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Lu Chengyu’s performance was beyond everyone’s expectations. Just when everyone thought he would take the opportunity to make things difficult for him, he greeted several key personnel with a gentle smile, and shook hands with the leader Liang Deyu: “I should have been early today. When I went out, the company had something to deal with right away, and there was a traffic jam on the road. I’m really sorry to keep you waiting for a long time.”

“Mr. Lu is too serious. We came too early, please,” Liang Deyu saw that Lu Chengyu didn’t seem to be bothered with Liang Deyou. He was relieved and understood the meaning of overturning the boat with one pole. In addition, Lu Chengyu had a calm attitude, outstanding appearance, and courteous manner. Thinking of the rumours in the market, he was more cautious, and even personally led people into the elevator for high-level management.

“Mr. Lu’s ability to come to the meeting in person really makes the Liang family honoured.” Lu Chengyu glanced at the few people who came in behind Liang Deyu. They should all be the senior management of the Liang family. It was clear that Liang Deyou was the direct heir of the Liang family. It was a pity that these people mostly looked at Liang Deyu’s face, which was really interesting.

“Manager Liang is too self-effacing. It is my honour to be a representative of Huading to the Liang family to discuss business affairs with everyone.” Lu Chengyu saw the elevator stop and made a please gesture to Liang Deyu, but Liang Deyu asked him to go out first even more politely. Then, he explained some of Liang’s situation while walking. When the group reached the meeting room, all the shareholders and senior management were all there.

Lu Chengyu glanced at the seat specifically vacated for him by Liang’s, and sat down with a smile. The assistant behind him put the notebook in front of him in time, and the other assistant put down the organized files and sat silently. Then they waited for the meeting to start at any time so that they could take the meeting minutes.

Everyone in the conference room smiled when they saw Lu Chengyu, but silently lit a candle for Liang Deyou. Everyone here knew that Lu Chengyu owned part of the Liang family’s shares, and he was also the representative of Huading. Putting this dual identity together, he was really a big Buddha.

The incident between Liang Deyou and Lu Chengyu was known all over the country. Afterwards, their Liang family fell into a situation where everyone was clamouring and beating, and their reputation plummeted. Now Lu Chengyu, who had been humiliated by the Liang family and their son, had become a representative of Huading. He had the ability to speak, and there was a strict backing behind him. Liang Deyou, who couldn’t support the wall, was nothing in front of him.

Liang Deyu wanted to give Lu Chengyu face, so before the meeting started, he gave a solemn introduction to Lu Chengyu, and the meeting officially started after everyone applauded and welcomed Lu Chengyu’s arrival.

The content of the meeting sounded a bit boring. What Huading wanted to know, the relevant departments had already handed in the information long ago. Now that these people were rushing for some unimportant handover content, the two brothers of the Liang family couldn’t suppress it. In the end, Lu Chengyu felt that this kind of scene was a bit pitiful and funny. No wonder the Liang clan had become so shameful, and the company’s internal situation was like this. It would be strange if it wasn’t such a shame.

After these people had almost quarrelled, Lu Chengyu yelled: “Calm down, everyone, things have not reached this point. The layoffs can be put on hold. I have seen the list of layoffs. These salespeople are rare talents. They have a lot of credit in Liangs. Instead of using layoffs to help the Liang survive the crisis, it is better to think about how to improve the Liang’s internal situation and let Liangs regain a foothold in the market.”

The original noisy scene calmed down, a few seconds later, only one person said: “Mr. Lu it is easy to say, but now the Liang family has already been precarious, do we have to raise these people without layoffs?” He actually wanted to say one more thing, if it weren’t for your Huading pitting the Liang family from behind, where would they need to take such drastic measures? At this point, it was only because of Lu Chengyu’s current identity that he did not dare to say this sentence.

Lu Chengyu glanced at this person, and had some impression of this person, and it was Liang Deyou’s uncle or someone with average ability, but he was very protective of his nephew Liang Deyou.

“You also make a lot of sense, but these people are indeed capable people. If even these people are fired, who will the Liang family rely on to help develop?” Lu Chengyu looked around at the crowd, “Does it depend on you people? How many of you can support such a big Liang family?”

“If it weren’t for you to use tricks behind our back, how could our Liang family fall to this point?” Liang Deyou, who had been silent at this time, couldn’t help but yell at Lu Chengyu at this time.

Lu Chengyu didn’t get angry when he heard Liang Deyou’s yelling. Instead, he slowly took a sip of the coffee at hand, and then glanced at the information on the computer page. After Liang Deyou’s face became uglier, he said, “What happened to the Liang family before was that some shortcomings were discovered. What is it to do with me? Besides, what is the status of the Liang family in the capital, who am I, and what ability do I have to calculate Liangs? I don’t dare to wear this hat given by Young Master Liang.” Liang Deyou was so dizzy with Lu Chengyu’s lazy attitude, he swept the coffee cup beside him on the floor, got up and rushed out of the meeting room and slammed the door.

Because of his abrupt behaviour, the entire conference room became deathly silent. Not to mention how much the previous things had to do with Lu Chengyu, even if those things had something to do with Lu Chengyu, it would be considered as them being inferior in skill. If you were scammed, you could only admit that you were unlucky. When Liang Deyou took the initiative to provoke others, he should have thought of the possibility of others fighting back. Could it be that the whole world was his father and mother, and let him do anything no matter what?

Now the Liang family was no longer his prince’s world. At this time, he didn’t want to protect his father’s property. Instead, he lost his temper. No wonder he was worse than Lu Chengyu.

“Mr. Lu, my cousin has a weird temper. He likes to lose his temper inexplicably. Please don’t mind.” Liang Deyu saw the atmosphere freeze and stepped forward to ease the atmosphere. “The meeting continues.”

Lu Chengyu smiled but it was not really a smile. He glanced at Liang Deyu and nodded.

When everyone saw this, they breathed a sigh of relief, deliberately forgetting about Liang Deyou’s madness, and continued to talk about the company.

It was Liang Deyu who was in the best mood to see this kind of thing happen. He was eager for Liang Deyou to die. After all, the more the other party does such things, the better it would be for him. From now on, the whole Liang family would know how much Liang Deyou had pitted the entire company. Who would support him at that time?

Lu Chengyu knew Liang Deyu’s thoughts, but he didn’t bother to take care of them. He and Liang Deyou’s accounts were almost cleared. Now he was a businessman, and his emphasis was on profit. From the perspective of interests, Liang Deyu’s care was indeed better than Liang Deyou’s. At least this one had a brain and knew current affairs.

Without Liang Deyou’s involvement, the entire meeting went smoothly. When Lu Chengyu left, Liang Deyu personally escorted him to the car. Then in the afternoon, the incident about Lu Chengyu’s face being shaken by Liang Deyou for disapproving of layoffs spread throughout the Liang family. Many Liang employees were even more dissatisfied with Liang Deyou.

Back to Huading, Lu Chengyu organized the meeting process and meeting results into documents and handed them to Yan Mu. He was very satisfied with the results of the meeting. The cooperation between Huading and Liang Deyu was doable. As for who the original owner of the Liang family was and what relation he had with him, did it matter?

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