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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

The teacher Philip Hill invited to teach Yu Siyang was an internationally renowned male model. In the face of Philip Hill, this male model worked hard to teach Yu Siyang.

Because Yu Siyang was not required to be like a professional model, the short three-day training allowed him to master some basic essentials, and there was no problem in him walking the show.

When Philip Hill asked, the male model also gave Yu Siyang a high evaluation for his face.

Yu Siyang himself knew that there was a big gap between him and professional models. On the day of P&H’s big show, he felt a little nervous, and nervously asked Luo Peng if he would fall on stage.

Luo Peng bluntly said that no, no, as he was not a female model who had to wear high heels. If he didn’t wear such shoes, how could he fall.

Yu Siyang was not comforted, so he ignored Luo Peng for a while and took out his cell phone to ask Xue Chengxiu for comfort.

“Your mobile bill this month must be seriously exceeding the standard.” Luo Peng complained.

Yu Siyang shook his phone and said triumphantly: “I got an international roaming data package, which is very cost-effective.”

Luo Peng: “…”

Seeing that Luo Peng was silent, Yu Siyang couldn’t help asking: “Didn’t you know that there is such a package?”

Luo Peng: “…” Ha ha, I don’t want to care about you.

Yu Siyang wanted to say something more but was called by the makeup artist on the show to put on makeup. He messaged Mr. Xue on WeChat and put his phone in Luo Peng’s hand.

Luo Peng gripped Yu Siyang’s cell phone expressionlessly, and saw that Tang Hang also seemed to have put his phone away after sending the message, and asked with scorn: “You also have the data package?”

“Yes,” Tang Hang nodded, “I got the package for Siyang, and got it for myself as well by the way.”

Luo Peng: “…” I always feel that the two of them are acting secretly, just hiding from me, unhappy.

“I’m going to watch Siyang put on makeup.” Tang Hang said to Luo Peng, and then went to wait beside Yu Siyang.

Luo Peng felt that he was abandoned from the three-person team. He was sad. He saw Russell looking at them sharply in the background. Thinking that Xiaoyu had been mocked by this foreigner these days, Luo Peng decided to go and play with the foreigner and also give vent to the “abandoned” resentment.

P&H’s autumn and winter new product launch show was full of Chinese elements. Even the chairs for the guests to sit on the show were imitation Chinese stools carved with Ruyi patterns. The new products released this time also made extensive use of Chinese elements.

Yu Siyang was to walk at the finale, but he changed his clothes early and waited in the background. After Philip Hill took care of his clothes, he arranged for him to sit on a sofa, and then he got in full command and was very busy.

Russell wasn’t walking the show, and he didn’t know how he got onto the backstage. He sat down on the sofa where Yu Siyang was, looked him up and down, and said sourly: “I really don’t know why Phil fancies you, you don’t seem to look so good.”

Yu Siyang glanced at him, not wanting to speak. This buddy had been like this for the past few days. He tried every possible means to find him and deliberately mock him.

“Yu, come on, it’s almost your turn.” Philip Hill waved to Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang immediately got up and walked quickly to Philip Hill, standing a little nervously by the door of the waiting room, waiting for the people in front to make a gesture.

The music at the front changed abruptly, from the vigorous and lively music played by the pipa flute to the music played by a guqin alone. The music gave people a sense of tranquility and mystery.

As soon as the tune changed, Yu Siyang slowly walked from the backstage to the front of the stage. He didn’t know where the air equipment was arranged, but a light breeze blew up his clothes.

He was not a professional model, but his acting skills were not bad. He walked slowly on the T stage with a cold look, which was still very confounding.

The constantly changing lights reflected the patterns embroidered on the gown, and the mysterious and orderly symbols seemed to have a kind of magic, which made people amazed and indulge in its beauty.

Different from the previous oriental style, which was deduced by Westerners, this outfit by Yu Siyang did not have the Chinese elements floating on the surface, but it could make people feel that this was the real Chinese style, elegant, exquisite and casual.

Many fashion media who watched the show on the stage were whispering, asking who the Oriental youth in the finale was. After learning that this person was the brand spokesperson of P&H in China, they all thought that P&H was a brand that was very bold. They needed a spokesperson, and they found a perfect spokesperson this time. His style was still so suitable for P&H, and Philip Hill was really extraordinary when he made a move.

The flashes on the scene kept flashing, Yu Siyang walked coldly to the designated stopping position, not even staying for a moment, then turned and walked back with a cold expression, halfway back, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to stop to show the clothes and he couldn’t help but feel annoyed when he looked at the clothes.

And the moment he turned around was recorded by the camera and made him famous. The next day, most of the European fashion media used photos from this angle as the cover of the news of the P&H new product launch.

The young man in the photo had a cold expression and exquisite features. Although only half of his face was in the lens, his recognition was very high. The half droopy eyelids and the slanting eyebrows made him look particularly arrogant, but it also made others want to see the front face very much. When it came to his front face, people were almost itchy.

Yu Siyang’s name appeared in the European fashion circle for the first time, but it was an instant hit.

This photo and reports from the European fashion media also spread back to China for the first time, and immediately aroused a pool of face con dogs to bark and lick the screen.

“Ah ah ah ah, my head is so handsome, so handsome, so handsome”

“I don’t care, the head is looking at me, just looking at me, just looking at me, watching me”

“The foreigner taking pictures, my head from the front is better, why do you only take half of the face? They must be jealous.”

“Oh oh oh, nosebleeds sprayed everywhere, the blood tank fell to the ground empty, I need the head of the team to get better”

“I thought I was a normal sufferer, but I didn’t expect to be the queen sufferer [sad]”

Tong Qijia only fell in love with Yu Siyang because of “Pretending Overload”. Of course, she liked his face at the beginning. After paying attention to Yu Siyang’s Weibo, she was attracted by various delicacies every day. Tong Qijia endured and endured. In the end, she couldn’t help it. She started to discuss various delicacies with people under Yu Siyang’s Weibo and tried to make it by herself according to the recipes that Yu Siyang had posted before. In this way, the casual powder was made into a staunch food fan.

Now after seeing the photos of Yu Siyang’s catwalk in Paris Fashion Week, Tong Qijia felt that she had become a Yan fan again-He was so handsome, how could he be so handsome, how could he be so handsome.

Tong Qijia and the people in the fan group discussed how handsome their team leader was. At this moment, a senior fan in the group suddenly posted a few pictures, saying outrageously that the team leader was being bullied by a foreigner.

Tong Qijia quickly clicked on the big picture to see. The picture was a few screenshots of FB. Her English was not very good. She could barely tell that Yu Siyang was going to compete with a well-known French chef in cooking. The competition would be held online in three days, and it would be streamed live on the internet.

The group suddenly exploded, and everyone quickly asked what was going on, and hundreds of messages came out in an instant.

The old fan who posted the picture said: [The fan group is contacting the official management. The specific situation is not clear. Everyone is waiting for the news. Don’t tear it up. The management will organize everyone to cheer for the head of the delegation based on the actual situation.]

It was called cheering, but it was actually going to the Internet to refresh the screen.

After seeing it, the fans honestly didn’t go to Yu Siyang’s Weibo to ask, they still stared at the Internet secretly to see if anyone took the opportunity to blacken Yu Siyang.

The news on FB was posted by well-known chefs, live broadcast platforms, and several well-known models. Among the models was Russell.

The food troupes could see these news, and other people in the country were naturally not blind, but it was strange that there was no media talking about it.

The media remained silent, and only a few passers-by were reposting this news. Naturally, it was not widely spread. The media did not speak, and domestic artists were not sure of the direction, and they did not dare to rashly come forward.

Such a silent atmosphere of having something to say but not saying, was broken by Yu Siyang’s Weibo at about 8 o’clock on the domestic Internet——

Yu Siyang V: “Some people say that my extensive and profound cuisine in China is not as good as their country. As a chef, I am dissatisfied. My Chinese cuisine has a long history. The appearance of the eight treasures of the Zhou Dynasty signifies that cooking was an important art. With thousands of years of history, the eight major cuisines can be compared to a handful of small countries. So, come to fight [Haha[Haha][Haha]”

This Weibo had confirmed the previous speculations such as “Comparing with French chefs” and “Yu Siyang was bullied by crooked foreigners”, which could be described as a single stone arousing a thousand waves. Chinese people claimed to be a big foodie country. As senior foodie in a big foodie countries, foreigners questioning their own foodie culture, this was simply unbearable.

The public opinion on the Internet suddenly exploded, and it was even skewed towards Yu Siyang. Even if there were one or two sporadic black fans, the people who were used to eating with righteous indignation would make them doubt their lives.

“Crooked foreigners bullshit, we will be able to make their little hemp country turn dry [angry] [angry] [angry]”

“Though I’m not Yu Siyang’s powder, but this time I stand behind Yu Siyang. I want to look at the foreigner who grown eyes on their head a little color.”

“Yu Siyang is so handsome this time. From today on, I am a fan of Yu Siyang.”

“Am I the only one who found out that Yu Siyang said he was a chef? He is obviously an actor. [cry]”

“You are not alone. The model who doesn’t want to be a chef is not a good actor [haha][haha]”

“Head, you can conquer the sea of stars with your face, but you rely on cooking.”

The Weibo posted at 8 o’clock in the evening went on hot search within half an hour, and more and more people followed it. The media finally spoke out and worked overtime urgently and posted the article.

On the food group, the support club managed the veteran food fans, I am the leader’s old fan, why am I hungry, etc. They organized the fans in an orderly manner on the Internet, brushed the topic, and prepared to cheer on the head of their delegation on the live broadcast platform three days later.

Everything was ready, just waiting for the competition to start.

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