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Yan Qing slammed into Huo Yunshen’s chest, her whole body felt as stiff as if frozen.

At the moment he blocked it, all the liquid in the bottle rained down on him, tumbling down his shoulders, and over half of his back and left arm. Because he couldn’t avoid it, the back of his left hand was splashed with two drops.

Yan Qing’s vision was dark, her ears were full of noise, her heartbeat was crazy fast, but she could still hear Song Xueran’s exclamation and cursing, the man’s forbearing snorting, and the most terrifying… the faint noise of the corroded clothing.

The air was full of disgusting smell, burning clothes which was enough to burn away people’s sanity.

Yan Qing’s tears poured out wildly, Huo Yunshen’s name was choked out in her throat, and she desperately grabbed the edge of his coat.

The sulfuric acid corroded quickly, and a strong burning sensation fell on Huo Yunshen’s skin through the coat and shirt.

He breathed heavily, still keeping the embracing posture, not relaxing at all.

When Song Xueran saw that Yan Qing was protected and was not affected at all, her expression was distorted with resentment: “You deserve it…you didn’t give me a way to survive, you all deserve it!”

She was still holding a bottle in her hand with half a bottle still left in it, looking crazy. She rushed over and dragged Huo Yunshen’s left arm to the point where it burned unsightly. He had to pull Yan Qing out and put her away before she stopped.

Yan Qing’s eyes were about to split, struggling to meet his, because she feared that she would hurt Huo Yunshen again.

Huo Yunshen’s intact hand pressed Yan Qing severely, preventing her from leaving his protection range, and raising his injured hand reluctantly to block Song Xueran.

Song Xueran staggered, splashing the mouth of the bottle, but did not give up.

Huo Yunshen turned around abruptly and kicked Song Xueran’s knee. She screamed. When she fell, the bottle was released. The rest of the liquid overflowed, not leaking, and all of it spilled on her own neck and chest.

From the distance, a car light pierced the night and rushed over here.

Yan Qing was swept behind by Huo Yunshen for the last time, and she finally saw his condition clearly. The cashmere coat on his body was ruined, revealing the blackened shirt and patches of skin that had lost its cover.

She pulled his coat out of control, crying and took off her coat to wipe his wounds, and whimpered intermittently: “Wash it! Hurry up! Can’t be this—” It was too late, she knew that the damage had already been done.

As a few car lights approached, the program group seemed to be aware of it, and there was constant noise coming from the front, and it would soon become lively.

Huo Yunshen pulled Yan Qing away and kissed her swollen eyes: “Qingqing, don’t worry, I will leave someone to look after you and make a good scene for you, and won’t cause you more trouble.”

Yan Qing’s head was about to explode. She didn’t understand what he meant.

Her eyes were blurred, and she watched Huo Yunshen get into the car. Before leaving, he turned his face, and the black pupils stared at her quietly for a few seconds, his face white as paper.

Yan Qing wanted to follow him to find a doctor, but he shook his head.

The car drove away in a blink of an eye, and a few well-trained men stayed behind, guarding her not far away, and tidying up the scene quickly.

Soon after, the lights came on, police sirens roared from far and near, and more and more people flocked to the backyard. Huo Yunshen’s people whispered to Yan Qing: “Miss Yan, no matter who asks, you just say that this woman was going to harm you. Don’t mention the others, we will solve it.”

When she was surrounded by the crowd, the tears on Yan Qing’s face hadn’t dried yet.

She gradually understood what Huo Yunshen said before leaving.

The vicious incident of sulphuric acid pouring could not be kept silent, and it was bound to cause a big disturbance. Huo Yunshen knew that she wanted to draw a clear line with him. Once his injury was exposed, it would by no means be explained by a so-called “family friendship”.

He cut himself out and left someone as a bodyguard, which fit her status as a “Miss”. There was no surveillance in this area. Even if Song Xueran yelled, it could be dismissed as her insanity and nonsense.

Huo Yunshen was deeply hurt and left like that, but he still erased all traces of himself.

In this way, Yan Qing was still Yan Qing, a victim who simply needed to be comforted, and did not need to bear any scandals and discussions.

Yan Qing’s emotional breakdown happened when she was curled up in a corner after dealing with police inquiries and concerns from all walks of life. When she was so frightened that her legs were weak, she received a WeChat message.

Yunshen: “Don’t be afraid, Qingqing has me.”

She leaned down, covered her eyes, and called him as soon as she calmed down, but Min Jing answered with a low voice: “It’s not convenient for Mr. Huo now. How could he come over? An expert is looking at the injury.”

Yan Qing choked and asked: “How is he!”

Before Min Jing could answer, she changed her words : “Which hospital is in, tell me the address, I’ll go see it by myself!”

Huo Yunshen was not in the hospital. If the person in charge of Shi’s power was admitted to the hospital for no reason, and the injuries were sensitive, it could easily cause unnecessary trouble. The car that came to pick her up crossed over half of Haicheng and drove to a low-key and quiet villa area in Jiangbei.

Yan Qing didn’t have time to see the surrounding scenery. When she arrived, it was twelve o’clock at midnight. She hurried up to the second floor. The cold-coloured corridor was very dark and quiet.

Min Jing guarded the door. Seeing her coming, his hard expression cracked, and his red eyes could not bear to say: “You feel sorry for him. He has suffered enough in three years. This half of the bottle of sulfuric acid was poured down on his back. It has burned several parts on his arm, as well as the back of his hand. If it weren’t for the thick winter clothes, he would have been ruined.”

Yan Qing’s nose was red from crying, and she reached out to push the door.

Min Jing sighed, and his voice slumped from behind: “…I’m sorry, my attitude is not good, it’s not your fault…Brother Shen took the injection half an hour ago. I guess he won’t wake up before dawn. If you want, you can accompany him.” The light in the bedroom was dim, and Huo Yunshen was lying on the bed deeply asleep, and his whole person was shrouded in dark shadows.

Yan Qing squatted by the bed, gently touching the two marks on the back of his hand with her fingertips. The blackened burnt color lined his original cold white skin, shocking.

She tugged at his clothes, not daring to untie his pyjamas. She touched the cloth through the fabric, knowing that it was useless, and hoping to relieve him a little bit of pain.

Yan Qing sniffed, sat down on the carpet next to the bed, rubbed her peach-like eyes, chattering.

“Huo Yunshen, how can I pay you back for such a great favour…”

“If you didn’t stop me, I would be ruined in Song Xueran’s hands, maybe lightly or severely disfigured, or maybe I would even die. I know you are doing it for Yun Qing, but the person being saved is indeed me, and I can’t pretend that it never happened.”

“I know what you want, and you want me to be Yun Qing, treat you as well as before, love you, and find back what you lost in the past. But I really am not her.”

“When will you accept the reality? Yun Qing is no longer there. I am another person.”

“You are always so extreme. I thank you again, but I still have to run.”

In the early morning, everything was quiet, and the girl by the bed getting tired, had rested her head on his stomach, so that he could hear her soft and even breathing, and occasionally the suffocation of her sniffling and grumbling.

Huo Yunshen half-opened his eyes, put his injured hand on the top of her head, and gently stroked, taking care of his unique treasure.

Yan Qing gradually settled down, unconsciously arching in his palms obediently.

Huo Yunshen had a deep sleep, and the effect of the medicine on him became weaker and weaker. He woke up just when she came in and spoke.

He stared at Yan Qing’s beautiful face, and was choked with fear at the thought of the danger tonight.

His fingers trembled a little, and he stroked her cheeks, while his eyes were full of dark colours. Certain long-existing thoughts were ready to come out, and his chest swelled and shuddered.

This thought, from reunion, to when she resisted and left again and again, tried every means to get rid of him, and had the so-called suitor, to this day, when he almost lost her again, was finally swelling beyond restraint.

Qingqing was right. He was indeed extreme. From the past to the present, he was like a madman and had never changed.

He was willing to give in for her and consider her well, but at the same time, he asked for more, so much that it was worth trading for everything.

He wanted to change to someone who could have her rightfully, make her unable to escape, reject other suitors, accept his twenty-four-hour protection, and accept his identity.

With this identity, he could feel at ease.

Only between him and Qingqing would he get a real opportunity.

Huo Yunshen opened his eyes until dawn and made all the preparations.

Yan Qing woke up with sleepy eyes and met a pair of black eyes unexpectedly. She was taken aback, and quickly sat upright: “How are you? Does it hurt?”

Huo Yunshen propped up his body, Yan Qing obediently went to help, he lowered his head and their breath blended slightly.

“Yan Qing.” He called her.

Yan Qing was taken aback.

This was the first time apart from recording the program, that he did not call her “Qingqing”, but “Yan Qing”.

Did it mean that he had finally faced the crux of the problem squarely? And recognized her identity?

Yan Qing actively agreed: “I’m here.”

He stared at her ring finger, where she should have worn the ring, and asked hoarsely: “Do you think you owe me.”


“Want to pay it back?”

Yan Qing was excited: “Yes, as long as you don’t say that I am Yun Qing, however you want me to pay, I will cooperate.”

“I only have one request. If you do it, I can give in about the others.”

Huo Yunshen’s voice sank magnetically, knocking her eardrums.

Yan Qing sat on the side of the big bed, and she felt an indescribable sense of tension. She clenched her hand and took a deep breath: “Say it.”

Huo Yunshen’s dark eyelashes trembled, lifted up, stared at her, and enunciated every word: “Let’s get married.”

Yan Qing was stunned silly for half a minute, then she slowly asked: “Huo Yunshen, I may not have good hearing, you said…What?”

His pupils burned with fire, and he didn’t mind repeating it, and said to her categorically–

“Yan Qing, I want to marry you.”

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