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The night of snow passed, and it was clear in the morning. The light golden morning light passed through the gaps in the curtains and brushed on the bed, shining on Huo Yunshen’s deep and sharp profile.

Yan Qing stared at him blankly, her heart almost exploded, while her eyes were full of little gold stars.

She thought she knew at least little bit about Huo Yunshen, but Huo Yunshen slapped her face again, revealing her naivete.

At least at this moment, the man in front of her who was talking about getting married, she really didn’t know him well.

Yan Qing said, in an unbelievable way: “Do you mean… let me promise myself to you?” It felt like she had just opened the first chapter of a novel and jumped to the end without warning, and the plot changed from the middle into “a million words omitted here”.

Impossible, Huo Yunshen was scaring her.

She did not wait for Mr. Huo to answer. Yan Qing simply stood up and said: “Mr. Huo, these kinds of remarks are not suitable for joking. Do you want to scare me first so that I will accept your real request? You might as well say it straight.”

Huo Yunshen leaned deeply against the head of the bed, she did not know whether it was intentional or unintentional, but he put his injured hand in a conspicuous position and stared at her with deep eyes.

Yan Qing’s momentum suddenly fell short: “What do you…what do you mean?”

Huo Yunshen remained silent , giving her time to think.

After a while, Yan Qing’s face gradually changed, and she stared at him incredulously: “Are you serious?!”

“Serious,” Huo Yun said in a low voice, “I have no other requirements, only this one. “

Yan Qing exploded at this time: “How big is the matter of marriage? Are you messing with me?! Mr. Huo, I have only known you for a few days? Apart from knowing your identity and knowing your feelings for Yun Qing , I’m not familiar with you at all, can your brain circuit be normal?”

Her reaction and what she said excitedly were all in Huo Yunshen’s expectation.

He was also repeatedly injured and fleeing, so he thought to find out the root of her resistance.

Getting to the source could make her change her mind.

So Mr. Huo slightly twisted his eyebrows, his expression revealed a little fragility, and he implemented his strategy with a serious face.

“We have not known each other for a long time, but after getting married, you will naturally understand what you want to know.”

Although Yan Qing’s emotions were soaring, her IQ was still there. His words had a different meaning in her ears from before: “Huo Yunshen, do you finally admit that we don’t know each other?”

Huo Yunshen told her nonsense without changing his face: “Yes, I was confused once, but I have become sober. I believe you are not Yun Qing.” As soon as he said this, Yan Qing simply relaxed. She was feeling so relieved, that the five elements on her body had come in alignment, her body was relaxed, and even the word “marriage” was not so unpleasant.

Huo Yunshen also recognized this, and the biggest obstacle between her and him was gone.

Anyhow, they could now stand on an equal position to communicate.

Yan Qing applauded President Huo and couldn’t help but shake her head as she praised him: “Mr. Huo, you really understand righteousness. I take back what I said to scold you before, and I wanted to say that you have really good conditions. You are so handsome. You have everything you need in your family. If you want to drive out and find a good girl in the future, my Goddess Yun Qing won’t blame you.”

Huo Yunshen’s mouth bent in a smile as he watched her: “Didn’t I find a good girl? You nod and agree. I am handsome. Everything at my home will be yours.”

Yan Qing noticed that these two things didn’t match up and her eyes rounded: “You said that I am not Yun Qing, and still mention marriage. Where on earth did this subject come from?”

Huo Yunshen tilted his head and said, “You first pull open the bedside table drawer.”

Yan Qing was puzzled, but still squatted down, and was stunned when she opened it. The inside was filled with medicine bottles of various sizes, with only a half left which proved that he had been taking it.

“There are more in the old Jiangbei house than these,” Huo Yunshen said in a low tone, “After Qingqing left, I couldn’t sleep for about half a year, couldn’t eat anything, and started to have severe headaches and stomach aches. It hurt, and you should have heard the rumours outside that I was born with madness and mentally abnormal, right?”

Yan Qing bit her lip, remembering their first encounter when he lost control on the bridge and needed a tranquilizer injection. Afterwards, he was unwell many times, including last night, Min Jing also said that he took medicine before falling asleep.

Huo Yunshen stared at the tip of her red nose.

Qingqing had always been like this, soft-hearted, kind-hearted, feeling empathy for the suffering of others, he knew, so he used it, in order to tie her to his side.

He calmly said: “In the past three years, my obsession has been too deep. If I don’t think of a way to resolve it, I won’t be able to get out of it for a lifetime.”

Yan Qing believed it. If it was not so deep, he would not treat her like the last straw.

He followed the script: “The consequence of my inability to come out of this shadow is that I will continue to pester you, becoming even more severe than before, and may lock you up and forbid you to see anyone. Even if you want to commit suicide again, I will not let you go until it tortures you. I will be crazy, and torture myself to death as well, Yan Qing, do you want this ending?”

The picture of him tied up with a tie came in front of her eyes, and Yan Qing shook her head, it was clear that he could do it.

She raised her head, her soft cheeks turned white, and asked: “What do you think is the solution?”

Huo Yunshen’s chest beat violently, and his blood burned at an unbearable temperature, boiling in his empty body.

He wanted that she belongs to him.

Three years apart, being a stranger to her, he will personally make these obstacles disappear in the future.

“The solution is very simple,” his voice was calm and beautiful, hiding the dumbness caused by excitement, “you are not her, but you are also her. It is better for us to reach a peaceful agreement. You stay and help me make up for the regrets of the past three years. To wash away the shadows and let my life return to normal. My body has the ability to resist drugs. This full drawer of medicine has no effect on me. The doctor said that most of my problems are neurological and need to be resolved by myself, but I can’t rely on myself, I can only rely on you.”

Yan Qing’s throat was dry, and she swallowed hard: “You let me heal you…”

Huo Yunshen’s hand was clenched tightly where she could not see: “Yes, I just have one request for my treatment, get married.”

His forehead fell, and he brushed his eyebrows to block the bitterness and hatred that surged in him: “I didn’t marry Qingqing. It’s a regret that I can’t get past.”

Yan Qing put her elbows on the bedside. Supporting her face with her hands, she seriously thought about the feasibility of this issue.

She had always had a big brain, and she circulated the idea around her head. After a few rounds in her head, she thought she understood Mr. Huo’s ideas, and couldn’t help but pat the bed.

“So, you know very well that I am not Yun Qing, but you want me to pretend to be Yun Qing, help you out of the shadows, and make up to you for the past three years, which means-we both know who each other is. Under this premise, I will be Yun Qing’s substitute, right?”

Huo Yunshen didn’t like the word “substitute” and wanted to refute it.

However, his family’s Qingqing had a broad mind, and the more he got excited, the more she would be suspicious, then she said in one breath: “If you think this way, it is actually much better than before. Before, you pulled me to be another person, and I was forced to act as a substitute. It’s different now because I clearly have a job as a ‘substitute’, so I will be playing a role, right?”

Huo Yunshen was speechless by her obviously relaxed expression.

Yan Qing understood the matter, but still didn’t trust him, and asked vigilantly: “Will fake marriage be okay? Anyway, people are also fake. When you think it’s enough, I will leave at any time.”


Yan Qing pursed her lips: “But I can’t delay my life with you, then I’m really going to die.”

“…Three years, she has been gone for three years, you make up to me for three years, and we will make a contract for the three-year period. You voluntarily follow me, or the contract will be voided. If you still want to leave after three years, I will let you go. If I breach the contract, I will give you all my wealth. I will have no money and no ability to control you, okay?”

Yan Qing’s slender fingers clasped, shocked at his condition, but it also proved that he was sincere.

She squeezed the sheets with her fingertips, and her voice became quieter: “Then I can also make terms?”

“Yes, as I said, you promise to get married, and I will give in.”

“…marriage is absolutely not allowed to be exposed to the outside world, it’s best if nobody knows except you and me.”


“We are in a contractual relationship, I can treat you well, but…but not that, that over-intimate behaviour! No intimacy in bed!”

Huo Yunshen looked at her deeply. She gave him a stern expression.

She used to lie on his bed with a smile, stretch out her delicate feet to hook his legs, with her pair of eyes bent.

They had done all the things that should or shouldn’t be done countless times, and now he couldn’t even touch her.

Huo Yunshen leaned in and approached her with a deep tone: “Yes, not only that, I will ask you in advance if I want to have any intimate behaviour with you in the future.”

Yan Qing squinted her eyes with satisfaction: “Also, you must not interfere with my work. When I record the show, whether my grades are good or bad, even if I enter the entertainment industry in the future, you shouldn’t interfere.” The girl had exquisite features, bright and clean eyes, beautiful skin, slender and beautiful. It was enough to cause a storm, she had the face of a future queen. Right, she didn’t know that you could not make it in the entertainment industry by only relying on hard work.

“Yes, but I will when I need to intervene,” Huo Yunshen was deeply angry at her, and felt distressed, and a trace of the brutality of his youth could not help but be revealed between his eyebrows, “Remember not to beg me then.”

Yan Qing hadn’t ever seen him like this, so she was shocked.

In the depths of her mind, there seemed to be an invisible nerve that moved and rattled loudly.

She pressed her temples and continued: “The last important condition is that I will be a substitute when I am by your side to ensure dedication, but would I be free at other times? After all, I’m very old. You can’t ban me for three consecutive years.”

Yan Qing thought that she would get the same answer, but she didn’t expect her wrist to hurt as soon as she finished speaking.

Huo Yunshen squeezed hard, his eyes already steadily aroused.

The back of his injured hand bulged with blue veins, and he let it go the moment she felt uncomfortable, but his nails were embedded in his palms.

He stared at her, and bit out the words coldly: “No.”

Yan Qing was scared by him, stood up and retreated far from him, emotionally unstable: “You are so moody, how can I believe you, or else forget it! What kind of marriage, you want to monopolise me casually!”

She ran to the door, Huo Yunshen did not move.

She unlocked the door to get out, and he opened his mouth.

“Not allowed is not allowed.”

“I’ll give you a week to think about it. One week later, in the morning, I will go downstairs and wait for you.”

Yan Qing walked out of the room and leaned on the wall. The last words Huo Yunshen said sounded like a bell ringing in her ears. The nerve that had been stirred just now seemed to resonate, shaking in her head together.

Where was she… where had she seen such a young man and heard very similar words.

She seemed to have met such a man, wearing a white shirt with a school logo, obviously frail and sad, but also insisting on giving others a cold shoulder, as he called out to her: “I’ll give you a week to consider.”

When Yan Qing squeezed her eyebrows and tried to think about it, the picture became blurred again, and she bent down to try to drive the discomfort out.

She was prone to mental weakness in the spring and autumn. This should be the reason for this. Recently, she had only been in a trance twice, but it was late this year, as it was late autumn and almost winter when she was reacting continuously.

Yan Qing vaguely heard movement in the room. It is estimated that Huo Yunshen was about to come out to catch her. She was still choking and didn’t want to face him. She sped up and went downstairs, ran out of the door without pausing, and got into the car from which she had come.

Anyway, he had given her a week, Huo Yunshen personally said this, and he would never go back on his own words.

She was not temper less. It was a matter of a girl getting married. She had no family and was alone. She had no one to talk to. It would be miserable to get herself in a fake marriage, not to mention that she did not want to be exclusive with him. Such that she couldn’t even like others in private?!

She was a girl at the right age to fall in love. Well, she couldn’t put all the emotions in her heart on him, that would be the real place to die without burial[1].

How did Yun Qing get used to him like this?

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[1] This means that if she actually fell in love with HY accidentally, that would be akin to dying without burial.

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