to apologize? Don’t you want to let me go? What if I am sick? Do you care?!” I want to hear “care”…

Please say “care” .

Yan Qing had a good reason: “Because…because I feel bad about it, isn’t it okay to be kind?”

Huo Yunshen trembled deeply.

Yan Qing was immersed in his body temperature, her heart rate continued to be unbalanced, and there was a bang in her ears.

As soon as she was about to push him away a little bit, she heard his voice become much lower, his lips pressed against her earlobes, and he murmured almost imploringly: “Qingqing, when I say this, I hope you tell me… you care about me.”

The person who was still pressing her with red eyes just now lowered his head and took the initiative to open his heart, revealing his most fragile desire.

Yan Qing found sadly that she could not ignore him.

Mr. Huo, who went and stood in a line in rain outside, ran to her and suffered a lot of abuse, and now pitifully only begged for two words.

If she disagreed, it would be too bad.

Besides, whether it was out of apology or being a “special friend” for a few days, she always cared.

Yan Qing sighed, softened her body unconsciously, and said cooperatively: “Yes, I care, even as a friend–“

Huo Yunshen refused to let her say the following words, and kissed her casually.

Yan Qing knew that this could not be condoned, and should be resolutely get rid of: “Huo Yunshen, enough is enough, you remember to take medicine, I will go back as my feet are paining, I will go and rest, you don’t come to me.”

She, with sharp eyes, pushed Huo Yunshen back before getting out of the car, closed the door and jumped on one leg in embarrassment, jumped back to the brightly lit place outside the building, and glanced back a little.

He did not come out, probably because she had escaped too miserably.

But his eyes followed like a shadow, sticking to her body.

Yan Qing’s phone vibrated.

Yunshen: “I can’t learn to be in moderation. I didn’t know how to do it before, and I won’t even be able to do it today.” … He was not worthy of pity!

Yan Qing lifted the phone up, turned it off brightly to show him, and limped into the building door.

This building was the main building of the recording venue. The players’ daily accommodation, meals, and training all took place in it. Yan Qing made up her mind. With her current injury, there was no reason to go out of the building before the next recording. When she stayed inside, no one could take her out.

Huo Yunshen should have some scruples when he saw her injuries.

Very good, freedom was here! Although it may be short, one day of hiding counts as one day.

The dormitory had been re-divided according to the preliminary assessment. There were four people in one room. The BCDF group had an even number of people. The distribution was simple. However, there were nine people in the A group. There must be one more. Of course, the only S place was left. Yan Qing’s foot injury was inconvenient, and it was reasonable to enjoy the privilege of a single dormitory, which iwas approved by all the players.

Yan Qing stood in front of her room door, and was opening the door with the key. The dormitories next to her opened one after another, and the girls in different colours of contestant clothes rushed towards her, eagerly asking her about her injuries, caringly.

The small dormitory quickly filled up, and a brood of small sparrows twittered.

“Goddess MU Mian! Asking for an autograph!”

Yan Qing: “I haven’t ever signed an autograph, maybe it’s not pretty…”

“OMG! You are really Mu Mian! Do you know your song that I love so much? All girls listen to me! Touch her! Get talented!”

Yan Qing laughed and said, “Don’t imitate Li Jiaqi.”

“Yanyan, is your foot injury serious? That Song Xueran is too much! Fortunately, everything is cleared out, and you are safe, or you would have been seriously harmed. It’s miserable.”

Yan Qing listened for a while and figured out the ins and outs.

Song Xueran was an orphan. Three years ago, she became the member of the girl group, but there was no big splash. The contract was about to expire and was sent to the draft by the company. If she became popular, they agreed to give her a second female lead role in a big IP. If it still didn’t work, then they won’t renew her contract anymore, that ponytail girl was in the same group and came with her. She was obedient to her. She knew that her own conditions were not as good as Song Xueran, and wanted to rely on her to mix up the shots and topics.

With fate hanging in a draft, Song Xueran used all means to avoid scandals, deliberately stole Yan Qing’s clinical girl’s hairpin and scattered it on the ground, and bought the staff who arranged the order of appearance during the primary assessment. She never thought that Yan Qing would overshadow her opponent in the limelight.

Although the facts were conclusive, in the final analysis, this incident did not cause serious harm. Even if Yan Qing’s injury was identified, it was an ordinary minor injury, and it was not enough to convict Song Xueran, so she was eventually expelled from the show.

When she was sent away, Song Xueran was still shouting, unwilling, and didn’t think she was wrong.

“But I think,” said the little curly hair that imitated Li Jiaqi, “Song Xueran’s black material exploded too fast, it was known to the whole network by afternoon, and it will ruin her completely, there must be a big person instructing it behind.”

Everyone was excited and praised Yan Qing. They were looking at Yan Qing eagerly, hoping she would talk about the certain important person.

Ou Yang came to Yan Qing’s rescue: “Stop it, the statement has already been released, okay.”

“Ah, but also – ‘

“Indeed hey, I heard, they are long-time friends.”

“We really perform well in order to avoid one hundred million words. The eldest lady who just came out to the entertainment industry.”

“No wonder the food box and the cosmetic box before were so expensive—it really was sent by the family!”

Yan Qing wanted to cry without tears, she wanted to explain but couldn’t open her mouth. Well…she was forced to this point. It was hard to ride a tiger, and being a false eldest lady was easier than being the little fugitive wife of the domineering president.

It was late at night when the crowd had dispersed. Yan Qing lay on the bed and took out the phone and turned it on, only to find that Huo Yunshen had sent a WeChat message.

It was a photo.

In the photo, on the double bed, Mr. Huo was lying on one side, showing only a little hair tip, and on the pillow on the other side… actually put her thermos cup?!

Yan Qing’s ears were inexplicably hot…abnormal.

She threw the phone at the end of the bed and stepped on her feet bitterly. She wanted to fall asleep, but she couldn’t help thinking back to a few moments at night.

There were tears in Huo Yunshen’s eyes, and she panicked with distress.

Listening to him coughing, knowing that he was hurt, she instinctively took care of him.

Calling him baby and being close to him was obviously a taboo, but she really couldn’t stop herself.

It always seemed that something did not belong to her consciousness, manipulating her at certain moments, making her feel sour and fiery.

Yan Qing’s temples began to hurt like a knife, and a slight sense of dizziness came. She curled up in the quilt. When she recovered, these questions seemed to disappear again, and all justified reasons were found.

Mr. Huo was good-looking, and good-looking people were naturally painful.

It was because she had done something wrong, so it was normal to make up for it with a guilty conscience.

Who could resist beauty?

And she suspected…

Yan Qing shivered and wrapped the quilt, and cautiously asked the void in the dark: “Goddess Yun Qing, to be honest, sometimes…Do you possess me?”

Yan Qing passed three days like this. She had a stable day, woke up and went to bed early every day. As she was unable to practice dance and had obvious shortcomings in the next knockout match, she must practice singing desperately and choose the track that could give her the most advantage.

The program team specially allocated a small practice room for her. She stayed in it from morning to night, but occasionally shook her mind. She always felt that someone was watching her on the other side. She looked around her a few times but didn’t find anything, so she simply closed the curtains and made sure that there was no gap showing.

Mr. Huo sent a lot of information. She basically pretended not to see, and refused the call because her mobile phone was not around. It was even more impossible to meet…It’s not that she was hypocritical, who asked him to use a thermos to suggest sexual connotations!

On the third night, there was a thin snow, but there was no wind, and the air was clean and fresh. The program crew decided to go out to shoot some location shots.

It was shot in batches from F to A. Yan Qing was arranged very late. Her foot injury was much better and she could walk normally. She was practicing singing while wearing headphones in the practice room while waiting for her turn.

At 9:30, Yan Qing heard the girls in the hallway shouting that they had captured Group B. The song on her earphones just cut to a fast-paced English song, and two text messages popped up on her mobile phone with an unfamiliar number.

“I’m An Lan. I borrowed someone else’s phone because my battery is out. Before you shoot, you should come to the backyard. On behalf of the program team, I need to communicate with you privately about Mr. Huo.”

“Yes. Don’t call, it’s not convenient for others to listen. I’ll go to the backyard bridge and wait for you.”

Yan Qing’s heart sank . Could it be that Huo Yunshen couldn’t catch her and went to make trouble with the program team again?!

An Lan was not a person who made unnecessary fuss, so she would only speak like this if there was something important.

Yan Qing didn’t dare to delay, and hurried out of the practice room. The earphones were still hung and it was too late to remove them. The English songs inside were rushing in rhythm, shaking with her heartbeat.

Leaving the door of the building, Yan Qing felt cold when snow fell on her shoulders. She tightened her coat, avoiding the large group of photographers in the distance, and hurried to the other side of the building to the backyard.

Huo Yunshen had been standing in the snow for a long time.

He didn’t get Qingqing’s response for three days. He ran upstairs to see her, but was blocked by her curtains. He didn’t want to embarrass her while she was injured. But he wanted to see her.

After finally looking around, she avoided the crowd with an uneasy expression, and did not even hear his voice.

Huo Yunshen curled his eyebrows deep and caught up with her.

Yan Qing ran near the bridge, but did not find An Lan. She breathed a sigh of warmth into the palm only then did she find that her earphone was still there. She hurriedly took off the earphone and yelled softly.

There was a faint response from the dim trees next to the covered bridge.

Following the sound, a figure appeared, standing in the dark, looking thin, with a ponytail, wearing a mask, and beckoning to her in work clothes. An Lan had recently caught a cold and often wore a mask. She was right.

Yan Qing ran towards her and asked hurriedly: “Sister An Lan, did he make any trouble for the program group?”

An Lan didn’t answer, but gave a low laugh.

In the darkness of unknown light, the laughter was short and weird, and Yan Qing suddenly felt her scalp numb, something was wrong!

Yan Qing hurriedly wanted to retreat, but the distance between her and the figure had been reduced to a very short distance. “An Lan” quickly raised a dark glass bottle in his hand, pulled off the lid, smiled and raised her head, her red eyes staring at Yan Qing.

Yan Qing’s brain exploded.

It was not An Lan at all!

It was Song Xueran who deliberately dressed up as An Lan!

At almost the same moment, she heard heavy and rapid footsteps coming from the side, as well as a man yelling, calling her name.

Yan Qing’s whole body was stiff, trying to hide, but her legs were weak, and she only took a small step.

Her blood seemed to be frozen, and she couldn’t even turn her head to look at the person who called her.

Song Xueran grinned: “I’m already like this, I’m not afraid of anything! I have to drag you down with me when I go to hell!”

She raised her arm, a pungent smell came from the bottle mouth, and the viscous liquid was poured over Yan Qing’s face.

Yan Qing couldn’t even utter a single word, but she saw the man who threw himself at her desperately.

Her fear rushed to an unprecedented peak, and she instinctively pushed him away, but before her cold fingers could touch his clothes, she was dragged by him.

At an instant of the electric light flint, Huo Yunshen was too late to make any extra moves, using his tall body as a barrier, tightly covering her, and hugging her in his arms.

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