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After Liang’s shareholder meeting, although there were no layoffs, the company knew that due to Huading’s intervention, there may be some changes in the middle and senior management positions after the year, and Liang Deyu also took the opportunity to buy people’s hearts at this time, which meant that Liang Deyou was left empty handed.

Outsiders also guessed that there would be actions inside the Liang family, and some people were filled with emotion thinking that Lu Chengyu had means of killing people without seeing blood. Unfortunately, no one dared to say such things in public. They didn’t dare to go against Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu. They had been together for several months, and no one in the Yan family and the Mu family had come forward to say anything against it, was this method comparable to ordinary people? Liang Deyou offended such a person, so, he deserved to be unlucky.

Shengrong Group’s plan to enter the capital market was not going smooth. In addition, it coincided with the Spring Festival, so the plan had to be moved further, which gave Huading more time for preparation.

When everyone was free to prepare for the Chinese New Year during the Spring Festival holiday, Lu Chengyu became busy, mainly because “Autumn Wind” and “The Universe” would be released during the Spring Festival, and the two film crews had also signed up for the Golden Bird Award, the highest domestic film award. As for whether they could be shortlisted, it depended on the taste of the judges this year.

As an investor in “Autumn Wind” and one of the many supporting roles in “The Universe”, Lu Chengyu was not interested in winning the award. What he cared most about was the box office of “Autumn Wind”, and he even participated in the promotion of these two films. Several press conferences were held for the promotion.

The theme of “Autumn Wind” was not favourable to the taste of young people nowadays, although it was mixed with a little black humour, it was more about the discussion of human nature and the interpretation of the people’s life in the background of that era and the contradictions between different classes.

From a connotation point of view, “Autumn Wind” was more thoughtful than the previous “Flying Bird”, and his investment was also stronger than the previous one. However, Lu Chengyu did not have much hope for the box office of this movie. Instead, he expected that it had already been shot almost.

But anyway, in “Autumn Wind” there was his cameo appearance. Lu Chengyu did not save on publicity funds, so he did what he should do, which gave Zhang Shuo enough face as the director.

In order to avoid the limelight of “The Universe”, “Autumn Wind” was released three days ahead of schedule. Many industry insiders and reporters came to the premiere. Before the film was officially released, the reporters took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

“Mr. Lu, I heard that this movie is not a mainstream movie, director even said you don’t expect the movie box office to be too high, then as an investor, why did you invest in this movie?”

“Movie should be colourful flowers. If there is lightness, there will be heavy bias. If all movies are the same, then it is not a good thing for the film industry.” Lu Chengyu sat in a chair, facing the many long shots and short shots. Then he smiled and said, “I am not a person who knows art, but I hope people who know art can make interesting movies.”

“In your eyes, is Zhang Dao your Maxima?”

Lu Chengyu heard this adjective. Looking at Zhang Dao, Lu Chengyu answered this question after the two laughed in unison: “I hope Zhang Dao and I are Boya and Ziqi[1]. But I am worried that Zhang Dao dislikes me as a bull who doesn’t understand art.”

The reporters at the scene were amused by Lu Chengyu’s relaxed remarks. The host took the opportunity to interject and stir up the atmosphere at the scene. Just as the interview was about to go, a young reporter suddenly said, “Mr. Lu, today is the twenty-sixth day of the twelfth lunar month, it would be the Spring Festival in four days. How would you and Mr. Yan celebrate the Spring Festival?”

On the surface, this was to ask how Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu would celebrate the Spring Festival, but in fact he was asking if Lu Chengyu could go to Yan or Mu family home for the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, this also had the connotation of whether Lu Chengyu being the male partner of Yan Mu had been accepted by the Yan or the Mu family’s elders, especially the well-established Mu family.

The atmosphere on the scene became a little stiff with this issue being brought up. After all, this issue might also involve the Mu family. These little reporters dared not offend such a big family. When the time came, their jobs would not be guaranteed, they were afraid that they would get into even bigger trouble.

“I knew that some people would gossip about these issues today,” Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows and said with a smile. “Unfortunately, we probably won’t go out to play during the Spring Festival, and I don’t want our journalist friends to follow us to take pictures during the New Year. We would probably just cook a table at home and watch the Spring Festival Gala.”

This statement revealed at least one meaning. The president of Huading was going to spend the Spring Festival with Lu Chengyu. As for whether the Mu family accepted Lu Chengyu, they couldn’t tell from these words. But at least one thing was certain, that is, Yan Mu was absolutely truly in love with Lu Chengyu. Otherwise, why would such an important festival be spent with Lu Chengyu instead of going to Yan or Mu family home.

The reporter saw that Lu Chengyu did not have a black face and knew that he had gone too far with this question, so he was embarrassed to ask any more. Everyone present was relieved because of Lu Chengyu’s attitude. If it was an ordinary artist, they would be fine even if they make things difficult for them, but Lu Chengyu’s identity was different, and they were really worried about offending him.

Just when the film officially started screening, because the lights were turned off, and the two rows before it had only crew members, no one noticed that there was an extra person beside Lu Chengyu, and this person was the President Yan of Huading.

At the beginning of the film, there were some shabby chastity archways and not-so-wide dirt trails. As soon as the wind blew, countless yellow leaves were raised in the wind. Then there came the name list of crew members. Lu Chengyu’s name appeared twice, one was in production and the other was at the end as a cameo appearance.

The lighting angle of the film was very particular, and the mood of the whole film could be inferred from the lighting. Then the viewers found that the film was not as jerky and difficult to understand as they imagined. The acting skills of the actors were also in place, and the editing was not chaotic. It was also relatively sophisticated and could be regarded as a work of conscience.

The people in the small town were old-fashioned but simple and kind. They had a pitiful and sad side, but they also had a lovely and respectable side. People with different personalities under the lens formed a real world together.

Because of Zhang Shuo’s sudden fame, many people attended the premiere with the mentality of seeing how a shooting star dimmed, but halfway through the movie, they gradually admitted that Zhang Shuo was indeed a very talented director.

The character played by Lu Chengyu was just one of several supporting roles. The previous few shots of him were elegant and handsome but unpleasant, however at the end he died in a mudslide with only one arm in order to save a child, while he himself was infected.

The role of Lu Chengyu was intended to tell the audience a truth, that is, there are no perfect people in the world, and some annoying people may not necessarily be really bad people.

Those fans who rushed to see Lu Chengyu in the movie had already reddened their eyes when they saw this, which showed that they had been integrated into the plot.

Yan Mu squeezed Lu Chengyu’s hand, tilted his head to watch Lu Chengyu for a while before continuing to watch the movie. At this time, the scene of Lu Chengyu’s death had passed.

Lu Chengyu scratched the palm of his hand when he saw it, and whispered in his ear: “I was shooting in a mud puddle at the time. I didn’t expect that after the computer special effects came out, it would have such a sense of picture.”

“Well,” Yan Mu was holding his hand, the corners of his closed lips relaxed a little.

Lu Chengyu smiled silently. Yan Mu was also there when he finished shooting this set of shots, but when he saw the scenes in the movie, Yan Mu was still affected.

After the film premiere, most film critics gave the film a good rating. To Lu Chengyu’s surprise, although the box office of this film was not as scary as the previous one, it was also much higher than he expected. He recovered the cost, which was also a pleasant surprise. He originally had a loss-making mentality and never thought of making money.

What surprised Lu Chengyu was that his role received a lot of admiration. Many film critics said that he had brought the character alive, and him not being a full-time artist was a big loss for the circle. People liked to listen to compliments. Although Lu Chengyu was not thinking about acting, he was still happy to see these remarks and praise from fans.

Two days later, while everyone was still discussing how the major films would fight during the Spring Festival, a TV station’s entertainment program broke another shocking news, that is, at noon on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, someone photographed Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu going into the Mu family old house entrance together.

A well-informed person revealed that on the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, the Mu family had a reunion dinner in advance, and that the juniors in the family returned to the old house for dinner at noon that day, so what did Lu Chengyu’s entry at Mu family mean?

It meant that the old man of the Mu family had accepted Lu Chengyu!

Just when many people doubted the authenticity of this report, Yan Mu, who rarely posted on Weibo, posted a simple but shocking Weibo.

Yan Mu: Grandpa’s chef’s cooking skills are getting better and better. Someone’s uncontrolled eating behaviour does not encourage others to learn.

Who else was someone mentioned in Weibo?!

In less than an hour, the number of reposts on this Weibo exceeded 5,000. Almost all netizens only wrote the word “blessings” when reposting. Occasionally, someone ridiculed them, but they were scolded by others to the extent that they didn’t dare to appear again.

Many people said that they believed in true love again. Soon fans pushed a hot topic on Weibo called “You must be happy, male god”. Some people posted a photo of Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu. Various entertainment reports about the two of them were released, but no matter what the content was, they were all released with a blessing mentality, so Lu Chengyu who was blogging on Weibo was moved.

More than every year: Thank you for your blessings, and I wish everyone happiness, and a Happy Chinese New Year. [Picture: A photo with ten fingers interlocking]

Because Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu usually didn’t show their affection on Weibo, when Lu Chengyu’s Weibo was published, many people said something like “Dead by candy”. And during the Spring Festival, no one said jokes like “show points fast” and the atmosphere was too good.

Some people in the media sighed that the atmosphere was so good that it was unscientific. When two big men came out, shouldn’t there be a lot of people who came out to scold them? How come most of them came for blessings?

Probably because the news on the twenty-eighth day was too hot, so when Lu Chengyu appeared on the red carpet at the grand premiere of “The Universe” on the 29th, he murdered a lot of film, if not for the extraordinary status of the crew of “The Universe”, I am afraid that Lu Chengyu would have been surrounded by crazy reporters at this time.

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[1] Reference to an ancient Chinese legend about two friends Yu Boya and Zhing Ziqi. You can read up more about it on:

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