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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

Yu Siyang was going to compete with a famous French chef, this was also due to Russell’s provocation against him at a cocktail party held by the fashion media.

As a chef, the most unbearable thing for Chef Yu was people saying that Chinese cuisine was not as good as other countries’ cuisine. There was no other reason. It was purely because of his overwhelming sense of national pride. In the eyes of Chef Yu, the cuisine of any country in front of China, would be turned into a slag in seconds.

It was unbearable for him that Russell dared to find fault with Chinese food.

At the reception, Yu Siyang created a sharp contrast between Chinese cuisine and French cuisine, which made Russell so angry that he dared him to compete with the chefs of his country.

Ha ha, how could I dare not! At the Bonova International Cooking Competition that year, he killed two French chefs and won the gold medal in one fell swoop.

“It doesn’t matter who is coming to the game, I will make him kneel down and call me father.” Yu Siyang’s confidence was almost overflowing the earth.

Ning Weigong and translator Zhuo Zixin, as the only people in the small team who had not eaten Yu Siyang’s dishes, said very sadly: “But the other party is a famous French chef.”

“What about a famous French chef, even if it is an alien chef, Xiaoyu would not be afraid of him.” Luo Peng’s self-confidence was no less than Yu Siyang.

Ning Weigong emphasized: “The other party is a famous chef, very famous.”

Tang Hang patted him on the shoulder so as to soothe him, and smiled: “Can he be more famous than Siyang?”

Ning Weigong: “…”

This was simply impossible to retort against, let alone at home, even abroad, Yu Siyang also sucked a lot of crooked nut fans because of his catwalk two days ago, but because of this culinary competition, he lost a lot of fans.

Different from the domestic situation, since the news of “Oriental Stars challenges Famous French Chef” was spread, Crooked Nuts were very dissatisfied with this young and beautiful oriental youth. Many people thought that he was insulting himself. Some foreign gambling platforms even opened gambling stakes. The bets against Yu Siyang’s odds were as high as 41 to 1. After Luo Peng learned of the gambling round, he secretly bet for Yu Siyang to win.

“Okay, let’s go out to buy things first,” Yu Siyang was not worried about losing the game, he had already figured out what to do, “I also need to help sister Ke Ke and the others bring things, and if we don’t go out to buy, we won’t have to go home.”

Speaking of this, the faces of all the men present turned green.

They hated buying things for girls the most. The lipstick had to be the color number specified by the designated brand, and the face cream had to be from the XX series of a certain brand. Such a complicated thing, these rough guys could not figure it out. If they bought the wrong thing, they would be implicated and suffer a breakdown.

At the same time, at the Yunzhong International Airport, Xue Chengxiu packed the ingredients that Yu Siyang requested and sent them to France by air. He wanted to take it himself, but the economic summit had not yet closed, and he couldn’t leave.

At 10 am local time in France and 4 pm in China, the cooking competition of China Star PK French Chef was officially held in a five-star hotel in Paris.

In order to ensure the fairness of the competition as much as possible, the audience was the judges. At the scene, 51 spectators were selected to taste the dishes prepared by the two chefs, and the winner was to be selected through votes.

The online platform that broadcasted this PK saw millions of people half an hour before the start of the game, and the number was still increasing. It had put a great burden on the website’s server. The person in charge of the website platform urgently turned on the backup server in order to avoid the site being squeezed and paralyzed.

Yu Siyang arrived at the competition venue twenty minutes early. The famous French chef Nino invited by Russell also arrived at the same time. Both of them were dressed as chefs, and they did not know where Yu Siyang got his clothes, his hat was very tall, obviously three fingers higher than Nino’s hat.

Chinese netizens who came to the Internet to watch the live broadcast saw this scene and immediately laughed.

“I’m a winner when the hat is compared.”

“The captain’s hat is mighty.”

“He’s better at beauty, acting, and cooking. This crooked nut isn’t as good as my Yang. Now even the hat is better. What competition is it? Go home.”

“My Chinese chef, even his hat is taller than the foreigners, hahaha.”

Netizens from non-Chinese speaking regions who watched the live broadcast saw so many square characters, they looked confused and wondered what they were talking about??

Luo Peng, Tang Hang, and Ning Weigong served as assistants, putting the ingredients and tools they brought on Yu Siyang’s station, and by the way, they despised the many things the foreigners brought.

Both of them brought the ingredients they needed. As for basic cooking ingredients such as oil and salt, and various spices, the hotel provided them, as well as some very common ingredients.

Yu Siyang stood still behind his station, slowly taking out the kitchen utensils he needed to cook, and comparing with the fat Nino, who had more than two hundred catties, his every move was particularly pleasing to the eye.

The netizens who did not care about China on the Internet were netizens from other countries. They licked the screen of the computer and screamed in the barrage area. Although the languages used were different, the central meaning was-Yu Siyang is so handsome.

Mr. Xue, who had an afternoon meeting scheduled, was watching the live broadcast in the audio-visual room at home, and also accompanying him to watch were Mu Mu, Aunt Wang, and Lin Bo. In short, everyone in the Xue’s villa was gathered to watch Yu Siyang’s battle in the audio-visual room against the crooked nut[1].

At ten o’clock in French time, the PK officially started. The famous French chef Nino took out a piece of foie gras to deal with it, and Yu Siyang took out a large pile of something light brown that looked a little hairy.

Most of the people who watched the scene were Europeans. They didn’t know what he had brought out, but the netizens on the Internet were sharp-eyed and typed excitedly: “Lion’s mane mushroom.”

Yu Siyang put the lion’s mane mushroom in water to be prepared, then he brought out the chicken sauce that was prepared yesterday and heated it on fire. He then took out the tofu he had brought. This tofu was specially sent by Xue Chengxiu through air freight. It was a tofu made by an old craftsman. It was a bit tougher than other tofu, which was very suitable for the dish he wanted to make.

The tofu was sliced into thin slices by Yu Siyang and placed on a plate. It looked like it would break at one touch. After the mushroom was prepared, it was washed many times by Luo Peng and the others. This was instructed by Yu Siyang. As explained, the lion’s mane mushroom must be rinsed repeatedly with clean water to prevent it from becoming bitter.

The washed mushrooms were also sliced into very thin slices by Yu Siyang, and then all were poured into a pot of chicken sauce and simmered over low heat.

Next, he began to make different flavors.

The eight major Chinese cuisines, some used thick oil red sauce, some were spicy and delicious, some were salty and sweet and refreshing, and some had their own original flavors. How could he show the rich food culture of China in a dish? This was not only a test of the chef’s skills, but also a test of the chef’s creativity. Therefore, Yu Siyang used the easy- fungus and tofu to make.

The mushroom being simmered over a low fire was taken out, and the tofu was cooked in different flavors of the eight major cuisines prepared separately, the juice was collected, and then served.

Netizens on the Internet didn’t understand what he was going to do, and there were endless curious discussions. It was the famous French chef Nino, who was just cooking foie gras, and there was no suspense at all.

The audience at the scene was not any calmer than the netizens on the Internet. When Yu Siyang started cooking, bursts of fragrance floated out, both spicy and salty which made the audience feel greedy. Some people even whispered that for this fragrance alone, they would vote for the Chinese star.

After Yu Siyang fried all the mushroom and tofu, he divided them into eight plates and put them on the serving table.

Netizens all said that this big plate stunned them. The plate was bigger than the French guy’s belly, and Yu Siyang was so small that he couldn’t hold it. It was so pitiful and cute.

Yu Siyang didn’t know that he just brought attention from netizens by just carrying a large plate. He put on disposable gloves on his hands and started to arrange the assortment of fried mushroom slices and tofu slices on the platter.

The audience and online netizens were curious to see what he wanted to create, especially netizens. Once the lens was transferred to Nino, they would scold the shooting team in the speaking area.

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[1] Foreigner.

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