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Yan Mu didn’t say but Lu Chengyu could also guess, however the old man of the Mu family would not hide certain facts for no reason, unless these things were related to the Mu family or the truth behind it would be a blow to him. Elder Mu may not feel sorry for him, but he would be more cautious in his attitude towards him because of his strictness.

After the two of them returned home after the walk, Lu Chengyu took Yan Mu to the room where they packed all kinds of miscellaneous things, looked through the box to find a few sets of albums that he had brought from the old house, and took them to the room to look through with Yan Mu.

Because some photos were a bit old, and the camera technology was not as good as it was now, some photos did not look good. However, Yan Mu could still see from these photos that Lu Chengyu was very much loved by his parents, and he wore clean and beautiful clothes, and even toys in his hands were those that were fashionable at the time.

Many of these photos had Lu Chengyu, and there were also photos of their family of three. Whoever looked at the photos of this family of three would feel that this family was very eye-catching. The male was elegant, the female was beautiful, and the child was very clean and cute. This was simply what everyone would think of when they thought of the perfect family in China.

Lu Chengyu’s looks were inherited more from his mother. His eyebrows and eyes were just a copy of his mother. His nose was a bit taller than his mother, and his mouth looked more heroic. This was different from his parents, but he had to admit that Lu Chengyu’s looks were exceptional. He had inherited all the advantages of his mother and became a real handsome guy.

Guessing why Lu Chengyu flipped through the album, Yan Mu sat beside him with his hand around Lu Chengyu’s waist, watching him flip through, looking through each photo. Every photo was a proof of time he had spent with his parents. Lu Chengyu grew older in the photos, he grew from a doll crawling on the ground to a gentle and elegant teenager.

“These all show my father and mother. In fact, my dad had a very good temper. He loved to spoil me since I was a child. My mom said that if it were some other child, he would have been spoiled rotten by my dad.” Lu Chengyu looked at his father’s photo in the album, “No matter how busy my parents were since childhood, as long as there were activities in my school, they would not miss it.”

After hearing Lu Chengyu talk about his childhood, Yan Mu felt that perhaps only a pair of parents who loved and cared about their children could raise a child with Lu Chengyu’s personality. He had a good temperament, knew how to deal with others, was not cynical, and did not think that the world was beautiful everywhere.

“Uncle and Auntie loved you very much. In their hearts, you must be the most important person,” Yan Mu moved his hand and patted Lu Chengyu on the shoulder. “Don’t be too sad, no matter what happens, I am still there.”

Closing the album, Lu Chengyu raised his head and smiled at Yan Mu, then kept the album aside, “When I was young, the relatives of Lu family had a normal relationship with my parents, but they weren’t very close to me. Why do you think this is? “

Yan Mu was silent. He didn’t know what Lu Chengyu had thought of, but the more he thought about the truth of some things, the more embarrassed he became.

“It’s getting late, go to bed,” Lu Chengyu got up and placed the album in a conspicuous place. He turned his head and glanced at the two photo frames placed aside. One was his family portrait and the other was his and Yan Mu’s photo. He looked at himself smiling in the two photos, then hooked his mouth and hugged Yan Mu, “These are things from the past, don’t worry about me, even if someone says I’m an alien’s child now, as long as you don’t dislike me, I will not be too sad.”

Because blood relationship was only the source of birth, but family affection was cultivated by time. He was not a girl. He could distinguish what was true and important.

Hearing Lu Chengyu’s words, Yan Mu shook his head and kissed the corner of his mouth, “Who you are has nothing to do with our feelings.”

Lu Chengyu looked at him with a smile, and stroked his Adam’s apple with his white fingers…

When two lovers are together, they are naturally connected to each other in the depths of their hearts, whispering silently to each other, I am in you, and you in me.

When he went to work the next day, Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu did not show any negative emotions, so he was relieved, because the acquisition of the Liang family had already begun, and the workload of him and Lu Chengyu did not decrease but increased. Lu Chengyu raised the issue of the air purifier. Now that the patented product was being developed for the third time, it would be put on the market after it had been tried and tested without any problems.

In addition, the two films that Lu Chengyu invested and filmed had already entered the mid-to-late stage, striving to be released during the Spring Festival, so as soon as they entered the company, the two entered the stage of intense work.

After several accidental blows, the Liang’s senior management had long been distracted. Now that Huading wanted to buy Liang family’s company, there were several major shareholders who were interested, and some people even take the initiative to contact Lu Chengyu, who was the special assistant.

However, because the Liang family was now messy and unpopular, Lu Chengyu had made good use of the mentality of these people to control 23% of the Liang family’s shares at a very ideal price.

For Huading, a holding of 23% was an ideal amount. They could attack and retreat as well as defend. Even if the Liang family was in trouble, Huading would not suffer too much loss. But 23% of the shares also had sufficient decision-making power.

Lu Chengyu also felt that this share was enough for Huading. In fact, he had 19% to 20% of the shares in his budget, and 23% was already a little too much. However, he still secretly purchased 10% of Liang’s shares in his own name. With Liang’s current half-dead state, it was not difficult to buy 10% of the shares from other shareholders, Lu Chengyu was also willing to spend the money to play with the Liang family.

He didn’t know if it was because some time ago, when the parties were investigating the plane crash, it was found that there were a few suspicious persons on the plane, so the people who were originally targeting Lu Chengyu had backed off during this time. Also, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu had been busy for more than a month dealing with the Liang family’s affairs, they were almost done.

It took at least half a year to prepare for a general acquisition in the industry, but now because Huading strictly controlled the main decision-making power, and the Liang family was messy, it could be handled so quickly, which was quite eye-catching in the industry.

More importantly, many people in the industry were not optimistic about Huading’s acquisition of Liang’s, but since Huading’s share was very sensible, no one said that Yan Mu was annoyed at the Liangs, but a few well-informed people inquired about it. When Huading decided to put Lu Chengyu in charge of the various decision-making work of the Liang family, it was then that Liang Deyou who bullied others six months ago, wanted to give face everywhere.

Because Liang Deyou was incompetent at work and wanted to maintain a luxurious life, he sold a lot of shares in his hands. Now he only had 26% of the shares left in his hands. Now the largest shareholder of the Liang family was Liang Deyu followed by Liang Deyou. Liang Deyu, who owned 28%, had a normal relationship with Liang Deyou, and the two cousins were making a fuss for their rights in the company. Today, 23% of Huading’s shares, plus 10% of Lu Chengyu’s shares, made Lu Chengyu almost the highest controlling shareholder of the Liang family.

At the end of the year, it was the busiest time for major companies. The employees of the Liang family were even more upset, because the Liang family was currently in a recession and many people had been laid off. Now Huading was involved in the Liang family and they did not know what new policies would emerge. The general meeting of shareholders was about to be held. The representative of Huading had not arrived yet, and it was not known whether the layoffs would continue.

Liang Deyu was standing at the gate of the company in a neat suit, looking outside with a serious expression, waiting for the arrival of the Huading representative. He was not stupid, knowing that if he wanted to truly become the head of the Liang family in the future, he needed the support of other shareholders. It had long been heard that Huading’s CEO’s boyfriend had conflicts with Liang Deyou. Of course, he had to seize this opportunity to boost himself and let himself step on Liang Deyou.

“If you can’t get on the countertop, you can’t get on the countertop.” After Liang Deyou got off the car, seeing Liang Deyu with a team of employees waiting for Huading representatives at the door, he sneered, “Do you think that you can step on me by pleasing Huading? Don’t forget, who is the founder of this company, you ungrateful bastard!”

“What does cousin mean? I just want the new shareholders to support our future work more. What did you think about?” Liang Deyu didn’t seem to have any complicated thoughts. Hearing Liang Deyou’s wicked language, he eagerly persuaded him, “Deyou, I know that you used to have an unpleasant relationship with the boyfriend of the president of Huading, but now the company has become like this. Even if it’s for the sake of the company, you can bear it, don’t make trouble with the representative of Huading.”

The employees around looked sympathetically at Liang Deyu who was humbling himself for the company’s sake and hated Liang Deyou for not being able to support the wall with mud, but they were all working for other people. How could they make irresponsible remarks?

Liang Deyou was blocked by Liang Deyu’s words. How could he not hear that Liang Deyu was just pretending to be a good person in front of the staff, but now if he made trouble again, it would only make other people misunderstand him even more. He took a deep breath and suppressed his anger forcibly.

Upon seeing this, Liang Deyu glanced at him with satisfaction, but there was a hint of sarcasm at the corner of his mouth.

Ten minutes before the start of the meeting, a black Bentley drove towards the door of the company, followed by a few black BMW’s. The people waiting at the door lifted their spirits and knew that this was the representative of Huading.

The Bentley stopped at the gate of the company, and then everyone saw the doors of several BMW cars behind opened. In these cars were assistants, bodyguards, and secretaries.

The bodyguard in a black suit ignored the people waiting at the door, walked to the front of the Bentley, bent and opened the door, “Mr. Lu is here.”

Then everyone saw a clean brown leather shoe sticking out of the car. After coming out, there were grey trousers, and the moment the slender legs stepped out of the car door, the girls among the staff opened their eyes. Men with such long legs were usually handsome guys.

Among everyone’s attention, a young man in a grey suit with a smiling mouth came out of the car. He stepped onto the steps, smiled at the people waiting at the door, and politely nodded: “I’m sorry, to make everyone wait for a long time. There was traffic jam on the road.”

Everyone at the scene recognized who the person was. Some female employees found him so handsome that they couldn’t even take a breath, and some managers looked at Liang Deyou worriedly, worried that he would make the representative unhappy.

And Liang Deyou had probably the ugliest face among all of them. He looked at Lu Chengyu, who was surrounded by a group of bodyguard, assistants and secretaries, and the contemptuous and mocking smile that Lu Chengyu directed at him when he was at the police station reappeared in his mind.

How could it be him? !

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