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Returning home on the weekend, during the routine mother-child exchange time, Mu Yiqi told Mrs. Mu about the theft in the dormitory.

He first said: “When we returned to the dormitory after class, Fang Wei and the others said that they had lost their things, and that they must have been stolen and wanted to search the dormitory. We were not happy and thought he had no right to do so. But they said they would need to search. It was a thief, so everyone agreed to search. The dormitory of Xiaoxi and I was the last to be searched. Because there was no missing item found before, Fang Wei and the others thought that the thing must be in our dormitory, saying we were the thieves. Xiaoxi asked them to search, but I didn’t expect to find the stolen things in Lin Xiaoyang’s cabinet. Xiaoxi asked the people who wronged us to apologize, and Teacher Chen took Lin Xiaoyang to the office. Lin Xiaoyang dropped out of school the next day. That’s it.”

The whole thing was not complicated. An adult like Teacher Chen jumped out and found the problem. But at that time, Mu Yiqi and the group of children were caught off guard at first, and they were led by the nose, even if what had happened was unintentional.

Mrs. Mu said: “If this happens, you should notify the teacher as soon as possible, and let the teacher deal with it.” Mu Yiqi nodded. Afterwards, Teacher Chen also severely criticized them and punished all boys to copy books. She said that every time an accident was caused by them, and the school was not able to operate normally.

Mrs. Mu also pointed out a few strange places. For example, from start to finish, weren’t Fang Wei and the others too purposeful? How could he suddenly gain such a big appeal in a short period of time (Mu Yiqi’s previous evaluation of him was that his IQ was not that high)?

And Mu Yiqi deliberately did not describe the reactions of important people, such as Mu Yixi, Lin Xiaoyang and others. This was different from Mu Yiqi’s previous chat habits.

“Mom is amazing!” Mu Yixi lay on Mrs. Mu’s lap and gave out flattery without hesitation.

Mrs. Mu smiled and touched his head, and said to Mu Yiqi, “Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

Mu Yiqi made a face to Mu Yixi. Originally, Mu Yiqi didn’t want to tell Mrs. Mu, he felt that he had grown up, and he could deal with the things that happened between his classmates. But Mu Yixi thought that even if they didn’t say anything, Mrs. Mu would know eventually.

Mu Yiqi was puzzled, but Mu Yixi could not tell Mu Yiqi: They were only six years old this year! It would only be strange if Mrs. Mu could really rest assured of them!

Facts proved: Mu Yixi was right.

Mom was too aware of everything and couldn’t be easily fooled.

Mu Yiqi said it all honestly.

Mu Yixi was only responsible for supplementing his paragraph: “I felt uncomfortable and fell asleep at the time. I only vaguely knew that it was Lin Xiaoyang who came in and he was moving my schoolbag. When I woke up, I opened the schoolbag and took a look. I found a bunch of things that weren’t mine. I thought it was Lin Xiaoyang’s, so I put them all in his cabinet. I didn’t expect everyone to come later with Fang Wei and say that I was a thief…”

Escaping from the trap of the dormitory theft became an accident in the mouths of the two brothers. And not something done deliberately.

Mrs. Mu listened calmly, but there was a touch of coldness in the depths of her eyes.

“You all think it is Feng Kun who really wanted to frame you?” Mrs. Mu asked.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi looked at each other and nodded together.

Mrs. Mu said: “You are doing well. Brothers should help each other and trust each other. As for the rest, leave it to mom, eh?”

Mu Yiqi looked up at her, supporting his cheeks with both hands: “But we have already grown up. And when you grow up, shouldn’t your own affairs be handled by yourself?”

“Do you think you can?” Mrs. Mu asked seriously.

Suddenly feeling that he was being entrusted with a heavy responsibility, Mu Yiqi nodded like pounding garlic, “Yes!”

“Ok then. But I have two conditions.” Mrs. Mu stretched out a finger and saw that Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were both attentively listening, then she said: “First, no matter what happens in the future, including getting sick, quarreling with classmates, you should let mother know. As long as it is not serious, mother will not care about it, but mother must know, otherwise I will be very worried. Second, when you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, find your mother as soon as possible. Mom will try to help you. Can you give me this opportunity?”

“Okay, I promise you, mother!” Mu Yixi responded loudly for the first time.

Mu Yiqi was still thinking. Seeing that Mu Yixi couldn’t wait to agree, he also said, “I see, mom, I promise you too!”

“You are very good.” And gave them both kisses on their cheeks.

Mu Yixi blushed and enjoyed it, Mu Yiqi yelled: “Mom, I am a boy, and you are a girl. You can’t kiss me casually…”

While Mu Yiqi walked away, Mrs. Mu called to stop Mu Yixi.

“Mom?” Mu Yixi blinked and looked cutely at Mrs. Mu.

“Xiaoxi, you put those stolen things in Lin Xiaoyang’s cabinet deliberately, didn’t you? You knew he had no good intentions.” Mrs. Mu said softly.

Mu Yixi was caught off guard and stiffened.

What happened?

What did Mrs. Mu find out? Was he inconsistent? Was it his shamelessness? Or his insidiousness?

She finally knew that he wasn’t so innocent anymore? Was she going to start guarding against him or staying away from him?

Chaotic thoughts filled his head, and the emotions in Mu Yixi’s eyes became dull and unclear, and he unknowingly paled with fright.

“Hush…Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi!” Seeing that Mu Yixi suddenly became nervous and uneasy, she hugged him with distress, and patted his thin back over and over again: “Mom doesn’t mean anything else. Xiaoxi did a great job! You protected yourself and Xiaoqi! Mom is very happy!”

Mu Yixi grabbed Mrs. Mu’s clothes and stayed like that for a while before whispering, “Really? You don’t think that I was very bad?”

Mrs. Mu said, “Stupid. At that time, you had tried your best and did a good job. Harming others is not allowed, but when others hurt us, we must know how to fight back.”

“I It was deliberate…” Mu Yixi was a little incoherent. He shouldn’t tell Mrs. Mu these things, but he wanted to tell her.

Mrs. Mu touched his little face, feeling some wetness. Just a few words had made him feel this uneasy.

“Xiaoxi, if you have to choose between hurting others and protecting yourself, I always hope you protect yourself. Understand?” Mrs. Mu sighed.

Mu Yixi grabbed the edge of Mrs. Mu’s clothes tightly and held it well!

He thought of his own bastardly actions from the previous life.

Mrs. Mu wanted him to protect himself, but he just wanted to try to protect her. If he tried his best to compensate, would Mrs. Mu forgive him?

“Mom…” Mu Yixi buried his face on Mrs. Mu’s shoulder, almost whispering.

That night was destined to be unstable.

Mu Yixi lay on the bed tossing and turning for a long time, unable to fall asleep, entangled with him not knowing when to show his feet and when not to, so that Mrs. Mu could not see through him. This was something that had never happened in the previous life!

But Mrs. Mu’s reaction gave him a little bit of hope. If he wasn’t as honest and upright as Mu Yiqi, was it acceptable for Mrs. Mu?

But when he and Mu Yiqi grew up, would Mrs. Mu worry that he would fight Mu Yiqi for Mu’s clan? Would she not think that he was not a good person who was very scheming?

Mu Yixi’s head was about to explode!

At this time, there was a noise that was not too big or small.

Mu Yixi was surprised. According to Mu’s rules, there should be no noise at bedtime.

He lifted the quilt and walked out of the room.

The situation on the first floor was indeed a bit chaotic, because Feng Weiming, who was far away in France, had suddenly come back –

He was carried into the house by Jiang Xinyu sideways.

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