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The team that went with Yu Siyang for Paris Fashion Week was quite large. In addition to the two fixed members Luo Peng and Tang Hang, there was also Ning Weigong from the publicity team, as well as makeup artist Vivian and stylist Rhett. With an interpreter Zhuo Zixin and bodyguard Chen Li, the group of people rushed to the Yunzhong International Airport to wait for the flight.

The airport was one of the celebrities’ favourite shooting locations. It was clearly shot by a professional team after careful modelling. But the drafts sent out were said to be taken by passers-by, which was really embarrassing.

Before departure, Ning Weigong also proposed to bring a photographer, one shot from the airport, one shot on the streets of Paris, and another shot at the show, with a lot of photos in line, they could dominate the screen for a week.

This suggestion was directly rejected by Yu Siyang.

Luo Peng also felt that he had enough attention now, and it would be too much to brush this kind of traffic.

Ning Weigong, who had even thought about the title of the connected manuscript, was very depressed. Didn’t all celebrities now like “street shooting”? The celebrities who had not been “street shooting” at the airport would be embarrassed to say that they were popular. Their celebrity was so pure and unpretentious, and it was not at all the same as the glamorous bastards outside, which made their propaganda team as lonely as snow.

Except for Ning Weigong’s depression, no one else felt the same, and felt that it was better to be able to do less than to do more.

When they arrived at the airport, they could see several teams “street shooting” from afar, and Ning Weigong sighed heavily, “Others “street shoot” in the name of catching the plane, we really catch the plane when we catch the plane.”

“Don’t be depressed, let’s go to the security check.” Luo Peng patted Ning Weigong’s shoulder and glanced at the large group of people around the check-in counter. Many of them were holding cameras. It should be the reporters who was interviewing celebrities. Not knowing who the interviewer was, Yu Siyang was not caught by any reporter. They immediately went to the security check and went to the VIP room to rest and wait for the flight.

Ning Weigong was very curious about the large group of reporters, but he obeyed the command in all his actions, and Luo Peng asked him to go to the security check, and he really did not go over to watch.

The company was very generous and booked first class tickets for everyone on the team. Yu Siyang was ready to sleep as soon as he got on the plane. He did not finish filming until early this morning. After a rest of less than three hours, he set off for the airport to return to Yunzhong city. After arriving at the Yunzhong Domestic airport, he rushed to the international terminal non-stop. The lack of sleep caused him to be completely unable to concentrate.

“When the plane takes off, you should go to sleep,” Luo Peng asked the stewardess for a blanket. “When we get to Paris, we have to go to Mr. Hill first, and you wouldn’t have time to rest.”

“…oh.” Yu Siyang responded after a while.

“Were you shooting until the early hours of the morning?” Luo Peng frowned at the dark circles on Yu Siyang’s face. It stood to reason that Xiaoyu was only twenty years old. It is exactly the age full of vitality. How much did he have to work to have dark circles that were darker than a panda’s.

“…Although it was not in the middle of the night, it was not too far away.” Yu Siyang said slowly.

The two were talking, when two people came into the first class, a man and a woman. The woman was familiar with everyone except Yu Siyang. It was Wen Xiao, who had left the independent studio from All Star Entertainment two years ago, and the man was Wen Xiao’s agent. She was also a partner in her current studio, named Cui Junliang.

Wen Xiao was obviously accustomed to being noticed. Being watched by a group of people at the same time, she was not uncomfortable at all. She went to find her seat on her own but was stunned when she saw Tang Hang.

“Xiaoxiao, why did you stop?” Cui Junliang walked behind Wen Xiao and asked aloud when she stopped abruptly.

Wen Xiao, after two steps, she couldn’t help but stop. The expression on her face was a bit complicated. She said: “Tang Hang, long time no see, how are you?”

Tang Hang heard Wen Xiao’s greeting. Cui Junliang didn’t speak, as he had lost his voice in astonishment: “Tang Hang, why are you here?”

Yu Siyang’s team members, except for Yu Siyang, who was slow to react, everyone else had their ears raised and their eyes sparkling, the three big characters “There is gossip” was just written on their faces, they all looked at the three people in the center of the gossip with piercing eyes.

Tang Hang was silent for a long time, and Yu Siyang, who was slow for a long time, also realized that there was gossip to watch. He sighed and said, “Sister Wen, Brother Cui, long time no see.”

His voice hadn’t fallen yet, when Wen Xiao’s face became pale, and she couldn’t even cover it up with the thick foundation. Cui Junliang looked uncomfortable, but he could clearly see a trace of disgust in his eyes.

“Tang Hang, how are you doing now? Are you still in All Star Entertainment?” Wen Xiao seemed to want to laugh, but the corners of her mouth twitched, not pulling up in an upward arc.

Tang Hang obviously didn’t want to talk to Wen Xiao, so he bowed his head in silence.

Seeing his attitude, Cui Junliang angrily wanted to say a few sarcastic words, but unexpectedly a tall figure stood up next to him. Holding his hand, he squeezed it and shook it up and down. The other party also said enthusiastically, “Mr. Cui, Miss Wen. Hello, I’m Yu Siyang’s agent Luo Peng.”

Yu Siyang stood up slowly, nodded to Wen Xiao, and slowly said: “Hello Miss Wen, I am Yu Siyang. “

Wen Xiao immediately put away her slightly sad mood, and resumed her exquisite appearance, “Hello, I have watched your movie, it was very good.”

Luo Peng immediately followed enthusiastically, “I have also seen a lot of Miss Wen’s TV series, I wanted to know Miss Wen. I didn’t think that when I joined All Star, Miss Wen would have already set up her own studio, which was a coincidence.” He was still holding tightly and shaking Cui Junliang’s hand up and down; his handshake was very painful.

“Mr. Luo.” Cui Junliang reminded Luo Peng.

“I heard that Tang Hang used to be Miss Wen’s assistant. How could you let go of such a powerful assistant? You gave Yu Siyang a bargain, hahaha…” Luo Peng didn’t seem to hear Cui Junliang talking, and still talked to Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao’s calm expression immediately became pale again when she heard Luo Peng’s words.

Cui Junliang’s face also changed, so that he finally took his hand away, looked down, and saw–

His hand had turned completely red, how hard did Luo Peng exert himself.

“The plane is about to take off. Let’s go to our seats first.” Cui Junliang said to Wen Xiao, ignoring other people.

Wen Xiao nodded and watched Tang Hang, hesitating to speak. After all, it was not the appropriate time to speak on the plane, so she pursed her mouth and found her seat to sit down.

Luo Peng, the gossip spirit, immediately changed seats with Ning Weigong, sat next to Tang Hang, stared at Tang Hang, and smiled wretchedly.

Yu Siyang leaned back on the chair with his hands on the back of the chair, looking at Tang Hang with a probing look, but his expression was still dazed. It was completely unclear that he was waiting for gossip. At first glance, it looked like he was in a daze.

Ning Weigong and Yu Siyang were the same style, staring at Tang Hang gossipingly, and everyone else gathered around, waiting for the shocking gossip.

Seeing this scene, Cui Junliang was angry, and whispered: “No quality.”

Wen Xiao was absent-minded. Cui Junliang sneered, “You regret it?”

“…” Wen Xiao looked absent-minded and didn’t want to talk.

“Fuck.” Cui Junliang kicked the chair in front of him with anger.

Chen Li, who was sitting in the front, stood up and looked at Cui Junliang sharply. He had an irritable aura all over his body. Cui Junliang quickly apologized again and again.

When Chen Li sat down, his face was so ugly that his facial features were distorted.

Tang Hang was surrounded by gossiping people, and he sighed helplessly: “Sorry, I don’t want to say so much.”

Everyone expressed disappointment, but they could understand. Looking at Tang Hang’s expression, it was probably not a happy thing.

“You~very~good.” Yu Siyang said slowly.

Tang Hang looked at him who looked as if he would fall asleep immediately but still comforting him. He couldn’t help but smile and say, “I’m fine, thank you.”

Everyone immediately said in a serious manner that if he had troubles, he could talk to them, and they all would listen carefully.

Wen Xiao sat behind and watched this scene, with mixed feelings in her heart.

The plane landed at one o’clock in the afternoon local time, and P&H sent a car to pick up Yu Siyang and his party to the hotel. Before boarding the car, Luo Peng bid farewell to Wen Xiao and Cui Junliang, very enthusiastically.

Looking at the black Mercedes Benz leaving them behind in the dust, Cui Junliang was very angry: “A little star, but the tantrum is quite big.”

Wen Xiao glanced at him, did not say anything, but she thought: Every little star cannot let the brand come to pick him up. You let the brand also come to pick us up.

In the car to the hotel, Luo Peng said to Yu Siyang, who finally changed from slow mode to normal mode after sleeping, “Cui Junliang has some skills, but he is not well received in the circle, and many colleagues are very resistant against him. His usual methods are very wicked.”

Yu Siyang nodded in agreement: “He looks mean at first glance.”

Luo Peng: “…” How could we switch the topic to such metaphysical matters suddenly?

Tang Hang, who had not spoken all the time, said suddenly: “Wen Xiao’s agent at All Star was originally not Cui Junliang for the first two years. I don’t know how they got together. Then Wen Xiao terminated her contract with All Star and set up her own studio. Cui Junliang is not a good person, we have to pay attention.”

“It seems that Cui Junliang may have encouraged Wen Xiao to terminate the contract.” Luo Peng said.

“Probably.” Tang Hang said these words and was silent again.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng looked at each other. Seeing Tang Hang’s appearance, there must have been other things that caused Wen Xiao to terminate the contract two years ago, and it was probably not a small contradiction.

But the person concerned was unwilling to say and they would not do things that would sprinkle salt on other people’s wounds[1].

“Why do you think so much, no matter how great Cui Junliang is, it is impossible to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun,” Luo Peng was very optimistic, “our Xiaoyu has a hard backing, we are not afraid of him at all.”

Tang Hang: “…”

“Now this fashion week is important, is the schedule organized yet?” Luo Peng patted Tang Hang on the shoulder.

Tang Hang took out the tablet computer from his bag and turned it on to discuss the itinerary with the two of them, but he kept on seeing Wen Xiao and Cui Junliang on the plane and couldn’t stop being distracted.

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[1] Make an unpleasant situation even worse.

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