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Feng Weiming had a high fever.

His snow-white skin was flushed from the heat, his eyes were closed tightly, and he was curled into a small ball, looking fragile and stubborn, while he shrank into Jiang Xinyu’s arms.

Mu Jiuqing’s female assistant, Jiang Xinyu, came in with such pitiful-looking Feng Weiming, and Mu Jiurong and Mrs. Mu were shocked! They didn’t even change their clothes, just hurriedly covered their pajamas and came over.

After probing Feng Weiming’s forehead, Mrs. Mu hurriedly called for a doctor.

Mu Jiurong asked: “What happened? What happened to Jiuqing?”

Jiang Xinyu said: “The third master is outside.”

Mu Jiurong: “Why didn’t he come in?”

Jiang Xinyu shook her head helplessly, and Mu Jiurong frowned and went out to find him.

Seeing Jiang Xinyu’s face full of fatigue, Mrs. Mu asked her to put Feng Weiming down on the sofa. Jiang Xinyu directly hugged Feng Weiming and sent him to Mrs. Mu’s arms. Mrs. Mu was a little surprised but hurriedly picked up and hugged him into her arms.

This movement caused Feng Weiming’s eyelids to rise. He saw that it was Mrs. Mu and closed his eyes again without rejection.

Mrs. Mu looked up and saw Jiang Xinyu’s complicated expression.

The doctor came soon to diagnose and treat Feng Weiming. After receiving an injection and taking medicine, they settled Feng Weiming in the room he had previously lived in. Mrs. Mu pulled over Jiang Xinyu and asked, “What happened?”

Jiang Xinyu hesitated, then shook her head: “I don’t know the details. I only know that the young master and the third master had a falling out. The young master was being stubborn and refused to talk to the third master.”

It was not unusual for children and adults to be dissatisfied with each other. It sounded like a small thing.

But this time was different. Feng Weiming was an excellent child. Mu Jiuqing had carefully raised him for more than two years and treated him as his own son. Feng Weiming respected and relied on his adoptive father. Usually Mu Jiuqing loved to tease him, if he was ever really annoyed, he just ignored Mu Jiuqing for a while, but he won’t be really angry. But this time, don’t know what happened, but the two father and son were extremely stiff with each other. Feng Weiming even wanted to leave his home in France, but Mu Jiuqing was unsure about this. He shut himself in the room on a hunger strike without saying a word. Mu Jiuqing became angry, and his temper came out. He found someone to force him to eat. Fang Weiming had little strength and couldn’t resist, but he vomited out as much as possible, and so he abruptly became ill.

When Jiang Xinyu was called by Mu Jiuqing in a hurry, she personally heard Feng Weiming say to Mu Jiuqing who wanted to get close to him: “Go away, you are sick.”

Mu Jiuqing stayed in place, revealing a tired and never seen before sad expression on his face.

Then Mu Jiuqing asked her to take Feng Weiming back to China to find Mrs. Mu.

But because he was really uneasy, Mu Jiuqing also followed. Just to prevent Feng Weiming from seeing him and making trouble again, he just fell behind instead of appearing in front of Feng Weiming.

These things Jiang Xinyu didn’t know how to tell Mrs. Mu.

Mrs. Mu was extremely considerate. Seeing Jiang Xinyu’s expression, she didn’t ask any more questions. She gently said, “You are also tired. I have prepared a room for you. You should go and rest first. Obviously, I will watch over him.”

Mu Jiuqing cared about his son the most, and he couldn’t watch over him personally. Jiang Xinyu naturally wanted to watch Feng Weiming for him. She could not be negligent even for the night, but if she left it to Mrs. Mu, it was estimated that Mu Jiuqing would not be worried. She was very grateful and said: “Troubling you.”

Mrs. Mu said: “This is how it should be.”

Jiang Xinyu was sent away, and Mrs. Mu saw Mu Yixi when she turned around. He leaned on the wall and looked at her timidly.

“Why did you get up? Did the noise bother you?” She squatted down. She touched Mu Yixi’s hand: “Why did you only wear pajamas when you come out? Your hands are freezing…” She took off her shawl and put it around his neck.

Mu Yixi listened to her nagging happily, only feeling warm all over. After worrying about gains and losses for a long time, Mrs. Mu calmed him down with a single move.

“Is Mingming here? How is he?” Mu Yixi asked.

“He has a fever and is resting.” Mrs. Mu simply said: “You should go back to sleep?”

“Can I see him? I am worried about him.” Mu Yixi said.

“Look at him tomorrow.” Mrs. Mu said.

“Mom…” Mu Yixi acted like a baby.

Mrs. Mu frowned and looked at him, and Mu Yixi blinked at her with energetic eyes.

Mrs. Mu said: “You can only take a look.”

Mu Yixi nodded and made a salute gesture.

Mrs. Mu gave him a blank smile and led him by his hand inside the room.

Only a warm yellow light was turned on in Feng Weiming’s room. On the bed was a raised small and thin lump. As he approached, he could see Feng Weiming lying on his side with his eyes closed. He slept unsteadily, his delicate little brows furrowed, and his lips pursed slightly. Mu Yixi saw the corners of his eyes had shallow crystals …

This was the first time Mu Yixi saw Feng Weiming like this, he looked terrible, fragile and pitiful.

“Zhen’er, come out for a while.” Mu Jiurong opened the door and said in a low voice. Seeing Mu Yixi, his gaze paused slightly and then quickly turned away.

Mrs. Mu looked at Mu Yixi hesitantly.

“Mom, I will stay with him for a while. I’ll wait for you to finish talking with Dad.” Mu Yixi said immediately.

“Let him stay for a while.” Mu Jiurong said, reaching out and pulling Mrs. Mu out.

“Where is Third Brother?” Mrs. Mu asked outside the room.

Mu Jiurong said: “He is gone, as he can’t let go of his work abroad. Obviously, he will stay with us for a while. Take good care of him.”

Mrs. Mu: “What the hell happened? The two father and son are this way. Third Brother is usually the most concerned, but this time even the child was left behind.”

Mu Jiurong said indifferently, “The child has a temper, it will be fine after a while. That is that. We don’t have to worry about it, you take good care of him.” He pondered, “If he doesn’t come to pick him up after a month, you can go to Ya’an to arrange for Mingming and Xiaoqi to go to school together.”

Mrs. Mu looked surprised.

“Xiaoqi and Mingming get along well. Jiuqing also hopes for him to be more cheerful.” Mu Jiurong said, “It doesn’t matter if Mingming stays for a long time. We are not short of a pair of chopsticks.”

Knowing that her husband did not have a passionate temperament towards children, Mrs. Mu immediately guessed that he had received benefits from Mu Jiuqing’s hands, for taking care of Feng Weiming.

“I will.” Mrs. Mu nodded lightly.

“If you can’t manage, let Xu Qingli help you. Her ability is not bad.” Mu Jiurong said.

“It’s no trouble, it’s easy to arrange. Qingli also has her affairs to be busy.” Mrs. Mu said.

“Thanks for your hard work,” Mu Jiurong said, leaning over and kissing Mrs. Mu’s forehead: “The new season’s jewelry has come out. Take a look at the catalog, and I will leave it to you if I like it.” The company that made jewellery.

Mrs. Mu smiled as usual and nodded: “Okay.”

Looking at his indifferent wife, Mu Jiurong suddenly felt that it was not enough, and added: “The children’s clothing designer who made clothes for Xiaoqi and the others has changed. Who is the new designer? Now, when making clothes, let’s have them made together with Mingming and Mu Yixi. When you have time, ask the designer to come over and re-measure the children’s size.”

Now Mrs. Mu’s smile became a bit more real: “Okay.”

Mu Jiurong couldn’t help holding up her face and kissing the corners of her lips: “I will spare more time to come back to accompany you and the children. Don’t tire yourself.”

Mrs. Mu stretched out her hand to wrap around his waist…

The couple held each other for a while, then Mu Jiurong turned back to go to their room, and Mrs. Mu walked into Feng Weiming’s room again.

Mu Yixi sat on the ground, he had folded his hands on the edge of the bed and put his head on the back of his hands, looking sideways at Feng Weiming, he looked very well-behaved.

Mrs. Mu touched Feng Weiming’s forehead, feeling that his fever had subsided a bit, but there was a light red mark on Feng Weiming’s cheek. Mrs. Mu looked at Mu Yixi with some confusion.

Mu Yixi did not squint but looked slightly guilty.

He was also hot-headed for a while. Seeing Feng Weiming suddenly become so weak and pitiful, it felt novel. He remembered that he hated people kissing him the most. He wondered if he kissed him now, would he wake up and stare coldly at him as usual. He was thinking about this and then unknowingly bit him on the cheek, and he only realized when he tasted the smooth and tender taste, by that time Mu Yixi’s head  was already covered with black lines.

When did his IQ degenerate?

But even after being tossed like this, Feng Weiming still didn’t wake up, but his brows became tighter, and there was a small animal-like whimper coming from his throat, as if he was very sad.

Mu Yixi instantly lost the mood to tease him.

The sick Feng Weiming was neither annoying nor likable.

Mrs. Mu touched Mu Yixi’s head: “Go back to your room to sleep, ah?”

Mu Yixi asked: “Mom you will keep looking over him?”

Mrs. Mu: “Ah, he is obviously sick, he needs to be taken care of by mother. If you want to see him, get up early tomorrow to see.”

“I want to accompany my mother.” Mu Yixi climbed into her arms.

“Xiaoxi is really good. But mother can do this alone.” Mrs. Mu said: “You want to be with your mother, you can be with me tomorrow.”


“Who promised to just take a look just now?” Mrs. Mu asked. If it was normal times, she would have let Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming sleep together. But now Feng Weiming was ill and needed to rest well. Mu Yixi was weak and had just recovered from a cold, so he would have to suffer again if Fang Weiming passed the illness to him.

Mu Yixi retreated.

It was nine o’clock when he got up the next morning. He didn’t sleep well as he woke up in the middle of the night and spent a lot of time with Mrs. Mu in Feng Weiming’s room. Later, he went back to the room and continued to sleep. Mrs. Mu knew that he didn’t sleep well last night, so she didn’t let anyone wake him up when it was time in the morning.

It was rare for him to get up late.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan had both got up, and there was no one in the room apart from him. Mu Yixuan was eating breakfast downstairs alone, while Xu Qingli accompanied her. Mu Yixuan saw Mu Yixi and warmly greeted him to eat together with her.

Saying good morning to Mu Yixuan and Xu Qingli, Mu Yixi asked, “Xiaoxuan, where is mother? Where is Xiaoqi?” Mu Jiurong ignored them.

“Elder brother is taking care of Mingming who is ill, and mother is sleeping to make up for lost sleep.” Mu Yixuan said with a milky voice.

Mu Yixi raised his eyebrows and ate a piece of bread slowly. After eating, he asked Mu Yixuan, who was still struggling with the millet porridge: “I’m going to see him, too, is Xiaoxuan coming with me?”

Mu Yixuan shook her head with the porridge in her mouth, “Du oh hum.”

“Then I will go ahead, and you eat slowly, huh?”

Mu Yixuan seemed a little reluctant, but her head still moved up and down a few times.

When Mu Yixi came to Feng Weiming’s room, Mu Yiqi was poking Feng Weiming’s forehead with one hand and his own forehead with the other. Perhaps he felt that both their body temperatures were about the same, so he nodded seriously, with a look of satisfaction. When he put his hands down, he covered Feng Weiming with a quilt, and he looked like a small adult who knew how to take care of others.

Mu Yixi couldn’t help but smile.

Mu Yiqi turned to see him, and his eyes lit up!

“Xiaoxi, you are here!” As Feng Weiming had not woken up, Mu Yiqi kept his voice low: “He’s still sick, you can watch over him for a while.”

“Why? Aren’t you going to watch over him all the time?”

He also deliberately delayed in order to give Mu Yiqi the opportunity to take care of Feng Weiming alone.

The gurgling sound of Mu Yiqi’s stomach resolved Mu Yixi’s confusion.

Mu Yiqi blushed. Only when he got up in the morning did he know that Feng Weiming had come last night and was still sick. Mrs. Mu took care of him all night. In order to let Mrs. Mu go to rest, Mu Yiqi volunteered to take care of Feng Weiming without having breakfast.

“Well, I will look after Mingming, you go to have breakfast.” Mu Yixi said.

Mu Yiqi hugged his hungry belly and left happily.

Mu Yixi walked to Feng Weiming’s bed and reached out to probe his forehead.

Unexpectedly, Feng Weiming opened his eyes as soon as he put his hand on his forehead.

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