TBLF Ch. 79

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In this way, Class 9 entered an unprecedented state of intense learning under the threat of the boss. Every time Liu Yao secretly stalked at the back door, his expression was moved and satisfied.

The high school mobilization meeting was really useful!

In a blink of an eye, it was Teacher’s Day. The school gave the teachers of Grade One and Grade Two a half-day vacation, but the third grade did not have it so good, and the teachers had to attend classes. Early in the morning, many teachers in the office had flowers on their desks.

Liu Yao’s desk was empty.

He was a little sour, but he was used to it. After all, it was fine if the group of bastards in the class didn’t make trouble for him, and recently everyone had concentrated on studying, and he was already very satisfied.

Liu Yao decided to go to the class for a while and comfort his slightly injured heart with the hardworking spirit of his classmates.

When he reached there, he saw several people including Qu Dazhuang hiding in a group at the back door of the classroom, discussing something.

Qu Dazhuang said: “Let’s take a look after school, don’t tell Brother Rang…” Just halfway through, he cleverly found Liu Yao who was eavesdropping outside, and immediately said righteously: “You are not allowed to go anywhere after school! Let’s go to the library and study together!”

Liu Yao turned out from behind the door and asked with his hands behind his back: “What bad things are you discussing again?”

Qu Dazhuang smiled flatteringly: “No, no, we’re talking about studying.”

Liu Yao did not hear clearly just now, but he still said solemnly: “Senior year of high school! Don’t mess with me like before! Did you see the slogan? Improve by one point and kill thousands of people! Every minute you waste is giving others the opportunity to sprint!”

The several people had a good attitude and repeatedly say yes.

When Liu Yao left, Qu Dazhuang wiped his sweat, and said in a low voice, “Brother Ji is now Lao Liu’s treasure. If he is really involved, Lao Liu will definitely kill us. Just do what I said. Let’s take a look after school. How big is it that I can’t deal with the little bastard in the first year of high school?”

Luo Bing said: “I heard Yu Zhuo say that he was mixed up with bad people and his family was rich. He used to beat a teacher in junior high school. Now he is clamoring to be a Haiyi school hegemon. If you don’t go, you will be his grandson! Didn’t you give him a handle to show off if he wanted to show his face?”

Qu Dazhuang sneered: “What is he, the boss can be seen by him if he wants to? Call our brothers and I will teach him to be a man after school!”

The lookout little brother ran over in a hurry: “He is coming back!”

Qu Dazhuang: “Ok!”

When Ji Rang walked into the classroom through the back door, the back row had been restored to its original shape, and everybody had a book in their hand. He didn’t care either, holding a pink water glass in his hand, he walked slowly back to his seat.

Qu Dazhuang glanced at it and sighed silently.

No wonder the kid in the first year of high school was so rampant, seeing Brother Ji wear a school uniform with a pink water cup, he fucking looked like a good student!

As soon as school was over, a group of people from Qu Dazhuang ran away on the pretext of playing basketball. Ji Rang didn’t care. He had to go to Class 2 to pick up Qi Ying for dinner.

The last period of Class 2 was Liu Qinghua’s class. She took a long time to come out. She glanced at Ji Rang who was leaning on the corridor. She was a little curious about why the student of Class 9 were here, but she didn’t think much about it, and holding the lesson plan left in a hurry. She had to go back to the office to change the paper.

The students walked out of the classroom one after another, discussing what to eat for dinner, ignoring Ji Rang tacitly. In fact, the rumors and topics among the students were seldom known to the teachers, not to mention that they were afraid of the big brother, and they dared not talk nonsense, they only dared to discuss it privately.

Just think, the plot where the bad boy changed and started studying hard for the good student and became the prodigal son was really like an idol drama.

For a while, they didn’t know who to envy.

Qi Ying came out soon. She had caught a cold these few days, her eyes and nose were red, and she snorted and asked him: “What are we going to eat?”

Ji Rang handed her the pink thermos cup with hot water in his hand: “Let’s go to the private kitchen, I will ask the chef to make ginger soup for you.”

She obediently said “Oh” and took two sips from the water glass. Ginger candy was added to the water glass, which was sweet and could relieve her cold and congestion.

Recently, she fell ill, and Ji Rang was not allowed to get too close to her, due to her saying that she was afraid of infecting him, so she was walking a distance that could fit an entire person between them. In order to eliminate the “distance” as soon as possible, Ji Rang not only asked her to take medicine on time, but also took Baidu’s prescriptions every day.

Ginger candy and ginger soup were the answers that had the most likes on Baidu! He was convinced that he could soon have his baby back again.

The two walked out in tandem. When they reached the school gate, they saw Luo Bing hurriedly running out in a hurry. Seeing his flustered expression, Ji Rang instinctively felt something was wrong, so frowning, he called him: “Stop.”

Luo Bing turned his head and took a look.

When he reached them, he was even more panicked, and wanted to hide his schoolbag behind his back.

Ji Rang glanced, “What’s in the bag?”

Luo Bing said: “Books! I have an appointment with Da Zhuang and the others to study in the library!”

Ji Rang: “Open it and let me take a look.”

Luo Bing suddenly looked down and said, “Farewell, let me…” He looked at Qi Ying, “Your little fairy is still waiting for you!”

Ji Rang stretched out his hand to pull the bag in his arms without saying a word and opened it to see that it was full of tools for fighting.

Ji Rang glanced at him coldly, “Library? Studying?”

Luo Bing wanted to cry without tears.

They had an appointment with the arrogant little chicks in the first grade, intending to teach them a lesson. Halfway through, he heard that they were planning to do a serious job. They all took knives, bricks and sticks. They didn’t bring any tools, so the others ordered Luo Bing to come back quickly and bring the tools they had hidden on the rooftop.

Ji Rang smashed his schoolbag back into his arms: “Let’s talk about it, what do you mean? Fighting behind my back?”

Luo Bing was stunned by the big man’s anger, and he explained the matter from start to finish, and then quickly said: “We didn’t want to fight, we just went to meet him! Otherwise, the boy scolded you everywhere, how can we bear it?”

Ji Rang’s complexion was faint, but he did not look angry: “Lead the way.”

Luo Bing was about to cry: “Don’t do this! You are now a national treasure; you can’t participate in these things! Us brothers will help you solve it!”

Ji Rang slapped him on the head: “Don’t fucking bullshit! Lead the way!”

Luo Bing was wronged and covered his head: “Your little fairy is still following.”

Ji Rang turned his head and glanced at Qi Ying, who was obediently following him, and said mildly: “I am just going to see, not fight.”

Qi Ying held the cup and said softly, “I’ll go too.”

Ji Rang thought for a while, and it didn’t matter much, nodded: “Okay, let’s go.”

Luo Bing: “…”

The three people came to the scene of the group fight unhurriedly.

Qu Dazhuang and the others had already confronted the group of little chicks in Grade One, but they hadn’t done anything yet, they were talking to each other.

——How about Ji Rang? Didn’t he dare to show up?

——Teach you little boys that you don’t need our brother to show up.

——You aren’t persuaded, right? Hello, aren’t you seniors now? It’s important to study in the third year of high school, and it’s good for everyone to politely give up the name of the school tyrant.

——I can make you paralyzed, and with my brother even here for one day, you kid don’t dare to want to climb up!

Ji Rang who just came over in time to hear this sentence: “…”

Is it so serious for this group of people to fight for the title of “school hegemon” as an honor?

Luo Bing squeezed to the front with his schoolbag, and when Qu Dazhuang looked at him, he quickly asked, “Have you brought it?”

Luo Bing lowered his head: “Bring it, not only did I bring the tools, but I also brought Brother Rang.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

Then he saw Ji Rang with his hands in his pockets walk to the front casually, looking completely expressionless. Qi Ying followed him and looked around curiously.

Qu Dazhuang stomped anxiously: “Brother, what do you want to do? You also brought the little fairy over! We are fighting!”

Ji Rang glanced at him: “Do you want to fight before writing today’s English paper?”

Qu Dazhuang: “…”

The leader on the other side saw Ji Rang coming, and he was agitated, but…what was up with the well-behaved and quiet girl next to him? When the school boss fought, did he also take his family to see?

The leader suddenly became angry: ” Ji Rang you fucking brought your family to a fight with me, don’t you look down on Lao Tzu?”

The boss then cast his gaze over, still looking lazy, as if he didn’t put the other person in his eyes at all, with the corners of his mouth still hooked, and said casually: “No, I just want my little fairy to see how to get rid of violence.”

When the words fell, he turned around and asked Qi Ying: “I’ll just move around a little bit, okay?”

Qu Dazhuang all waited for his sister-in-law to stop the impulsive boss.

In the end, they heard Qi Ying say softly: “Then hurry up, I won’t be able to catch up with the evening self-study if we are late.”

Everyone: “???”

Ji Rang took his hand out of his pocket, moved his wrist, and took two steps forward: “Who wants to single out? Come out fast.”

Damn, it’s crazy!

The leader yelled angrily and rushed up with the stick.

Then he was taught to be a man with two or three punches, he knelt on the ground, clutching his abdomen with a whimper.

Yu Zhuo stood aside and watched, his body shook, his abdomen faintly hurting, and he felt that this scene was quite familiar.

Isn’t this similar to the one where he challenged the boss when he was young and ignorant???

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